13 Best Content Marketing Tools to Increase Brand Awareness

Content Marketing Tools

Content marketing tools help you enhance the effectiveness of your strategy. The process is not just about creating quality content, it is about utilizing the right tools and strategies to enhance the impact of your overall efforts. 

The internet is flooded with hundreds of tools claiming to help you build and grow your business. But when it comes to developing brand awareness, you can’t trust a random tool that you find out there. You need to do your research and look for an appropriate tool that you can use to streamline your marketing processes.  

If you are struggling to position your brand in your target market and you are looking for ways to enhance your brand awareness, then this is the article for you. We are going to introduce you to some of the most widely used tools that you can use to engage more audiences and take your brand awareness to the next level. So, without further ado, let’s get straight to it and talk about the best content marketing tools to enhance brand awareness in 2023. 


Prepostseo is an industry-leading SEO and marketing tools provider that offers 95+ free online tools for SEO and Digital Marketing experts. This platform features incredibly useful tools such as a Plagiarism Checker, Grammar Checker, DA PA Checker, Backlink Maker, and more. 

Prepostseo has the biggest database of premium tools that you can find out there. Although most of the tools on this website are free, some free tools have limited functionality. You can unlock full features by buying one of Prepostseo’s premium plans. 

You don’t need to register on this website or create an account for using the free versions of the tools. You’d need to sign up in case you want to buy a premium plan. Some of the most popular tools on this platform include:

  • Plagiarism Checker
  • Article Rewriter
  • Paraphrasing Tool
  • DA Checker
  • Google Indexer
  • Backlink Maker

You can visit Prepostseo for the complete list of the incredibly valuable tools that this website has to offer.


Source: Ahrefs

Ahrefs is a complete keyword research and site audit tool that offers a wide range of features for content marketers. You can use the Keyword Explorer to find profitable keyword ideas to target with your efforts. This website is also great for analyzing the efforts of your competition. For example, you can use the Content Explorer features of Ahrefs to learn about the kind of content that your competition is putting out. 

After that, you can try and beat their efforts to make your content rank higher on search engines. Along with content marketing, Ahrefs offers a lot of research and audit tools that you can use to keep track of various performance matrices for yourself as well as for your competition. Ahrefs is an all-in-one SEO and marketing tool that is a must for every digital marketer.


Email Marketing is one of the best ways to enhance the effectiveness and the impact of your overall strategy. You need to create an email list and manage it effectively if you want to make your content reach out to a bigger and more targeted audience. 

Convertkit is the best email marketing platform that you can use in 2022, to perform all your email marketing tasks. Although this tool is best suited for content creators and small businesses, major brands can also benefit from the features that it has to offer. 

This tool helps you create engaging and interactive forms to gather user details. Along with that, you can easily integrate this platform with different payment options, CRM tools, and eCommerce platforms. 


BuzzSumo is a great tool that helps you do content research and track KPIs for your strategy. This tool will help you streamline your research processes. 

This tool shows you the kind of content that would work the best for you. The tool also shows you matrices like social shares and backlinks for the top-performing content. You can use BuzzSumo to find trending topics to write about in your niche. Finding the right topics is incredibly important when it comes to creating unique and engaging content. 

Once you have done your research, you can start executing your marketing strategy using the insights that you have gathered with the help of this tool. This gives you a huge edge over your competition in terms of a strategy. 


Sale funnels are an intrinsic part of every digital marketing strategy. A funnel helps you guide potential visitors through the buying journey when they are on your website. Without a funnel, it gets quite hard for you to generate a sale for your business. ClickFunnels is a valuable tool that helps you drive more leads towards the point of purchase using content. 

ClickFunnels helps you set up a proper sales funnel that guides potential buyers through their buying journey and helps them convert. The platform offers you ready-to-use sales funnels that you can set up on your website so that you don’t have to do everything from scratch. You can either use the premade templates or customize them to add a personalized element that you believe should be a part of the sales funnel for your business. 


Plagiarism is a major issue that has a negative impact on your marketing efforts. Using plagiarized content on your website can get it penalized. This in turn affects your search traffic and online visibility. 

Check-plagiarism is a popular plagiarism checker that you can use to determine whether the content that you are publishing on your website has plagiarism in it, or not. This is a Fermium tool that analyzes your content against millions of sources on the internet. It gives you accurate details about the plagiarism in your content. You can eliminate the duplication issues from your content to make it 100% unique. 


Aside from a website, social media platforms are the most preferred medium for distributing content. Once you have created a high-quality piece of content and published it on your website, you can share the link of it on your social media profile to drive traffic from these sources.

HootSuite is a popular social media management platform that you can use to streamline your content distribution processes for social media. This platform helps you schedule your social media posts which helps automate things for you. 

Along with helping you publish the content; this platform helps you keep track of how the content is performing on social media. This helps you figure out the kind of content that works and you can create more of such content in the future to drive more traffic. 


Paraphraser is a widely popular premium paraphrasing tool that helps you rewrite a piece of content in multiple ways. This tool uses AI and NLP to generate unique and engaging content for you. 

This Fermium tool comes off as quite expensive. But once you start using it, you will find it to be completely worth it. You can generate multiple versions of the same content with the help of this tool, in just a few minutes. This is what makes Paraphraser so effective in content marketing. 

With fast content generation, you get to spend less amount of money on manpower for writing content. This tool also offers a built-in grammar checker which ensures that your content is free from grammatical errors.


Trello is popular team management software that helps you execute your strategy in a timely manner. This tool helps streamline the communication between the members of a marketing team. 

As a manager, you want to keep track of the progress throughout the phase of execution. Trello helps you do that in a simple and engaging way. Using this tool, you can create checklists, assign tasks, and track their progress. It helps you stay on top of everything during the execution of the strategy. 

Trello is available for desktop web browsers as well as for smartphones. You can install the Trello app on your phone to keep track of the deadlines at all times. Since this tool is completely free, this makes it is a must for every content marketer. Trello makes project management simpler which is why it is highly recommended for digital marketers.


Source: Grammarly

Grammarly is one of the best grammar correction tools for content writers and marketers. This tool gives you a real-time report for the mistakes in your content. There is a free and paid version available for this tool that you can try out. 

The free version gives you details about the critical grammar issues in your content. The paid version digs in a little deeper and tells the changes that you can make in your content to make it more effective. 

Grammarly also offers plagiarism checker features with the premium plan. This tool is a great investment for content marketer who wants to ensure that all their content is free from grammatical mistakes. 

You can install the Grammarly extension on your desktop web browser to write error-free emails and other pieces of text. You can install Grammarly on your PC as well as in your Microsoft Word application to further improve the quality of your content. 


Yoast is a popular WordPress plugin that helps you write SEO content. This tool gives you suggestions for the improvements that you can make in your content to make it more search engine friendly. 

Yoast handles the on-page stuff as well as what goes on behind the scenes. For the on-page optimization, it tells you the changes that you can make in your content to make it comply with the latest SEO standards.

It also offers features such as adding a meta description, focus keyword, URL slugs, and more. The thing that makes this tool stand out is how easy it makes handling technical SEO stuff for you. 


Loom is one of the most widely used platforms in the video marketing domain. It helps you create technical demos and visually attractive explainer videos on a topic. This tool helps you create videos where you can share your screen, face, and voice simultaneously. This is what makes loom a great choice for content creators and people who create tutorials for a living. 

If you want to go live on social media platforms, then using loom can make things easier for you. And the best part is, this software is quite cost-effective. With the value that loom has to offer, we believe that this software would be completely worth the investment. 


Vidyard helps you share, host, and promote video content for marketing. It comes with a built-in analytics system that helps you keep track of the performance of the video. 

Using this tool, you can run A/B tests on your video content to see what works the best for you. Vidyard makes it easier for you to do video SEO and related personalization to make it reach a bigger audience. 

There is a free plan available for Vidyard that you can get to check out its features. If you like this tool, you can check out paid plans to unlock the complete set of features that Vidyard has to offer.

Final Words

Having the right content strategy requires you to do thorough research and reverse-engineer the process that your competitors are using to get results. You can’t do that research without the right marketing tools. We have shared with you some of the most popular ones that you can find out there. You can use these tools to make enhance your brand awareness and make your business stand out from the crowd.

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