Free SEO Keyword Density Checkers & Analyzers

It is actually good if you are worried about the Keyword Density. Which is the percentage of times a keyword or keyword phrase appears on a web page compared to the total number of words on the page. You should be. You may have asked yourself ‘Have I over-optimized the posts?’. And you probably haven’t done any Keyword Stuffing. A practice of loading a webpage with keywords to manipulate search engines. But you probably did add keywords to meta-keywords and meta-description. This whole process would be easier with a free SEO keyword density checker and analyzer.

Google has already taken steps to penalize overly SEO’ed websites. So let’s be careful when writing an article.

But how?

Just keep your Keyword Density at around 1-3%. I did some research on keyword stuffing and density and I find that 1–3% is the ideal SEO Keyword Density percentage. But according to Submit Edge, one of the top Search Engine Optimization company, it should be between 1–2%. That too for a single word keyword. I find it very difficult to keep the density of single word keywords in that range. So I guess 1–3% is ideal.

So I Googled to find the best free Keyword Density Tools/Checker/Analyzer. It returned a lot of results and there were tons of paid and Free Keyword Density Tools. I tried few of them and want to to list only the best among them. Which are free.

What is Keyword Density?

Keyword Density is the percentage of times a keyword or keyword phrase appears on a web page when compared to the total number of words in that page. As the number of times a keyword appears in relation to the total number of words, the greater will be the keyword density of the page. Read more about Keywords and Keyword Research.

So, how do you calculate the Keyword Density of an article? It’s simple! Just count the number of times a keyword or keyword phrase has appeared in an article and divide it by the total number of words in the article (including the keyword or keyword phrase). Now, get it’s percentage and that’s the keyword density of that article.

What is the Optimum Keyword Density of a webpage?

Well, some SEO experts says there is no such thing as ‘Optimal Keyword Density’ and it’s a myth. Some says it must be around 2% and some says it must be less than 5% and so on. But I believe that they could all be right. Why? Just because it depends on the length of the article which we have written. Hence, the optimal keyword density of a webpage depends upon the total number of words in that page.

Top Free Keyword Density Tool/Checker/Analyzer For SEO

1. Ranks NL

Ranks NL Page Analyzer shows keyword density and placement of web pages. Among other things the tool features options to show the page’s headers, page elements, outgoing links, Google PageRank, the guessed language, location of the server and more! I recommend using this tool to check the density of keywords and other stats of your webpage.

2. DavidNaylor

The DavidNaylor Keyword Density Tool enables you to focus on multiple keywords. In addition to Keyword Analysis (up to 5 Word Phrases) it also shows the following stats – Server Information, Geolocation, Link Ratio (Internal and External Links), Page Elements. The only problem with this tool is that it’s a bit slow.

3. SEOBook

SEOBook Free Keyword Density Analyzer Tool helps you to find the most common words and phrases on a page. It shows the Total Words, 2 Word Phrases, and 3 Word Phrases.

4. Internet Marketing Ninjas

Enter a URL and Internet Marketing Ninjas Free Keyword Density Analysis Tool will tell you the keyword density of all the phrases on the page. Get hard numbers on your content ratios to find out if you need more or have too much. Use this tool to ensure a solid balance of keywords within your content, and to match the right keywords to the right pages. It analyze the entire text as well as the non-linked text.

5. Rapid Search Metrics

Rapid Search Metrics Keyword Density Check the density of keywords and detect the most frequent Keyword. It parse the most frequently keyword of a website and calculates his percentage share.

6. Small Seo Tools

Small Seo Tools is a simple tool. Just type in your keywords and then paste in your text and your Keyword Density Analysis will be done on the fly. No need to press submit, it updates automatically. This means that you can do all your editing within the text box, and receive live feedback about your keyword density. It works best when writing meta data.

7. SEOCentro

SEOCentro Keyword Density Tool shows a Tag Cloud which shows the most popular keywords of the page and Keyword Density (with up to 3 Word Phrases).

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