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Best Places To Work At 15 – Top Ten

What are the best places to work at 15? In today’s world children want to be independent at an early age and this is a good scenario for parents also as they will be less mischievous in this case. They will earn their pocket money themselves and will be engaged full day, away from gadgets. 

With the growing population and increase in the number of masses, finding a job is not an easy task. There are numerous options to find a suitable one according to the skills that are not as easy. In this article, we will guide you on the 10 best paying jobs for a 15- year old. So what are we waiting for guys, let us begin but make sure you read till the end to find a captivating job for yourself. 


If you are excellent in your studies and have a passion to teach others then this is a great option for you. You can become a tutor. Choose your favorite subject and find a student for yourself. You can easily earn good money from teaching one or two students. These kids can be your permanent student and can also assist you in finding more. 

This is a form of business and you can expand it to your caliber and capacity. You can simply help a kid with his homework or can give specialization in one subject that depends on the needs of the student. Being a tutor is one of the best-paying jobs for a 15-year-old. You can earn $19-$21 for an hour. 


If you love maths, then you can choose to be a cashier as a job for yourself. The work of a cashier is hassle-free so being 15 you can manage comfortably. You have to operate a register, remove the security tags, scan the items, get the bill generated and collect the cash or card whatever is the mode of the payment. 

A cashier is a good job option for a 15-year-old. Working as a cashier you will earn $13-$15 per hour. You will also get an employee discount for the purchase of any item. You may get a ton of extra discounts if you are working in a store where you can shop anyway. 

Social Media Assistant

Source: The Social Shells

A marketing job does not have an age limit, you just have to be well known with the tactics to handle the clients. Many brands and smaller businessmen take assistance from teens for the promotion. You can easily add customers and get a promotion if you have good marketing skills. 

Social media assistant is one of the best paying jobs for a 15-year-old. You can learn many things from this job profile. Working as a social media assistant can give you $15- $17 per hour. 


Thinking to work in a restaurant but not cooking, then you can work in a cafe. You can make cafe drinks for the customers and serve cookies and ready-made products that do not require baking. In some cafes, there is a minimum age to work so find the one at which your age fits. 

There are countless cafes, so you can find a job easily there. You will get $10-$12 per hour while working in a cafe, additionally, some tips or perks depend on your work. This is one of the best jobs for a 15-year-old as you can learn various skills while working like dealing with the customers, making different coffee and all the stuff that you do while being there. 


Some people’s first preference is a desk job and for the receptionist is one of the best options. You can work as a receptionist in a school, office or a hotel. There are innumerable choices so find the one that is your preference. 

There are different kinds of people, some like to have teens for the welcoming and greeting and others think they are not at the right age to work. This may create problems in hunting for a job for you. If you get work as a receptionist then you can earn around $14-$ 17 per hour so as per salary this is one of the best paying jobs for a 15- year old. 

Video Editor

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Being a gadget lover can help you earn money while sitting at home or getting a workspace. You can make your passion as your work. People are getting towards social media more and more so you will get a job as a video editor easily. There are many social media handles that hire teens to help them with video production so if you have good skills then you can be the one. 

You can get a job as a video editor as a freelancer. You can increase the work as per your availability. This is the best paying job for a 15-year-old as video editors earn around $22- $25 an hour. You can charge more or less depending on your customer and your work. 

Harvest Helper

Village or a farm can also be among some of the best places to work as a fifteen years old. As a harvest helper, you have to assist the owner in collecting the crop at the time when it is ready. There are multiple jobs that you might have to do there like sprinkling water, insecticides, and planting the seeds. This work requires physical strength and only passionate people can do this work.

In case you do not have good skills for other options then you can opt a job as a harvest helper as you have to be extremely fit for the job. A harvest helper earns approximately $12-$15 per hour. So keep this option in mind but there are other better option that gives you more salary as compared to this.

Blog Contributor

Source: Writing Revolt by Jorden Makelle

Have you noticed the trend of blogs, every other person is busy blogging videos on their channel? The preference of people is changing so you also have to change the choices of jobs accordingly. Think of working as a blog contributor. Confused? You might be thinking what as a teen you can contribute to a blog?

The answer is there are many bloggers who need teens for their content, maybe a blog special for children’s day, festival blogs, or a paid advertisement. There are ample jobs that you can get as a blog contributor and if talking about the growth then, this job will grow much faster than other jobs. Blog contributor is one of the best-paying jobs for a 15-year-old. The salary that he will get will be around $22-$25 every hour. 

Game Operator

The work of the game operator is to assist the people that come to the kid’s play zone. As a game operator, you need to tell them about the game and the work. You may be asked to collect the cash and give tickets, all that depends on the place that you are working and the kind of job that you get. 

There is a certain age limit to work as a game operator as this job requires communication skills and as a teen, you might be lacking behind. Some places like amusement parks take a teen of 15 years while others ask for 18-year-old. The expected salary of working as a game operator is $10-$12. Find the place that hires the teen of 15-year-old and get selected for the job of the game operator. 

Youth League Umpire

Working at a gaming industry can also be one of the best places to work. Are you fond of games, then without a second thought this job is made for you. The work of a youth league umpire is to observe both the parties and tell them according to the requirement. The work is not on regular basis or you can see this is a seasonal job so you can work here additionally or as per your choice.

For this job as a youth league umpire you have to be physically fit and active as this is a field job and you might have to wake up early in case of morning games and work till late in case of night games as this job does not have the first pattern. The job is good if you do not like to sit in one place for a longer duration. As a youth league umpire, you can get $15-$21 depending on the league. 

Closing Thoughts

There is a countless options but I have provided you with the 10 best-paying jobs for a 15-year-old to make your work easier so that you can choose the best one for yourself in less time. The jobs include mixture as they can be done at home, field, or workspace. You can choose the one that fits your category. 

If you want a physical job then you can go for harvest helper and umpire jobs. Wanted to earn money by sitting at the office then become a receptionist or a work in a cafe. Job wile seating at home also has an increasing trend for that you can become a video editor or a blog contributor.

After analyzing all the jobs we have concluded that the video editor and blog contributor earns the maximum, this shows that the trend of online gadgets and work is escalating day by day so you can select this as a short-term job and also make it a long term profession. 


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