Companies That Had Their IPO In 2019

There are several important companies that had their IPO in 2019. The IPO market index jumped around 28.9% in 2019. But the number of IPO companies on the US exchange again decreased by 14.2%. In contrast to 2018. Because the US government called off the security and exchange Commission to stop  IPO trading. So the first quarter of the initial offering went downward. 

In 2019, there were several most anticipated tech IPO companies but they didn’t perform well. The Stock Market was eagerly waiting for some of the unique and advanced tech companies’ public offerings. Among many others, Uber and Lyft disappointed investors and marketers because they were trading below their offering value.  

Investors and marketers are not interested in hyped or overpriced company shares anymore. Because that will not give them a secured profit. Rather marketers will choose growing and stable revenue-earning companies that can ensure a better deal.

12 Companies That Had Their IPO In 2019

Here is a list of the most discussed IPO company list in 2019.

Uber Technologies, Inc  

Uber Technologies is an American transport service provider. Their service offers users to book or rent car as well as to driver facilities via an online app. Their headquarters is based in San Francisco, CA. Uber runs its operation across 10,500 cities in 72 countries. The company also maintains food, packages, courier delivery, and bike rental service. Uber servers with its technology (software) but it does not own any transport. From each customer booking (from the uber app) Uber receives a commission.

Uber was one of the most anticipated IPO in 2019. On May 9, the company became public and valued at about $120 billion. Uber offered 180 million shares at $45 per stock. The company therefore raised around $8.1 billion fund in its IPO.

Avantor Inc 

Avantor, Inc is an American chemical-material company.  John Townsend Baker founded the company in 1904. The company’s headquarters is in Radnor, Pennsylvania. Avantor was sold to  Procter & Gamble in 1985 and later on acquired by Mallinckrodt in 1995. The company was named Avantor Inc in 2010 when it was purchased by New Mountain  Capital firm.

Avantor made its IPO entry on 16th May 2019. The company’s initial offering was 23.8 million common stock shares at $14 per stock. The company fund therefore raised around $3.33 billion from public offerings.

Lyft Inc 

Lyft Inc is an American ride-hailing service provider like Uber. The company’s headquarters is based in San Francisco, CA. They offer hired vehicles (car), motorbikes, rental cars, bike-sharing, as well as food delivery. The company assists with its services in many cities in the US and Canada. Like Uber, Lyft gets paid from the commission made by each booking from their system. However, the company does not own any transport. Lyft was co-founded in 2012 by Logan Green and John Zimmer.

Lyft announced its initial public offering with its 3.25 million A class common stock shares on March 18, 2019. Their per-share value was $72. The company also offered 4,875,000 additional shares. They planned to raise about a $2 billion cap.

XP Inc 

Xp Inc. is a Brazilian financial management company. It provides investment capital, private pension products, fixed income, different types of fund management, as well as other financial facilities. The company also managed to spread its business across three countries including the US, London, and Geneva. Guilherme Benchimol and Marcelo Maisonnave co-founded XP in 2001 as independent investment agency.

XP listed its initial public offering on Dec 11, 2019, on the Nasdaq Stock Exchange. The company proposed its 7.25 million A class shares priced at $27 each. The company raised its IPO funding by approximately $1.96 billion.

Pinterest Inc 

Pinterest is social networking and image-info sharing platform. This platform also shares innovative ideas based on a variety of images like animated GIFs, videos, and images with information on the internet. Pinterest was started by Ben Silberman, Paul Sciarra, and Evan Sharp in March 2010. Their project development began in December 2009. Pinterest has over 433 million active users. Pinterest’s headquarters is located in San Francisco, CA.

Pinterest started its IPO trading on April 17, 2019, on the NYSE. Their initial per share value was $23.75, which climbed up to 25%. Pinterest raised a $1.6 billion cap.

SmileDirect Club.Inc 

SmileDirect Club is a dental clinic company based on teledentistry. SmileDirect’s main office branch is in Nashville. Jordan Katzman and Alex Fenkell starte the company in 2014. They provide a variety of smart dental treatment and also develops 3D-printed clear aligners. The company has branches across Canada, Australia, UK, as well as US. Align Technology is the partner of SmileDirect.

SmileDirect announced its initial public offering valuing the company at $8.9 billion on Sep 11, 2019, in the NASDAQ stock market. Its per-share value was $23 and the company was expecting to raise $1.35 billion.

Tradeweb Markets Inc 

Tradeweb Markets Inc. is a global fintech company. The company develops and maintains electronic over-the-counter (OTC) online marketplaces for selling and buying EFTs, fixed-income products, and derivatives. Lee Olesky and Jim Toffey co-founded the company in 1996. Its headquarters is based in New York. The company serves a variety of customers including insurance companies, banks, fund or asset managers, etc.

Tradeweb Markets opened its initial public offering on April 3rd, 2019. The share price was $34.26 which climbed up to 27%. Tradeweb raised about $1.1 in IPO funding.

Chewy Inc 

Chewy Inc. is a pet food and pet products supplier American company. The company was purchased by PetSmart in 2017, at that time it was one of the biggest e-commerce business platforms. Chewy was launched in 2011 by Ryan Cohen and Michael Ray. Their headquarters is located in Dania Beach, Florida.

Chewy became public on June 13, 2019. The company announced 46,500,000 shares of its A-class common stocks at $22 per share. With this price, they expected to raise $832 million in IPO funds. 

Peloton Interactive Inc 

Peloton Interactive is a workout or exercise equipment and media company from America. Their products are smart automated treadmills, and stationary bicycles (IoT devices). The company’s online workout video streaming courses are provided with a paid subscription. Their monthly membership subscription fee is about $44 to access online classes and other features on their gym equipment. The office and exercise platform are located in New York.

 Peloton went public on Sep 25 in 2029 on the NASDAQ stock market. They priced the share value at $29 each. They sold about 40 million shares to raise a $1.26 billion cap.

Zoom Video Communication Inc 

Zoom Video Communication, Inc is an American video chat application developer company. The app is renowned as Zoom. The software provides communication services including audio, video, online chat, or messaging across cloud-based peer-to-peer networks. Zoom allows video, audio, and message conferencing which enables a group of people to connect via this platform. Eric Yuan founded Zoom in 2011 and was a Cisco Engineer.

Zoom announced its initial public offering on April 7, 2019. The company’s proposed share was more than  20.8 million A class common shares at $36 each. The company’s offering value was 9.2 billion and raised around $357 million in IPO funds.


Medallia is an American customer and employee feedback management software company. The company provides SaaS (software-as-a-service), CEM (customer experience management), employee feedback & management software services (retail, financial, hospitality, B2B). Madelia has its headquarters in San Francisco, California. They provide software facilities in several countries including the UK, Australia, and France.

Madallia listed its initial public offering in 2019. The company’s offering share price was $21 but it increased up to $39.56 per share. Madallia raised a $326 million IPO fund on the New York Stock Exchange offering.


CrowdStrike Holding Inc. is a cybersecurity technology company in America. The company offers cyberattack, threat intelligence, and workload security-based services. Their headquarters is located in Austin, Texas. CrowdStike was involved with some of the high-profile cyberattack investigations such as the Sony Pictures Hack in 2014, the DNC cyber attack in 2015, and the DNC’s email leak in 2016. George Kurtz, Dmitri Alperovitch, and Gregg Marston co-founded CrowdStrike in 2011.

The company became public in 2019. Valuing the company at $11.4 billion, on the Nasdaq stock market. Their initial share price was $34 and it rose to $63.50 per share. They sold 18 million shares and raised the IPO collection to $700 million. 


Following the last few years’ tech companies’ blast  IPO performances, this year’s most expected tech companies disappointed stock marketers. Although with this fall, the year’s biggest IPO record was taken over by some tech companies.

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