How to Remove Duplicate Title Tags in WordPress and Improve SEO

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As a blogger, you may know that duplicate title tags are bad for SEO. But what if you have duplicate title tags on your WordPress site? Don’t worry, you can remove them easily. Here’s how.

What Are Duplicate Title Tags?

Duplicate title tags on your WordPress website can harm SEO, make it look messy, and cause indexing issues. Learn how to find and remove them.

What Should Your Title Tag Contain?

To remove duplicate title tags, ensure they are descriptive, relevant, and within 60-70 characters for search engine display.

Title tags are important for SEO. Include the main keyword, brand name, and USP. Add the date or author’s name for a blog post. Don’t overuse keywords.

How to Identify Duplicate Title Tags?

To find duplicate title tags, use a plugin like Duplicate Titles in WordPress editor. It shows duplicate titles in a new column, with post details in a tooltip. Select and edit posts as needed.

How to Fix Duplicate Title Tags?

If you’re seeing duplicate tags on your WordPress site, it’s easy to fix. Just use the Yoast SEO plugin to update them. Here’s how:

  • Go to Yoast SEO in your WordPress dashboard and click on the Titles & Metas tab.
  • Scroll down to the heading “Duplicate Titles.”
  • You’ll see a list of all the duplicate title tags on your site. Just select the ones you want to fix and click “Delete.”
  • Yoast SEO will automatically update the titles for you.

What Are the SEO Consequences of Duplicate Title Tags?

Title tags are vital for a website’s code as they impact its relevance to search engines. Multiple or incorrect title tags can harm SEO ranking. This section explores the consequences of duplicate title tags and offers prevention strategies.

Link equity is the value of your links. It’s important for SEO and content marketing, social media and brand awareness, customer engagement, etc.

Increased Page Size

One issue is larger page size, which frustrates mobile users and affects readability. Search engines also penalize websites with duplicate content and pages over 100 KB.

Duplicate title tags decrease load time for users on different devices. However, this doesn’t guarantee instant improvement for every page without additional effort.

Low-Quality Content Collides with High-Quality Content

Duplicate title tags can harm your SEO. Google penalizes sites with duplicate content, causing confusion for search engines and making it difficult for users to find what they need. This also affects user experience as visitors may not know the number of pages or where to go next. Consider how these issues impact both visitors and search engines.

Poor User Experience of Your Website

Google is strict about duplicate title tags to ensure easy website navigation and a good user experience. Knowing which pages help achieve keyword ranking goals is important.

Google Likes Fresh Content

Google penalizes websites with duplicate title tags and may display a warning message in search results. It also detects duplicate content, such as multiple versions of an article on different pages.

Multiple Title Tags Prevent New Opportunities

Duplicate title tags are a big problem. Google flags them as duplicates if they have the same name, tags, and keywords in different places. This can limit your traffic from Google searches and hinder brand awareness.

Google wants fresh content that is easily readable. Duplicate titles take up space for new information. Consider using different branding to avoid others copying your posts.

Duplicate Title Tags Can Hurt Your Bounce Rate

The bounce rate is an important web analytics metric, indicating the percentage of visitors who exit your site after seeing just the homepage. This metric reflects the user experience and can be affected by duplicate title tags in Google and other search engines, resulting in a higher bounce rate.

Harder to Find the Right Content for Social Sharing

When creating content, consider how your audience will react. Duplicate title tags make it difficult to find the right content for social sharing. Sharing your blog post on Facebook or Twitter shows multiple titles instead of just one. Too many duplicates in Google search results confuse people about which one is most relevant to their needs or interests.

What Are the Best Plugins for Managing Duplicate Title Tags?

Now that you know how to manually remove duplicate title tags from your WordPress website, the next step is deciding which plugin to use. There are a few great options to choose from, so let’s dig into some of the most popular ones.

The first option is Yoast SEO. This plugin has been around since 2008 and is one of the most widely-used SEO plugins available. It includes features like an on-page content analysis tool and an XML sitemap generator, which makes it a great choice for managing duplicate title tags.

Another option is SEOPress Pro. This plugin provides users with a lot of control over their SEO settings and can be used to quickly detect and eliminate duplicate title tags. It also offers a helpful SEO analysis tool that can be used to monitor your website’s performance.

Finally, there’s Rank Math—a free, open-source plugin designed to make it easier for users to optimize their websites for search engine rankings. One of its main features is its Duplicate Content Checker, which can be used not only for detecting duplicate title tags, but for analyzing your entire website content as well.

Tips on Avoiding Duplicate Title Tags SEO in WordPress

To avoid duplicate title tags, follow these tips: configure WordPress settings correctly under the “Settings” tab in the dashboard, adjust permalink settings for SEO by choosing plain or post-name options.

Be cautious of the plugins you use. Some third-party plugins may not provide SEO-friendly title tags for each page or post, so use them sparingly. Double-check the title tag of every new content or page before publishing to ensure accuracy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use the same title tag for all my pages? 

No! you should use distinct and relevant titles for each page.

How do I fix the duplicate title tags on my site? 

You can use a plugin like Yoast SEO or All in One SEO Pack, which can help you identify and remove any duplicate title tags. Alternatively, you can also edit your titles manually in the WordPress Editor.

Is there a way to avoid duplication when creating new pages? 

Yes – you should aim to write distinct titles for each page. It may also be helpful to use tools like Google Trends to come up with ideas for unique titles.


If you’re seeing duplicate title tags on your site, there are a couple of ways you can remove them. In this article, we’ve shown you how to remove duplicate title tags in WordPress using a plugin, and we’ll also show you how to remove them manually. Whichever method you choose, it’s important to make sure that your title tags are unique and accurately reflect the content of your pages.

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