Jobs That Pay 40 An Hour

Jobs That Pay 40 An Hour

Are you looking for jobs that pay 40 an hour? If so, you are on the right track! We’ve already done the detective work to find one for you. Most companies do not post their job opening for non internal candidates.

While high-paying jobs will generally require a lot of work experience, specific skills, and tasks, depending on your field, there might be other, less expected skills that you have to have to land a good, higher-paying job. But now I’ve found where they are posting these jobs and have gone through them all to find the best of the best, wherever they’re posted.

Why work for $40 an hour?

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There are several good reasons to choose jobs that pay $40 an hour, including:

  1. The potential for higher income. The average annual salary in the U.S. is $50,336 (according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics). If you’re earning $40 an hour, you’re earning more than twice that amount each week.
  2. Greater opportunities for advancement. Even if you don’t have a college degree, it’s still possible to advance your career by taking advantage of promotional opportunities within a company or industry. These promotions might come with a raise or a new title with more responsibility and leadership opportunities.
  3. More flexibility in your schedule and lifestyle choices. If you work full time at $40 an hour, it will likely be easier for you to get extra shifts whenever necessary — or choose not to work on days when your kids are sick or spend time with family instead of working overtime at the office.
  4. Work/Life Balance. A job paying $40 an hour means that you will be able to enjoy a life outside of work. You will have time to spend with your family and friends, which is a huge benefit for many people.
  5. Better Benefits. The better benefits you receive from a high-paying job may include more vacation time, health insurance, and other perks that make your life easier when you are at work.
  6. More Money Available for Savings or Spending. A higher salary means that you can save more money or spend more money on things like vacations and other fun activities than someone making less than $40 per hour.
  7. More time off in the day or throughout the week. You may be able to take more time off during the day or week if you have a high-paying job because it gives you more flexibility in your schedule with fewer financial worries about missing paychecks because of time off from work.

How much does a year cost at $40 per hour?

A person who works 40 hours a week, 52 weeks a year, earns $40,800.00 (40 hours x 50 weeks x $10.00) in one year.

You can also figure out how many hours you will work by multiplying the number of weeks in a year by 40 hours per week times 52 weeks. That equals 2,080 hours.

Workers who earn $40 an hour make $1,920 in two weeks.

$40 an hour is equivalent to a yearly income of $80,000 for full-time workers.

A worker who earns $40 an hour for 50 weeks a year works 2,400 hours.

Is $40 an hour a decent wage?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average hourly wage in the United States is $26.36. That’s a little more than twice what the minimum wage is in most states, but not a lot more. And it’s certainly nothing to brag about.

But what if you’re earning 40 bucks an hour? Is that a good wage? It depends. If you’re working in an entry-level job or a low-skill position, it’s probably not enough to support yourself or your family. But if you’re an experienced professional with years of experience under your belt and excellent skills, that can be a great wage.

Jobs That Pay 40 An Hour: The Best Picks

If you want to work for $40 an hour, you’ll want to make the most of your talents and knowledge.

While some jobs pay $40 an hour as a starting wage, others can get up to that rate once you’ve been on the job for several years. Some positions even pay more than $40 an hour, but those are rare.

If you’re looking for a new career path or trying to advance in your current position, here are some of the best jobs that pay $40 an hour:

Business Analyst

Industry professionals are frequently the initial element in the development of a corporation. They work with clients to understand their issues and needs, then develop solutions that developers and other I.T. professionals can implement.

According to, business analysts can earn as much as $80 an hour, according to However, the average pay is closer to $45 an hour.

Physical Therapist Assistant

Physical therapist assistants assist physical or occupational physicians in meeting the needs of patients. They perform many of the same duties as their counterparts, but they’re not licensed to diagnose or treat patients independently. Their work can include everything from helping patients learn to walk again after surgery to making sure that someone recovering from a stroke can feed himself.

Physical therapist assistants earned a median annual salary of $39,920 in May 2016, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). The least 10% of respondents took home less than $27,440, while the greatest 10% took home more than $58,550.

Database Administrator

Database administrators (DBAs) ensure that computer databases are secure, efficient, and reliable. They design and implement database management systems, monitor performance, and troubleshoot problems.

Professionals earn a median yearly salary of $80,700, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). The top ten percent of earners make more than $128,930 per year.

Speech-Language Pathologist

Practitioners are medical experts who assist persons who have speech, language, or eating problems. They can operate in different environments, including schools, hospitals, and private practice.

Salary is determined by various things, including your skills, the sort of employer you work for, and your geographic region. A speech-language pathologist’s estimated annual pay.

Petroleum Engineer

Petroleum engineers create and refine technologies for getting oil and gas from the underground. They study the geology of potential drilling sites and determine the best technologies to use to extract oil or natural gas.

In 2016, petroleum engineers earned a median of $132,710, as per Labor statistics. Petroleum engineers in Texas had one of the highest salaries in 2016 at $166,170 per year.

Biochemist or Biophysicist

In May 2016, the average salary for biochemists and biophysicists was $75,290. The median family income at which 50 % of employees in a certain profession earn more and half earn less. The lowest 10% of workers took home under $46,610, while the highest 10% took home over $112,790.

Most biochemists and biophysicists have a bachelor’s degree in biology or chemistry. Those who conduct basic research may need a Ph.D., M.D., or another advanced degree, depending on their field of specialization.

Construction Worker

Construction workers can earn between $20 and $60 per hour, depending on the type of work and where they live. Construction workers perform manual labor in building homes, roads, and bridges. They also assist in putting up temporary structures for sporting events or concerts.

Freelance Writer

Freelance writing is a lucrative business. There are a variety of independent writing gigs to choose from that all pay well. You may be generating thousands of dollars every month if you have the necessary talents. If you don’t have any technical skills or knowledge, finding a $40 job might be hard.

Freelance writers do a range of things like ghostwriting, copywriting, content creation, and editing. The best part is that the job market is always growing because people need help with their websites, blogs, and social media accounts.


Translators are people who transform written content from one language to another. China, Japan, and Mexico are three of the top five countries for translation services, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). The BLS estimates that interpreters earn an average annual salary of about $49,340. Translators earn a higher average salary of about $58,610 per year.

Bottom Lines

The best way to get started if you’re looking for a job that pays $40 an hour is to make sure you have a good network. You rarely know who is hiring. Don’t be afraid to reach out to smaller companies and new businesses, as they may not have the budget or manpower to delve into outsourcing their tasks or projects. It’s always worth it to send your resume in and see what happens.

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