How To Optimize Podcasts For Search Engines? Top 10 Tips

How To Optimize Podcasts For Search Engines Top 10 Tips

Podcasts are the radio of the 21st century. Nowadays, when people want to listen to podcasts or know a channel which creates their needed podcasts, they search on Google. Yes, Google is a great search engine which has a place for podcasts now. But how do you optimize podcasts for search engines like Google? To do that, comprehensive SEO practices, relevancy and working only on trending topics matter.

In this brief guide, I’ll explain to you how you can optimize podcasts for search engines and improve your ranking in Google SERPs.

Do Podcasts Appear in Google SERPs?

Yes, of course they do! Gone are the days when podcasts were not a part of Google’s helpful content.

Nowadays, Google has included famous podcasts, videos and trending YouTube content in its search results.

So, when a specific person searches for a query or information which relates to the topic or keywords being used in your podcast title, there are chances that you can appear in the results.

This not only builds authority for your podcast’s videos. But when this thing appears in Google and people listen to it, you get more view counts.

It increases your followers or subscribers and enhances engagement! So, it’s a sure thing that podcasts actually appear in Google SERPs.

How Do You Optimize Podcasts For Search Engines?

There are several key practices to make your podcasts search-engine friendly.

But everything begins with deciding on the right topic if you are a new person in your podcasting journey.

Here are some great tips to optimize your podcast videos and make them user-friendly!

Tip 1: Search The Right Topic/Keyword

Those famous podcasters have a great fan following. So, they can rank on any podcast they create or publish on their podcast app or channel.

But if you are new in the industry and struggling, you should start by finding the right topics within your niche to make podcast videos.

These topics are basically focused on trending keywords upon which people are constantly looking for information.

Find these keywords in your niche by using famous tools like Ahrf or SEMrush.

Tip 2. Bring Catchy and Search Engine Friendly Titles

The title of your Podcast helps it a great deal in improving its ranking.

When you use your targeted keyword in the Title, there are higher chances that people can easily discover you in the search.

To make it more search engine friendly, keep a unique, catchy and SEO-friendly podcast title for your videos.

One of the easiest ways for your video to appear at the top results in search engines is by making those podcasts on Trending Topics.

How To Optimize Podcasts For Search Engines

Yes, it’s a huge success, especially when you are just starting your podcasting journey!

Create podcasts on trending topics in technology, science, politics or any other field to appear in search engines at significant positions!

Tip 4. Provide Clear and SEO Friendly Descriptions

Every podcast or video comes with a helpful description where you can explain briefly to the users what you are going to share in that podcast video.

Therefore, you should do the same. You need to create descriptions that are SEO-friendly and explain your topic fully.

These descriptions below the video should have SEO keywords, and you should also create them originally. No copy-pasting or AI content.

Tip 5. Update Relevant Hashtags

Hashtags can help your podcast appear at the right places that a user is looking for.

So, another betterment for your podcast to make it SEO or Search Engine friendly is adding hashtags in the descriptions.

Use relevant and trendy hashtags so that all these podcasts may appear in the right place according to their relevant search desires.

Tip 6. Upgrade Podcasts Metadata

The meta description and Schema should be highly relevant to your topic. You have to describe to the search engine the purpose and type of podcast you are sharing.

Categorize your podcasts into relevant content sections or playlists.

This will help the search engines understand your niche better and rank podcast videos that people are looking for information on!

Tip 7. Repurpose The Existing Podcast Videos

If the existing podcast videos aren’t appearing in Search Engines, repurpose them.

You can do this by changing the video length!

You can change the Title and Description.

How To Optimize Podcasts For Search Engines

Moreover, adding relevant and updated tags can also help your podcasts appear in search rankings.

Tip 8. Share Your Podcast Videos Across Various Social Media Platforms

Sharing a video created on YouTube over Instagram or Facebook is also recommended to get more traffic to your channel.

This also makes the podcast a friendly video piece for the Google Search engine or others.

That’s because when a video is accepted and seen across various platforms, there are higher chances that it can appear on Google, too.

So, do cross-promotion of your video and share it on social media places.

One of the best practices for boosting any form of content in Search Engines is using backlinks.

If the current podcast videos are not performing as you want them to be, there is help you need.

Collaborate with those high authority websites on Google and see if they can use your videos for any purpose on their websites.

This will build backlinks for your podcast videos. And ultimately, your authority in Search Engines will increase.

Tip 10. Keep Posting

Google or other Search Engines don’t bother new podcasting channels that disappear for months after publishing just one or two videos.

Don’t include yourself in that line. Instead, keep posting podcast videos regularly.

Your regular updates will help you rank better and perform even better over your competitors.

Every time you post something on your channel, it gives a signal to the search engine. So, keep sending signals all the time!

Wrapping Up:

Conclusively, these are the top 10 tips you can follow to make your podcast videos highly search-engine friendly. Create engaging, educative, yet meaningful content which resonates with your audience and inspires them to visit your channel over and over again. In order to become the legend of 21st-century radio, you have to go above and beyond!

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