A Detailed Guide on Keyword Research for Amazon Products

Keyword research can increase your Amazon conversion.

When shoppers visit Amazon looking for a product, they mostly use the search button. If you want your products to be noticed by potential buyers, you need to know the keywords they use to search for the products in your niche. This is where keyword research for Amazon products comes in.

When you use the right keywords in your product description, Amazon will recommend your products when people search for the keyword. And since competition has become stiffer recently, getting ranked requires deep keyword research. In this article, we will guide you on how to conduct keyword research for Amazon products.

Importance of Amazon Keyword Research

When you do Amazon keyword research, you can know the terms customers use to search for products in your niche. Using these keywords in your product description will help you rank well on the Amazon search page. In return, your products will be visible to more people, leading to more sales.

Google vs. Amazon Keyword Research

Whether you are doing keyword research for a blog or Amazon, the idea is the same. However, Keyword research on Amazon is different from Google. Unlike Google, Amazon users may not use a certain order of words when searching for a particular keyword.

Therefore, when doing Amazon keyword research, you should ensure that you include individual keywords no matter the order the customer uses to search for the keywords. Again, you should remember that Amazon considers signals such as historical conversion rates.

How to Do Amazon Keyword Research

Here are several ways to find Amazon keywords you can use in your product descriptions:

Brainstorm Keyword Ideas

What are the potential words customers can use to describe your product if they don’t know your brand’s name? What terms can describe the uses and benefits of the product? What words and descriptions do you use on your packaging? These questions can help you to figure out the keywords that are the right fit for your product.

Use the Amazon search description

One of the easiest ways to find keywords is by using the autocomplete feature in the marketplace. When you search for products in your niche, Amazon will provide you with a list of other related search terms. For instance, if you search for the term mattress, you will see keyword ideas such as:

  • Mattress toppings
  • Mattress cover
  • Mattress protector king
  • Mattress protector queen
  • Mattress in a box

With these suggestions, you will get keyword ideas without data on the search volumes.

Find product terms your competitors are ranking for

 Do Competitor Analysis

Another way to get Amazon keywords is by checking your competitors’ rankings. Since Amazon uses conversion history as a ranking factor, it means that if a competitor’s product is ranking well for a particular keyword, that keyword can bring sales.

Use the Keyword Research Tool

Now that you know the keywords to use in your product description, it’s time to check their search volume. You only want to use the keywords with a considerable search volume. 

 When you enter the keyword phrases uncovered in the previous steps, the tool will provide you with other keyword ideas. It will also show you the search volume, which can show the potential traffic to expect from that keyword.

Remember that some tools will show you the keyword search volume on all search engines, including Google and YouTube. Choosing one where you can check the search volumes on Amazon is a good idea.

Where there are many top keyword research tools, one of the best options that will show you the search volumes for Amazon is the AMZScout keyword tool. Besides, the tool will also help you track the performance of your chosen keyword. It will show you where your products are ranking for particular keywords.

How to Use Keywords for Amazon Page

Now that you understand how to use the target keyword, you need to use the keyword to show Amazon that it’s a good match for what customers are searching for. Here are tips on using the target keyword:

Add in Product Title

When the target keyword appears in the product’s title, it will show Amazon that it matches the search intent. But remember that you can only add a few keywords to the title. So, you want to be sure of the right keyword to use.

Use in Description

the product description page explains the benefits of your product. Amazon scans this listing to understand what you are selling. Therefore, it’s important to include the keyword in this space.

Bullet Points

Amazon bullet points usually appear at the top of the product listing below the price and the specifications. This section is also very important as it shows the customers why they should buy your product. When you add the keyword to this section,  you increase your chances of ranking for the term.

PPC Campaign

This is a great place to add your keywords if you are doing PPC campaigns. Amazon allows you to choose the search terms to include in your campaign. When you add these keywords in the ads, your products will appear in the search results for those terms. While you will pay every time someone clicks on your product, this is a good way of getting traffic.

Use keywords in PPC campaigns.

In Conclusion

You need to do keyword research in your Amazon strategy. Once you understand which keywords to target, you can optimize them for the search engines. By using this guide, you will have some great keywords to use for your Amazon products. After you have chosen phrases, keep analyzing the keyword performance to see how well they are doing.

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