An Overview of Connected TV Advertising( With Examples)

CTV advertising on Youtube.

With many people switching from cable to smart TV, the traffic for video streaming platforms has increased. Brands have taken note of this trend and are leveraging Connected (CTV) advertising to reach their target audience. This article will provide you with an overview of connected TV advertising and guide you on creating CTV ads that convert.

What Is Connected TV Advertising?

Connected TV advertising is a smart TV advertising method targeting audiences on popular streaming channels and  TV shows. With the audience targeting feature, you can use connected TV to reach your target audience.

 You can also use interactive ads to reach your target audience. Other forms of video ads that you can include in the livestream are online video ads and instream ads. These ads usually run within the video content of different sites.

How Connected TV Advertising Works.

Smart TVs have enabled consumers to watch videos on popular platforms like Netflix, TikTok, Huru, and YouTube. Streamers will view your ads when you advertise on connected TV when watching video content on their smart or connected TV. You can create different types of ads, such as video and display ads.

Ads can be shown on channels such as premium TV shows, Twitch live streams, video streaming apps, and more. To begin advertising on these platforms, brands should contact content distribution channels such as Amazon ads. Currently, advertisers need to buy Amazon video streaming ads programmatically. In other words, an automated system sells the digital ads.

Benefits of CTV Advertising. 

Here are ways in which connected TV advertising can help you grow your brand:

Reach a new audience

With the continued popularity of streaming platforms, CTV advertising will continue to be a popular way of reaching a niche audience. This digital marketing campaign can help businesses reach an audience they would not have reached in traditional stores. Connected TV advertising also helps brands expand their reach beyond traditional linear TV advertising.

Advanced targeting feature

For a higher conversion rate, you must ensure you are advertising to consumers who are likely to purchase your products. Connected TV advertising has advanced targeting features that enable you to reach audiences interested in your products or services. For instance, the feature allows for targeting different audiences according to location, age, gender, buying history, and more.

Great tracking features

Whether you are advertising on social media or any other platform, measuring your KPIs is essential. Connected TV advertising makes it easy for you to measure the performance of your ads. They provide crucial information such as impressions and views. You can, therefore optimize your campaigns by understanding a good impression click-through rate.

This information is essential as it helps you understand the performance of your campaign and identify areas that need improvement. Therefore, you can keep optimizing your campaign for better results.

Call to Action feature.

With the call-to-action feature of some connected TV  marketing, such as STV ads, brands can convince customers to take action. This enables customers to find what they seek without disrupting their entertainment.

How To Implement A Good Connected TV Advertising Strategy

Here are the steps to follow when implementing a good CTV advertising strategy.

Determine your target audience.

The first step when creating ads that convert is to understand your audience. Since advertising on CTV offers excellent targeting options, you can quickly determine the audience you want to see your ad. But on top of that, tools such as Google Analytics can provide greater insights into your customers. You can easily see your audience’s demographics and the type of device they use.

Another way of determining who your customers are is by analyzing your previous data. For instance, you may realize that most of your previous customers are millennials who live in a particular region. After determining your target audience and buyer persona, you can create personalized ads for them.

Choose your connected TV platform.

Once you are ready to advertise, you must choose the right platform. Here are some of the top options:

  • Hulu. This platform enables viewers to watch their favorite TV shows and programs. When advertising on the platform, you can choose from different ads, such as pause ads, interactive living room ads, and more.
  • Facebook watch. This platform lets you watch various music, sports, and entertainment video shows.
  • Youtube. This is, without a doubt, the most popular streaming platform. The ads you see on YouTube are great examples of CTV ads. Therefore, this can be a good choice if you are getting started with CCTV advertising.
  • Netflix. This can be categorized as an OTT CTV for viewers viewing on mobile devices or a CTV for viewers on Apple devices.

Choose a type of ad.

Different types of ads can be run on connected TV. These include

  • Display ads. These are ads with different visual elements, such as images. This is on top of other details such as website or phone number. The display ads on YouTube can appear in the user’s video.
  • Pop-up ads. These often appear when a user pauses a video.
  • Video ads. They appear before, during, or after a video.
  • Interactive ads. Some platforms, such as Huru, enable you to create interactive ads that allow you to engage with your audience.

Track the performance of your ad.

An ad campaign on any platform cannot be complete without tracking your marketing campaign’s performance. Otherwise, you will be losing money if you cannot estimate how effective your ad is. Fortunately, as noted before, connected TV advertising provides users with many tracking capabilities. They can see many details, such as clicks, impressions, and more.

Cost of connected TV advertising

How much do CTV ads cost? Smart TV advertising costs depend on the platform, type of ads, competition for the keyword, and more. Most platforms also enable you to set a maximum budget. However, here are some general guidelines on connected TV pricing.

  • YouTube: $10 per day or $0.1 to $0.3 per click
  • Hulu: $0.02 to $0.04 per view
  • Tiktok: $0.01 per view

You can read our detailed guide on YouTube advertising cost.

Final Thoughts

Connected TV advertising can be a great way of driving sales and revenues. This is because it enables you to reach an audience you wouldn’t otherwise have reached through traditional means. By following our guide, you can quickly get started with CTV advertising.

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