How to Get the Perfect Instagram Profile Picture Size: A Guide for You

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Instagram is one of the most popular social media apps known for uploading high-end fancy pictures. From influential celebrities to the common people, all want to highlight their days on Instagram. However, there is some serious concern about the sizethe Instagram profile pic.

We can not think about a stunning profile picture that is not proper in size. But what is the right size for an Instagram profile picture? Well, this article is all about the question. If you want to know the right size for your profile picture, this guide is exclusively for you.

The accurate size of the Instagram profile picture

The accuracy of the Instagram profile picture full size varies according to some factors like display, picture shape, resolutions, etc. Generally, the size is 110×100 pixels. You should upload a higher resolution of the picture because Instagram stores pictures as  320 x 320 pixels image files. 

Instagram profile pictures seem like circles despite having square proportions. Ensure your picture and the important surrounding are centered to avoid them from being cut off from the frame. Remember that your profile pictures will be shown in other content like searches, feeds, and stories.

Because of this, your social media appearance can be damaged seriously if you use improper-sized Instagram profile pictures. Seize your photo consciously so that the Instagram profile viewer gets an outstanding view of your profile. Knowing the various Instagram photo dimensions will help you communicate your design concept better.

How to Size a Proper Instagram Profile Picture using the blank canvas in Canva?

Canva makes it simple to start sizing your profile picture from scratch. Here is the process:

  • First, sign up for Canva
  • Head to the Create menu and select a blank canvas
  • Search for the “ Insta sizes” Option and click on “ Instagram profile.”
  • Put your picture
  • You can change the background color or anything you want
  • When you are done, hit the save button, and it is ready to be the profile picture.

How to size your Instagram profile picture Using the Crop Tool?

Whenever we crop our image, the proportions of the original one are condensed. Now you can do it without losing your resolutions or other aspects using a single crop tool by PicMonkey. Here is how to use it,

  • Install the app and load your image
  • Select the desired ratio and save.

How to size your Instagram profile picture Using Resize Tool?

  • Open the pic monkey app and select your image
  • Search the resize option on the edit menu
  • Make sure to click the chain icon next to keep proportion. This automatically adjusts the height or width of your image to prevent image distortion.
  • To save changes, click the apply button.

Tips for making your Instagram Profile Picture Perfect

Here are some tips for you to make your Instagram profile picture more catchy:

  1. Post your Picture

Your image serves as the professional headshot, which can be taken as a way to wow your audience. Several photo beauty products might help you feel more confident in your profile image.  Spending some time on a well-designed profile image pays off in increasing your visibility and interactions.

  1. Ensure a spotless background

Given the small size of the Instagram profile picture, the image’s focal point’s clarity is crucial. Keep the background simple and uncluttered. This improves your visibility to followers and helps them to recognize your page.

Please use an image editor to clean up the background of your photo if it’s too messy before uploading.  They can clean the background, change the color, and do any undesirable things.

  1. Use Filters and Stickers

Aesthetic photo on Instagram leaves a lasting impression and attracts more followers. Use attractive photo effects and stickers to make your Instagram dp more appealing. Put up a nice image of yourself on Instagram to get noticed.

  1. Make your profile picture cartoonish sometimes.

Use cartoon filters to turn your photos into cartoons. Getting people interested in what you show them is a great approach. It will help people remember you and the events captured in your images. 

  1. Use images with Strong Contrast.

Photograph subjects in contrasting hues to draw attention to them. Make your appearance by using photos with contrasting tones to draw attention to your subject.

  1. Make sure the focus is on the middle of the page.

It’s easier for people to notice you if you are close to the camera and centered in the frame. And that’s what determines whether or not they go through to your profile.

  1. Have a professional crop your photo.

Because of the limited size of the Instagram profile picture, viewers cannot distinguish between close-up and far-away photos. Your Instagram profile picture should not be a full-body shot. To ensure that only your head and shoulders are visible, crop your picture using a free online image cropper tool with dedicated software.

How to download Your Instagram profile picture?

Unfortunately, Instagram does not allow users to directly grab the profile picture of other users to grab the profile picture of other users directly. Here a profile picture downloader is needed. Instafollowers is a co cost program that facilitates the discovery of Instagram profiles and the high-resolution download of associated user photos.

Simply enter the Instagram user’s username into the search bar and click the search option. You will be taken to their full-size profile photo when you click on the user’s thumbnail. Click the download option below to save your high-resolution Instagram profile picture.


Why Does Your Instagram Profile Picture Matter?

Instagram profile pictures serve as a visual representation of you, so it’s vital to pick one that does you justice. Users are more inclined to interact with profiles that feature an easily recognizable photo, according to research. You may make a positive first impression and stand out with a well-crafted profile image. 

How to Change Your Profile Picture on Instagram?

  • Open the app
  • Go to the profile
  • Under your bio, click to edit your profile
  • Click Change profile photo
  • Choose your photo
  • Save it.

Can I change my Instagram profile picture from my computer?

No, you can only change it with the app on your mobile device.

How often should I update my Instagram profile picture?

Changing your Instagram profile picture is optional and can be done whenever you like. However, it is recommended that you update your profile regularly to keep it current on any changes in your life.


We hope you have found our guide on the Instagram profile picture guide useful. A profile picture is crucial to have a good reach on social media. In the same way, the size, background, and color scheme are crucial components of a perfect profile picture. Follow the tips and information above to make your profile picture more attractive.

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