10 Easy Ways To Get Whitelisted For NFT

As holders of NFT have the opportunity to earn millions of dollars, getting NFT whitelisted is not an easy task. Most of the time, people participating in Discord whitelisting only have about 100 messages, which are generally jokes, memes, or just asking for whitelisting. Generally, only those who the makers believe are truly committed to the community and have a real contribution to the marketplace get whitelisted.

What Is An NFT Whitelist?

Wallet addresses on a whitelist are eligible to purchase Whitelist NFTs. Whitelists authorize specific crypto wallet addresses to mint NFTs before they are released to the general public. An NFT whitelist is similar to an invite list for VIPs who get access to mint NFTs early. 

There was an increase in the popularity of NFTs in 2021. For the last few years, as more and more people have become aware of how valuable these digital assets are, the demand for NFTs has exploded. 

Crypto fans rush to exchanges to try to mint NFT as soon as a project introduces them to maximize their profit.

At launch, there was a rush for NFTs, which caused congestion on the blockchain networks used for minting. Many buyers who could not readily acquire the tokens became frustrated as a result. The concept of NFT whitelists came to life to overcome this difficulty.

How to Get NFT Whitelisted: 10 Proven Methods

Now that you have an idea about getting whitelisted for NFT let’s get to know 10 ways you can get Whitelisted.

Identify an NFT with a High Return on Investment

You must first identify a project whose NFT you would like to invest in before you can sign up for whitelisting. A valuable NFT can be difficult to find, but it doesn’t have to be. Research upcoming NFT projects from credible sources to simplify the process. 

Identifying such projects is easy with platforms such as YouTube and Twitter. You can always stay up-to-date on the NFT market by joining one of the best gaming guilds that offer game-based NFTs.

Here are some high-value NFTs.

Check the Sources Yourself

The next step is to conduct due diligence on several NFT projects. Find out what makes an NFT project a good one. Among these details can be the project’s founders’ experience and plans for maintaining and growing the NFT’s value in the future, along with their crypto and NFT market experience. 

An NFT’s rarity, utility, and characteristics can all be used to estimate the asset’s value.

Invite People

When everyone in a group clicks your link, they are automatically invited, so sharing projects, joining groups, and sharing new project links increase your chances of being invited.

A shill zone on Discord is a place where people can freely share messages and projects. Sometimes people share projects with great pictures, which leads to you becoming familiar with the project earlier and getting whitelisted.


Whitelisting is easiest by purchasing invites on Fiverr; another way is participating in the community and discussing the project. You can grind on Discord for 30 minutes every day if you set aside 30 minutes.

It is also possible to buy a Mee6 Pro, which will reduce your XP requirements, or you can buy a Discord Nitro, which allows you to change your profile picture. This would be a great way to show your support and love for the project if you change your profile picture or share a sneak peek.

Participate in an Art Contest

If you have skills to make art, you are already one level up in Art contests such as creating art, 3D renderings, music for servers, etc.

A Chibi version of the same collection can be created using Fiverr if you are not artistically gifted, but the art should not appear on Fiverr’s example Art page.

Portray Yourself as a Female

Since NFT Space is dominated by males, adding a feminine name would certainly help you get whitelisted if you portray yourself as a kawaii girl. Make sure to use your female voice while talking over discord voice channels. Also, post many cat pictures on your Twitter account for your NFT Community members to witness.

Participate in Giveaways

Alternatively, you could try your luck at a whitelist giveaway on Twitter, but the harsh reality is that they are meant to be marketed, so your chances of winning are slim.

However, even a marketing scheme can be beneficial if you know how to turn the scenario in your favor.

Use Bots

Using bots can keep you active on Discord and increase your XP rating; there are various types of bots available, some of which push out messages such as “GM” and “I Love this project,” and some of which can actually respond and converse like real people.

Try Winning Games

Many discord servers host crab games, smash cards, and league of legends, so if you like games, try playing some on a White List server.

On Fiverr, you can hire someone to play for you if you don’t know how to play games.

Create Content

Since you are already searching for projects all day, creating content is an easy (No Brainer) way to win your WL. You can share your views and grow your following that way. A short-form video can be shared on TikTok, Twitter, or Instagram, or a long-form video can be shared on YouTube.

Why Should You Strive to Get NFT Whitelisted?

Whitelists for NFT provide several advantages. Three of the main advantages of being on an NFT whitelist are listed below.

Obtaining Rare NFTs Before Others

You can mint NFTs ahead of time if you’re on a whitelist. It benefits you because you can obtain all the uncommon and special NFTs before the general public. Getting rare NFTs allows you to earn more if you choose to sell them. More often than not, they have higher market values.

Reduced Minting Prices

The networks used to mint the NFT are not overloaded since whitelists restrict who may mint. This substantially lowers the petrol costs and, consequently, the minting expenses. To show appreciation for its devoted supporters, the NFT project may occasionally cut the NFT’s minting price at launch.

The Promise of a Minting Location

It is challenging to mint NFTs. Most individuals do not have the opportunity to mint because of the strong demand for these assets. However, accessing these digital goods is only possible if you are on a whitelist.

Before You Leave

You need to understand that not everyone Is Designed for Whitelist NFT. Being on an NFT whitelist is fantastic. You have a chance to get expensive rare NFTs as a result. Being on the whitelist is not required, though. Through secondary NFT marketplaces, you may still buy NFTs and manage to benefit from your assets.

All things considered, it relies on how much time you have to watch the whitelisting process and how eager you are to invest in an NFT before it hits the market.

Frequently Asked Questions

If I’m offered to buy an NFT Whitelist spot, is that a scam?

In general, it’s a fraud if you’re asked to pay for a seat on a whitelist NFT project. Whitelists, which are often unavailable for purchase, are distributed as a means to honor people who are devoted to the projects’ community. Be extremely skeptical of offers of this nature.

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