Increase Shopify Sales – 10 Strategies With Tips

Once you’ve set up your ecommerce store, stocked your inventory, and launched a social presence for your brand, the next priority for every merchant is to increase Shopify sales. For some merchants, this means putting more resources into marketing strategies of their choice while for others, growing sales is all about diversifying where they sell. If you’re just starting your business or looking for ideas to increase your sales, we’ve put together a list of top strategies that are proven to increase your Shopify Sales.

1. Enable live chat and set up a round-the-clock customer support team.

As an online store, it’s important to create the same customer experience that shoppers receive from brick and mortar stores. Setting up a support team that provides 24/7 live chat is proven to help increase Shopify sales. According to Icmi, live chat leads to a 48% increase in revenue per chat hour and a 40% increase in conversion rate.

Setting up friendly customer support executives who respond within 10 seconds of the customer raising a ticket or sending a message is likely to help convert store visitors into shoppers and even increase customer retention and loyalty.

Increase Shopify Sales Tip:

If you don’t already have live chat functionalities, you can use live chat apps to get started. Set up shifts for your customer support executives so that you can provide live chat to your customers round the clock.

2. Capture one-time visitors with push notifications

If you’re an active ecommerce store that drives engagement efforts on social media, you’d be aware of the number of one-time visitors that you have on your store. Out of these visitors, only a fraction of them stay longer than a few minutes, and the number of visitors who convert is even fewer. First time visits rarely convert. But, this doesn’t mean that you should lose out on bringing back these one-time visitors.

Turn one-time visitors into subscribers with push notifications. Push notifications allow your store visitors to subscribe to your store’s updates. You can enable an opt-in that appears for your visitors a few seconds after landing on your store. Once they subscribe, you can bring them back to the store even after they are offline and maximize your engagement efforts.

Increase Shopify Sales Tip:

Set up the browser prompt with a slight delay and an overlay to display a catchy message. Once you’ve gained more subscribers, start sending campaigns to increase purchases and set up abandoned cart recovery to successfully recover carts.

3. Talk to potential customers with Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger is one of the primary communication platforms for users worldwide. In recent years, it has also been a platform for businesses to talk to their customers. With the rise of chatbots, it’s easier than ever for businesses to reach customers on this platform. According to Facebook, in 2021, there were 1.3 billion Messenger users, with 8 billion messages sent between businesses and people every month.

If you aren’t leveraging chatbots already, it’s crucial that you set one up for your ecommerce store immediately. By setting up your chatbot with these apps, you can automate messenger conversations, abandoned cart recovery, answer customer questions, send follow-up messages post-purchase, and send targeted messages based on customer demographics and behavior.

Increase Shopify Sales Tip:

Start small, by setting up abandoned cart recovery. If you aren’t familiar with the platforms, you can use their helpdesk to walk through the apps.

4. Bring back customers with loyalty points

There’s substantial data that backs loyalty programs. As many as 84% of consumers say they’re more apt to stick with a brand that offers a loyalty program. For the customer, rewarding their actions on your store creates the same burst of happiness like the gambling slot machines.

A loyalty program helps the store increase revenue by incentivizing the customer’s behavior and builds a stronger relationship between the store and the customer. From making their first purchase to referring friends and sharing on social media, a loyalty program creates milestones and makes a customer’s journey with the brand more meaningful.

5. Upsell within the store

58% of customers are likely to buy from a retailer that recommends options based on past purchases. Upselling is the fastest and most tailored way to increase your average order value. By bringing back customers to purchase items related to what they’ve already bought from you, you can easily increase Shopify sales.

There are a few ways you can do it. On the store, you can upsell and cross-sell using the Bold Upsell app on your dashboard. This means that you can set up triggers to recommend relevant items when the shopper adds the item to their shopping cart and even before and after they complete their purchase. Here’s a video to understand how this works:

You can even target your customers when they aren’t on your store. Use SMS marketing apps to set up automated upsell messages. You can use SMS marketing along with push notifications for greater results. Alternatively, this can be done with your email subscribers as well.


Set up upselling triggers on the store during checkout and when customers are not on your store. This allows you to maximize your chances of increasing your average order value and in bringing back repeat customers. You can choose which channel you want to choose to upsell outside the store based on your experience with these channels.

6. Reconnect with existing customers with a drip email campaign

A well-structured drip email flow can win back your existing customers easily. According to Klaviyo, re-engagement email flows have an average click-through rate of 4.02%. What’s more, the purchases made through these win-back emails had an average order value of $79.12. Win-back email flows are a goldmine and if you haven’t set them up, you’ve got to get started right now!

Increase Shopify Sales Tip:

See how other top ecommerce stores have set up their own win-back email flows to understand the best practices to increase your conversions.

7. Run inorganic ads smartly

Shopify allows you to diversify your audience by setting up sales channels on different platforms besides the native Shopify store- Facebook, Amazon, Pinterest, Messenger, Instagram, and even a buy button on a third-party blog or website.

Increase Shopify Sales Tip:

Pick the social channel that is compatible with your industry so that you can focus your paid advertising smartly. If you’re a sneaker brand, Snapchat is a great platform. Do you sell wedding clothes and accessories? Pinterest is your answer. Instagram and Facebook host enthusiasts for every industry. As a gadget ecommerce store, focus your efforts on search ads.

8. Set up multiple sales channels

Setting up multiple sales channels is a great way to diversify your audience and bring more shoppers from different parts of the web. Shopify has reported that on average, multi-channel marketing and selling increases revenue by 38%, 120%, and 190% with each additional channel. Multiple sales channels are an assured way to increase Shopify sales and boost your revenue with ease.

Increase Shopify Sales Tip:

Pick the sales channels that are in line with your ecommerce store, based on the industry you are in. For instance, Pinterest is one of the best sales channels for fashion stores. Meanwhile, stores that sell books find success with subscription box services. Shopify has a comprehensive guide to help you choose the right sales channel.

9. Pick strategic partnerships with influencers

Influencers have a lot more persuasion power than you’d imagine. According to one study, 49% of consumers depend on influencer recommendations when making a purchase. By picking a partnership with an influencer and setting up a content strategy that has an engaging narrative, you can easily bring more awareness to your brand and increase your following, ultimately increasing your Shopify sales. What’s more, the influencer’s audience is bound to visit your store, giving you the opportunity to convert them into push notification subscribers.

Increase Shopify Sales Tip:

If you’re not sure where to find influencers, the best way to get started is by searching on social media yourself. Whether it’s Youtube or Instagram, look for influencers talking about products within your industry.

10. Run a contest

A lot of eCommerce players are skeptical of running online contests to grow their sales. But, contrary to this worry, online contests are a great way to acquire new audiences to whom you can target your conversion efforts. According to Vyper, one eCommerce store collected over 41,000 emails and gained 14,000 social followers from one 15-day contest.


You can set up an online contest based on making entrants engage with your brand in a more meaningful way. For instance, you can ask participants to leave a sweet message about their father (if it’s father’s day) or have them post a picture of them in their favorite outfit (if you’re a fashion store).

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