Effective Strategies for Building Influencer Relationships in Social Media Marketing

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Influencer marketing works for many brands and helps them build awareness and trust for the brand. In this type of marketing, you pay the influencer when they mention or create content for your brand. Since they are often celebrities, they have built good relationships with their followers, who trust them when they recommend a brand. 

But for the best results with influencer marketing, building a good relationship with the influencer you are working with is also essential. In this post, we will guide you on how to do that.

Types of Social Media Influencers

We have several types of social media influencers. These include:

  • Mega influencers. These types of influencers have over 1 million followers. They often work with big companies and brands. Examples of such influencers are Beyonce and Ronaldo.
  • Macro influencers. Their number of followers ranges from 100k to 1M. These influencers can be a good choice for startups like travel companies wanting to accelerate their growth.
  • Micro-influencers. These influencers often have a following of 10K and 100k  followers. These are suitable for small-sized companies in the same niche as the influencer.
  • Nano influencers. These have between 1k and 10k followers but have a niche audience.

How Much Should You Pay an Influencer?

The cost of an influencer can vary from as low as $2 to as high as $10,000 per post. Depending on the size of their audience, niche, industry, social platforms, follower engagement, and much more.

According to the Influencer Marketing Hub, 43% of brands spend less than $10,000 annually on influencer marketing. On the other hand, 22% say they spend $10,000 and $50,000, while about 30% of influencers are paid with free products and services. Finally, around 18% of influencers are paid with discounts on products and services.

Tips on Building Influencer Relationships

How can you build good influencer relationships? Here are tips:

Take Time To Build Relationships

Influencer marketing doesn’t happen overnight. You need to take time to understand influencers and them to understand you. Don’t assume it’s enough to grow your relationship since you have given them a brief of what you need. Instead, you should also take time to understand what the influencer expects from you.

Add Value To The Relationship

You shouldn’t make a relationship with an influencer to be all about your brand. It should be a give-and-take. Consider also the value you will add to an influencer in salaries or other benefits. We have already seen how influencers are paid, and you can choose a payment plan. But on top of that, you can add value to them by:

  • Introducing them to other influential people in your network
  • Giving them a platform to grow their following
  • Creating an opportunity for long-term partnerships

Have a Face-to-face Meeting

A face-to-face meeting can build relationships in a better way as compared to chatting online or even a telephone conversation. While it is not always possible to meet in person with an influencer, especially the megastars, you can have events where you invite them, such as a monthly brunch or an influencer party.

Stick to One Influencer in The Longterm

Building relationships will be hard if you keep jumping from one influencer to another. After all, nobody is interested in a friend who only shows up when they have a need. Therefore, stay in touch with them even when you have no projects. Show interest in their careers by liking and commenting on their posts. This way, you can maintain a strong relationship with them.

Thank the Influencer

It’s easy to feel like you are doing the influencer a favor. After all, you are paying them. However, this isn’t the way to build relationships. We all love to have our relationships appreciated, which applies to your influencer. Remember to send a thank you note after a successful(or even not-so-successful) campaign.

Consider Influencers as Partners

Don’t consider your influencer as a tool for meeting your goal. Instead, you should see them as partners with your brand. Show them that you appreciate their input, creativity, and feedback. Let them know your goals, budget, and expectations. Provide them with a clear brief and timeline of your expectations. Avoid micromanaging them and give them the freedom to create their desired content as long as it is within your brand’s guidelines.

Promote Your Content

Don’t just sit back and wait for the influencer to promote your brand. Instead, engage in their content by liking, commenting, and sharing it. When you post it on your channel, tag them. This will be a sign that you appreciate their content and are proud to collaborate with them.

Final Thought

Building a good relationship with an influencer can impact the results they achieve. It can also help improve your collaboration in the long term. By following the above tips, it’s possible to improve your relationship with an influencer.

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