Best Paying Jobs in Miscellaneous

Best Paying Jobs in Miscellaneous

Miscellaneous jobs are considered odd jobs since most people do not consider these as go to jobs. There are plenty of high paying miscellaneous jobs that you can do if you want some extra money. Miscellaneous jobs require specialized knowledge since these jobs require relevant training and experience. These jobs are different from traditional jobs and are considered part-time and low paying while in reality, these jobs can be high paying and full time.

If you are interested in trying new ventures for career growth or are interested in earning some extra money, there are many miscellaneous jobs available for you. However, some of these jobs may require a bachelor’s degree or license.

Billboard Installer

Billboard installers are responsible for making for, putting up and then taking down a billboard or advertisement. They also maintain and repair billboards that are damaged by weather. It is anticipated that Billboard installers will increase by 5% between the year 2018 to 2028. This job is not easy since it requires hard work but does not require education. On an average billboard, installers can earn $40,520 annually. For people who value freedom over job security, this job is perfect as billboard installer’s travel throughout the country. As well as to meet new businesses and put their billboards along roadways. 

Steno captioner

Steno captioners do the work of steno captioning. In this method, the stenotype machine uses various shorthand techniques to create captions and transcripts. By using steno captioners the entire proceedings and other important information is recorded. Steno captioners on average earn $60,130. Also, this job does not require a proper degree. You can opt for this field by taking the training. It is the perfect job for those if you just have good listening ears and can note down what people say.

Steno captioners are also used by companies to caption videos for people with impaired hearing. This is one of those jobs that require experience as companies contact you directly once you have steno captioned various transcripts and captions. 


brown and white plastic pack on brown round plate
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Crystallography involves the study of the structure and formation of crystals. Crystallographers can identify discoveries in the composition of different crystals. Their work can bring growth and advancement in science and medicine. Crystallographers can increase by an average of 6% between the years 2018 to 2028. For becoming a crystallographer, you need to have a doctorate degree along with membership in a professional organization and internship experience. Crystallographers are responsible for analyzing data based on experiments and also for conducting new experiments based on the existing data. Furthermore, they work at universities, pharmaceutical companies and research laboratories. 


Flavorist makes artificial as well as natural flavours by using chemicals. Their basic job is to design delicious flavours that many people favor.  Flavorist should know about essential oils, essence, botanical extracts, and flavour scents. Flavorist takes the help of chemistry to make flavours. This is one of the highest paying jobs. They do not have to cook food rather they make sure that you like your food. They do so by using scientific methods. While developing flavours, flavorist make sure that the food meets the industry regulations and government standards. On average flavorist earn 120,000 dollars per year.

Soap Boiler

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Soap boilers help in making people feel sparkling clean. The process involves converting oil into neat soap used for making powders and bars. Soap boilers work as both small and medium-sized soap makers. These chemists mix the acidic substance with fats and oils and create soaps. Soap boilers work in dangerous environments therefore, they are provided with safety equipments. You can pursue this career by only taking a degree from high school. Soap boilers on average earn $60,000 per year. 

Costume Assistant

Singers and actresses can alter their costumes in live performances by taking help from costume assistants. Costume assistants ensure that appropriate costumes are available for entertainers and that costumes are well maintained between performances. For becoming a costume assistant, you need an educational degree and short-term training.  If you have skills in sewing clothes for stage productions, you are can work this job. On average costume, assistants earn 36,000 to 65,000 dollars every year. 

Marijuana extractor

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If you have the skills of extracting cannabis and live in an area where it is legal, then you can pursue this job. This is one of the highest-paid jobs in miscellaneous. Marijuana extractors can earn 150 dollars per hour if they are highly skilled at their job. In states where weed is legalized marijuana extractors have good employment opportunities. In the united states, marijuana extractors are used to extract hemp or cannabis that are used to create edible items, concentrates and oils. The expert marijuana extractors can earn up to 250,000$ per year. 

Voice over artist

The global market of voice-over artists solely depends on freelance work and individual contractors. Being a voice-over artist, you can work from any part of the work if you have a microphone, recording software and a good internet connection. Voice artists can earn an income of six figures even if they have modest rates. They not only generate income from their recordings, but they also receive royalty payments whenever people use their projects. If you love listening to videos, audiobooks and podcasts, this job is the best option available for you. Voice over artists typically charge 60 to 100$ per minute of audio. 

Algae Specialist

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The green munch floating on the surface of the water can generate a lot of money for you. In an animal ecosystem, algae are one of the crucial elements. They are examined by scientists for various objectives such as wastewater treatment and the production of biofuel. You just need a bachelor’s degree in the relevant field and earn a lot of money by working as an algae specialist. This job is most suitable for a person who is good with numbers or a biologist.

The job of an Algae specialist is to research microalgae and use them in producing sustainable energy sources or alternative fuels. Algae specialists collect algae samples and study their effect on the ecosystem. They also keep track of how algae change with the change in the environment. They generally work for research institutions and on average they can earn $70,000 per year. 

Veterinary Acupuncturist

This job is for people that have a love for animals but can also handle needles. If you are one of those consider taking a job as a veterinary acupuncturist. Veterinary acupuncturists puncture needles in the animal’s body. It helps an animal in cope with various disorders and conditions. Animal acupuncture is now in demand since now people can identify its benefits. You just need to have a veterinary acupuncture degree program to act as a veterinary acupuncturist. 

Hot Dog Cart Vendor

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The Hot Dog Cart vendor job is odd for most people, but it is one of the best paying ones. These vendors take food orders, manage their cash register, and make hot dogs for their customers. On average hot dog cart vendors can earn $100,000 on annual basis and can earn $1150 in a week. 


Embalmers work in funeral homes, research labs and hospitals. Embalmers prepare the dead body for its cremation or burial. However, this job is not easy, and you require a degree in anatomy to pursue this career. This is one of the best paying jobs but you need to be mentally strong since you deal with dead bodies throughout the day. Embalmers typically earn $8,000 every year. Their income is to grow in the coming years. 

Content creators 

The content creator is one of the highest-paying jobs. If you are creative in your work then this is the best job for you. They edit content for editorials, create execution calendars and come up with new ideas for content. However, there is a lot of competition in this field, content creators need to specifically focus on the quality of their content and expand the content with time. Content needs to be informative or funny depending on the type of audience they are targeting. 


We have listed down the best paying jobs in miscellaneous for you. With the right training and skills, you can find the best job that is suitable for you considering your passion and interest. However, you need to have good communication and creativity skills since miscellaneous jobs demand you to be creative and communicative.

Having these skills will assist you in solving problems and upholding your reputation. Find the best miscellaneous job for yourself by staying up to date with the trends in the industry and by researching your job market. Finding the right job depends on your skills, experience and qualification. Once you find the right one, you can ace it with your hard work and dedication.  


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