7 Top Ideas To Integrate Video Content Into Email Campaigns?

How To Integrate Video Content Into Email Campaigns

Email campaigns hold great importance in promoting your message or cause to your targeted customers. But did you ever think of adding video content to these email campaigns? If this is the motive you have today and it has brought you to this article, then you will learn how to integrate video content into email campaigns.

Marketers consider it highly reliable and engaging when they can send their promotional email with an embedded video. It wasn’t possible before. But it is now. So, let’s explore together, as this could be helpful for both of us!

Is It Possible To Integrate Video Content into Your Email Campaigns?

Even if it’s the 21st century, where everything is possible, you might find it a bit hard to share an entire video in your email campaign.

That’s because the largest file you can send on an email server should be below 34 MB in total size.

It could be a single video, multiple files, GIFs, or Images. That’s why people use Google Drive to share this type of content online.

However, if your video is below 34MB, you can directly share it through the email address so that the receivers might get it, open it, and check your message.

Yet, who would have time to wait for your video to load so they could play or watch it?

Of course, the entire purpose of embedding videos in emails is to encourage the user so that he can visit our website, channel, profile, or store.

If that’s the goal you have, there are multiple ways to embed video in your email campaigns.

In How Many Ways You Can Integrate Video Content Into Email Campaigns?

There are multiple ways you can integrate video content into your email campaigns. These ways still won’t include the entire video.

But your purpose of sending that email will be fulfilled.

So, let’s talk less and describe all those authentic ways that can help you integrate video content into your email campaigns.

Some famous email apps like Mail on MacOS or iOS, Outlook Email app, and Samsung Mail apps can easily show you the preview of your embedded video link.

Whenever you place a video link in these apps, they share the preview instead of that link.

It means that whenever a user receives an email on his side, there will be a preview of the video, not the link.


By clicking on that preview, the user can take himself to that Website, Channel, or Profile from where this video is coming from.

This way, you can increase the user engagement and make him reach your website or YouTube Channel.

The easiest way of adding video to your email campaigns is to add a video link behind the image. Also, print a Play Button on the front of your image with a link embedded in it.

When a person clicks the play button, it will actually take him to that website or channel where your main sources are located.

This strategy is highly applied by a number of email marketers, and they do it on a daily basis.


3. Use an Exciting Thumbnail To Add a Video

How about adding the same thumbnail to your email, the one you have used in your YouTube Video or video posted on your website?

That is a good idea. Add that with an embedded video link so that the receiver finds it more appealing.


The thumbnail will encourage the user to click it and engage with it. Ultimately, the user will be at the location where you want him to be.

4. Add a Campaign Image With a Shop Now Or Explore Button

You can also add an infographic to your email with Shop Now, Visit Now, and Explore More CTA Buttons.

These CTA’s can include links that will help the user visit your website.

You can add a video link or a link to your website, depending on where you want that specific user to land. Decide your goals prior to setting a video email campaign.

The simplest way of adding video to your email campaign is by linking the text with a video link.

For example, you can ask the user with wording like, “Please visit here to know more,” and embed this text with a video link.


This practice will also give you users a will to visit your channel and watch the related video.

6. Add a GIF of the Video

Instead of adding the entire video, you can add GIFs of your targeted video to your email campaigns.

This will basically be a short version of your Video. But it should be based on the heart of the video which you want to show to the user.

You can also add a Play Button in that GIF to achieve your goal of embedding email with video and sending it to the target customer or user.

7. How About using Animated Play Button?

Use this Hybrid example of creating an email with a Static Image and an animated GIF with a Play Button or video moving icon.

This will actually look like a video in an email. But it will just be a static image with a moving video animation. This way, you can compel users to give you clicks and become your visitors.

Of course, not the actual video if it’s more than the recommended file size for an email, but there are multiple ways you can send it. It’s just like sending a video in an email, even without sending it.

Last Words:

The best method I use is to only send videos in emails with a size lower than 34 MB. Such a file shows a preview in iOS or MacOS mail app. At the same time, if my other user is with the same operating system, which is 90% possible, he would find the email with an embedded video. This will help the user click, watch, and engage with the video message. Hence, apply these techniques that I have shared above, and let me know if you have any queries to ask. Thanks for reading and paying attention. Have a great day!

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