Local TV Advertising Benefits & Tips

Local TV advertisement.

While TV advertising has been popular for a long time, it has one limitation: a very high cost.  This makes it unaffordable for small businesses with a limited budget. However, not all is lost as there is a solution: Local TV advertising. 

This is among the creative advertising tips for small businesses as it provides them with a broader reach,  has a great visual impact, and can integrate seamlessly with many digital strategies. In this article, we will guide you on how to harness the power of local TV advertising.

What is local TV Advertising?

This advertisement method focuses on spreading an advertisement message to a local audience. With the cost of local TV advertising being lower than national TV advertising and local TV providing more minute targeting, it offers a better alternative than advertising on national TV.

Benefits of Local TV Advertising

Here are some of the reasons to consider local TV advertising. 

  • Emotional connections. With local TV advertising, you have a great opportunity to connect emotionally with your audience. That is why 46% of customers say they remember TV ads better than other forms of ads.
  • Wider and diverse connections. One of the benefits of TV ads is their ability to reach diverse audiences. With its broad range of viewership, local TV advertising is a great choice for targeting large demographics.
  • Ability to visualize your brand. With local TV advertising, you have a platform for showcasing your brand visually. By strategically placing your ads before local news broadcasts or popular shows, you can easily showcase your brand to a large audience.
  • Integration with digital ads. It’s easy to integrate TV advertisements with digital advertising strategies. Since viewers use multiple devices for watching TV, this offers an enhanced reach and integration. Viewers can easily search for products and services they see on local TV ads.
  • High level of trust and credibility. Consumers consider brands that are advertised on TV to be more credible. This is mostly because TV has built a reputation over the years for its credibility.

Studies On Local Tv To Advertiser Locally

Studies indicate that local TV advertisement is the second most popular place to advertise locally in the United States. This is because most TV audiences believe TV stations care about them. Other studies indicate that consumers are more likely to buy a brand they saw on TV compared to other brands.

Tips On  Advertising On Local TV

Here are some tips to consider when advertising on local TV advertising.

Understand your target audience.

Whether you are creating a social media advertising strategy or advertising on local TV, it is important to understand your target audience. One of the best ways to understand your target audience is by creating a buyer persona. You can also dive deeply into the consumer’s journey by including the following:

  • The customer buying journey. Consider how your current customers are finding your products or services.
  • Doing competition analysis. How are your competitors doing their ads? Who are they targeting and what makes their local TV advertising effective? Is there a marketing angle they are ignoring that your business can capitalize on?

Create an advertising plan.

When running local TV advertisements,you are likely to encounter certain challenges. However, having an advertising plan can help you overcome these challenges. Your local TV advertising plan should set out your goals and how you can benchmark against such goals. A good advertising plan should help you:

  • Plan a good local TV advertising budget
  • Avoid wasted budget
  • Understand the marketing tactics to bring conversion
  • Choose the right local TV channels for your campaigns.

Local news advertising

As noted earlier, local news advertising can help you reach a targeted and engaged audience. You can align your brand with well-known and trusted faces, which can help build trust among your audience.

Combine broadcast with streaming.

In the recent past, there has been a rapid change in the way people view content and the platforms where they view it. Some consumers want to see broadcast content anytime and while on the go. This means you must also leverage streaming to reach a wider audience.

Use Creative Ads

You should use creative ads that appeal to your audience. Some of the features that can help you achieve great results are:

  • Enticing visuals. Since people will see the visuals in a local TV broadcast, how you present your images and videos matters a lot. You must ensure that everything appeals to your audience.
  • Use humor. There is no doubt that humor sells. Therefore, create a humorous campaign for your local TV advertising.
  • Catchy audios. In a TV ad, you only have as little as 15 seconds to catch your audience’s attention. Therefore, everything from the audio to the videos should be outstanding. Using the right audio can make revealing your ad easy for your audience.
  • Use emotional connection. Studies indicate that customers connect easily with brands that connect with them emotionally. Therefore, ensure that your ad appeals to customers’ emotions.

Combine broadcast with digital ads.

We noted earlier that a benefit of local TV is the ability to combine broadcast with digital ads. Therefore, even as you advertise on local TV, combine this with local TV advertising including native ads,pre-roll, and banner ads.

Engage with your local community.

Local TV advertising isn’t only about promoting your products to your target audience. It’s also about connecting emotionally with customers. One of the ways of doing that is by engaging in their community projects. Studies indicate that 94% of consumers are likelier to buy from brands that serve their common goods. This is also a good way of building customer loyalty. 

Make use of live events.

The number of viewers tuning in to live events keeps increasing. in 2023, the Grammy Awards were watched by 12.55 million people while 113 million watched the Superbowl. Therefore, one of the ways of reaffirming the place of your brand in the community is by advertising live events. These events also allow you to be part of the talk of the town.

Wrapping Up

Local TV advertising is a great way to connect with your audience in your local area. It can help you reach a highly targeted audience cheaper than national TV. Use the above tips for local TV advertising.

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