How To Find My Email Address

How To Find My Email Address

In this day and age, it is not unexpected to see people using multiple email addresses. While this makes managing their personal emails from the workplace and other things simple for them, remembering those IDs can be a very different challenge. There are several ways to remember your email ID/address if you’ve lost it. “But who knows how to find my email address?” This post gives you the instruction and the manual on where to find your address or ID on all popular mail platforms.

How to Discover One’s Email Address?

Here are some of the most reliable methods and resources we’ve employed in the past and continue to employ for locating someone’s email address. Let’s begin!

1. Use an email search engine

Utilizing an email lookup tool is among the simplest ways to locate an email address. Simply input a name or website address, and the program will look for the appropriate address for you. Most email lookup programs operate in the same way: you enter a name, make it as specific as you can, and the program provides the finest email address.

2. Utilize “@domainname. com” when using DuckDuckGo

Utilizing a different search engine is an excellent method to use this little-known technique to obtain email addresses. If you perform an exact match search in DuckDuckGo for “,” it will return results for all publicly accessible email accounts associated with the domain. If you want to get in touch with a specific person, you can add their name to the search query, otherwise, simply keep it general.

3. Employ Twitter

When including their email addresses in tweets or Twitter bios, people occasionally use “dot” and “at” instead of “.com” and “@” to make them less visible to bots. Go to Twitter Advanced Search and look for “at” and “dot” in your prospect’s tweets. You will have the option to select precise search terms, words to avoid, hashtags, certain accounts, and timelines.

4. Join the email list of your prospects

Consider joining their mailing list if your prospect has a newsletter on their website or blog because many newsletters come from personal email accounts. This can be a quick and simple solution to find the email address you need. Try answering one of the newsletters, even if it comes from a generic info@ address, to express your thoughts or pose a thought-provoking query. You could get a response.

5. View Our About Us and Contact Pages

Sometimes the finest answers are the most straightforward. Personal email addresses can be found on the contact, about us, or contact the team pages of many websites. The layout of the website makes it frequently difficult to locate these pages. If you still can’t find it, look in the footer or try one of these typical URL formats:


6. Look Out for Author Pages

Another straightforward place to begin is the prospect’s author page on their blog or website, which can be accessed by clicking on their name on any post they have published. When using basic WordPress themes and customizations, there may be a lot of details on the page.

7. Perform a WHOIS Lookup

You may occasionally be able to locate someone’s contact details in the WHOIS database for their website if you’re looking for their email address if they have a website. You may figure out who owns a domain by using the publicly accessible WHOIS data that is utilized during domain registration.

8. Leverage Google Search Operator

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While being obvious, this is nevertheless prone to be missed. Google should be used for searches alone. Throw in your prospect’s name together with “email address” and you could become blessed. Using some Google search operators will aid in narrowing the search. They are quite simple to use. Simply type the operator into Google to get started searching:

  • [name] + contact (or) contact information (or) contact me
  • [name] + email (or) email address
  • [name] + “company they work for”
  • [name] + “home town”
  • [name] + ZoomInfo
  • [name] + LinkedIn
  • [name] + contact
  • [name] + email

9. Make use of Facebook

People frequently fill out as many details as they can while creating a Facebook page, then ignore them. If they have included an email address, simply visit the about section of the profile to view it. Because of this, Facebook is an excellent location to look for prospects’ email addresses because you’ll probably get their most utilized one rather than a more general one.

10. Examine Your Email List

Based on how well-known you are in your field, you might discover that some of your prospects have already signed up for your newsletter. You might easily locate what you’re searching for with a quick scan of your email list.


You now know where to find your email addresses and how to optimize them. Keep in mind that enormous power also comes with great obligation. Use these email searching techniques accordingly. Avoid spamming people. Never sell someone else’s email address. Do not irritate the folks you are trying to reach. Only you are missing a fantastic chance to interact and create (business) relationships.

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