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local marketing for franchises

Large franchise businesses with multiple locations and sales channels find it challenging to keep up with the constant changes in marketing. Franchise operators must navigate a difficult and competitive industry while staying on top of these new developments. We recognize the hardships this can cause to both organization owners and those who provide assistance. For this reason, we’ve written this post on local marketing for franchises in 2022.

What Is Local Marketing for Franchises?

Local marketing for franchisees is a group of strategies, instruments, and distribution networks. Franchise locations and franchisors can use it to reach regional target audiences. It offers specially targeted marketing communications that can help generate business, such as marketing channel management. In order to convert people into clients, it is important to identify the target market within a specific geographic area.

What You Need to Know About Local Marketing for Franchises in 2023?

Let’s explore local marketing in more detail by examining strategies that have been successful for other companies. They promote online interaction and encourage foot traffic by:

  • preparing unique culinary items to honor the neighborhood team
  • giving prizes away if the neighborhood team succeeds or achieves a specific objective
  • sponsorship of box seats at nearby stadiums
  • building social media (Facebook, Instagram) campaigns around collaborations with sports teams

5 Local Franchise Marketing Concepts to Consider in 2023

As we’ve seen in recent years, there are many different ways to approach local franchise marketing. But what can you expect from this type of strategy in 2022? Here are five concepts to consider as you plan your local franchise marketing strategy:

1. Content Marketing

90% of franchise businesses, according to recent research, already have a content marketing strategy in place. Furthermore, according to 78% of CMOs, personalized content will dominate digital marketing in the future. If your company doesn’t regularly create and distribute original content, it can be out of date.

Even among the most prosperous franchise businesses, creating content may be challenging. It’s advisable to model your strategy after those who have come before you when it pertains to content marketing.

2. Social Media Marketing

There are some peculiarities involved in developing, implementing, and maintaining an efficient social media marketing strategy in a remote context. Only 51% of franchising companies actively influence the social media marketing strategies of local firms, according to a recent study. The most effective dispersed organizations in the world, however, assist franchisees in gathering material for their regional social media marketing initiatives.

3. Email Marketing

Email marketing is a tried-and-true strategy for raising brand exposure for many distributed marketers. Continuous email marketing promos will help to maintain your company top-of-mind beyond greeting and sales series letters, helping substantially in lead generation.

4. Promotion of Holidays

Every year during the holidays, bargain hunters are out in full force. The busiest franchise businesses often offer significant discounts on goods and services during the holiday season. Most franchises run supplemental holiday marketing efforts and promotions in conjunction with these substantial discounts. It could be a good idea to consider exclusivity for your own franchisees over the holiday season. What unique holiday marketing initiatives can you create around one-time deals or discounts.

5. Video Promotion

Recent data indicates that one of the most potential areas for franchises to spend this year is video marketing. In actuality, compared to other forms of digital products, videos generate the most views and interaction. Furthermore, by 2022, online videos will account for 72% of consumer internet traffic.

Video marketing gives Color World Housepainting the opportunity to promote its expert house painting services to potential clients and customers. The franchise just filmed an interview with the company owner to get his opinion.

How to Provide the Best Marketing Support for Franchise Locations?

Franchisees should not have to handle local marketing on their own. To ensure their success, company should provide them with resources and support. This assistance should consist of:

  • provides practical guidance in marketing
  • utilizing brand assets to preserve marketing coherence
  • creating regional media buying and pay-per-click strategies
  • assistance with finding preferred vendors
  • channel-specific rules that are clear


Almost the past two years, searches for “near me” or “close by” have increased by over 100%. Thus, establishing a presence in the community might improve the standard for your franchise. Localized marketing may enhance your website traffic, help you connect with the right consumers, and improve your search engine rankings. It is unavoidable when preparing your franchise marketing strategy.

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