Low-stress Jobs That Pay Well Without A Degree

Low-stress Jobs That Pay Well Without A Degree

What are some low-stress jobs that pay well without a degree? It is a general perspective that getting a good job requires a degree; although it is true, it is not entirely correct. Getting a degree takes lots of time and resources, so not everyone wants to do it. There are many jobs available in the market that you can do without even having a degree. However, it requires possessing skills that help you in doing your job efficiently and effectively. Getting a job without a degree can become stressful. Therefore, most people prefer getting a degree before entering the job market. 

A low-stress job offers its employees stability and provides flexible working hours allowing employees to manage their other responsibilities. These jobs do not only give you financial strength and independence, but they also allow you to spend quality stress-free time with your family and friends. Most people are skeptical about the chances of finding job that pays well without a degree since such jobs are hard to come by. Luckily for you, we have listed down the best stress-free job that you can do without getting a degree. 

Massage Therapist

Massage therapists are your go-to place after a stressful day at work when you simply want to take your stress out and calm yourself. For people who want to spend some time relaxing or getting relieved from physical pain, a massage therapist is the best option for them. Massage is a de-stressing technique which helps in calming your body and mind.

For a masseuse, the environment of a spa is serene and relaxing, and the work schedule is highly flexible. Even you can attend to your clients at their homes, which is amazing. Being a massage therapist, you can work from spas and health care centers and make good money for yourself. However, being a masseuse requires good skills, techniques and in-depth knowledge. If you want to get a good clientele, you need to create a calm environment for your clients. 


Models promote, endorse and display clothes, commercial products, and footwear. They work with various directors, photographers, and designers in different commercials, photoshoots, and fashion shows. You do not need a graduate degree to pursue modelling; you just need an understanding of the client’s needs so that you can promote the product accordingly. If you are a fashionista and love dressing up and being in the limelight, modelling is the best career available for you. However, you need to maintain your body and skin if you want to thrive in this profession. 

Travel Agent

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Being a travel agent is one of the best jobs that pay well without a degree. You only need persuasive communication skills and a computer to go ahead with this career. Being a travel agent entails planning for the trip, deciding the destination, travelling and accommodating your customers. It also allows you to check and discover beautiful scenic landscapes. 

Virtual Assistantship

Being a virtual assistant entails handling your clients’ administrative tasks. It is a low-stress job which involves scheduling your clients’ appointments, composing emails, responding to queries, and filing records. Having good communication skills, computer skills, and a strong Wi-Fi connection is what you need to become a virtual assistant. Only by minimal supervision you can deliver high-quality work and secure high paying clients. If you are good at organizing your work correctly, this job will cause you less stress. For this career having good skills and experience is more important than having an educational qualification. 


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This career requires getting two to four years of training. However, after getting the training, it is the best low-stress job that pays well without a degree. You need to learn basic electrical information, safety practices, and other electrical skills to ace this career. 

Pet Jobs

These jobs are less stressful for people who love being around animals. If you are one of those people, this job is the best option available for you. Pet Jobs include becoming a dog walker or trainer, kennel worker and a pet groomer. Being a pet trainer requires training the pet and its owner. Specific pet jobs require having distinct personality traits that include being introspective, intelligent and curious. You need to be kind and understanding towards your pet when you are dealing with it. This job is low stress and helps you earn a good amount of money. 

Web Developers

Web developers have work related to website design and development. Being a web developer, you can choose to work in publishing companies or advertising agencies or can also become self-employed. You can become a freelance or a full-time web designer with just a high school diploma. However, education requirements vary depending on the work they opt to do. As per the statistics shared by the United States Bureau of Labor, an annual salary of 77,200 $ is earned by web developers each year. 

Sound Engineering Technician

This profession might not be considered an option for you, but it is one of the jobs that pay well without a degree. Sound engineering technicians are required all the time, whether it is a concert, a quiz competition or a political debate. They ensure that the microphones are working correctly, set up the audio equipment, and monitor background sound and sound equipments during an event, festival, or any performance. Without the help of a sound engineering technician, an event cannot take place. You do not need a degree to become a sound engineering technician; you only need to take an online course for a few weeks or months. Furthermore, you can also attend an apprenticeship program to master these skills. 


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Being a photographer is a low stressed job that one can do without getting a degree. If you have an eye for scenic landscapes and beautiful views, photography is something you can pursue. You do not need formal education if you have the talent for capturing esthetic pictures. Simply you need to possess good computer and communication skills in order to get good clientele. Possessing good computer skills will also help in editing pictures. 

Video editor

Video editors are highly in demand these days. They convert the raw camera footage into high-quality videos which can be broadcasted. Video editors are also needed in film production. Since this job does not require much social interaction, video editors can also choose to work remotely. They can decide how they want to work, whether at home or in any studio. You just need to learn to use video editing software to get started. However, this profession demands creativity; you need to be creative while editing videos. If you are able to maintain a good quality of work, you can make your way in this career. 

Insulation Contractors

Insulation contractors insulate buildings and homes so that the temperature of the house is regulated. They use safety products to make your indoor life comfortable. They install material that helps in reducing noise in the building and save energy. Insulation contractors help insulate water pipes, boilers, vessels, and steam pipes.

They also prevent smoke and fire in a facility by installing fire stopping materials. Working as an insulation contractor requires working in tight spaces, i.e., in closed compartments or between walls. Although you do not require a specific degree to pursue this career, you need a high school diploma to work as an insulation contractor. You also need mandatory safety training since this training teaches you about insulation handling. Insulation workers now earn an annual wage of around $41,690. 


Glazier helps in cutting and installing glass in buildings. It is a job that pays well without a degree since you can learn these skills by training or an apprenticeship. To help improve your skills, you can receive on-site training. You just need some safety equipment and tools to work as a glazier. You also need to follow instructions regarding equipment handling for your own safety. Furthermore, you also need to learn first aid procedures, reading and blueprint sketching and installation techniques. This job does not require a qualified degree and is one of the highest-paying jobs without a degree. 

Delivery man

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A delivery man’s work is self-explanatory and enjoyable since all you have to do is deliver food and other items. You do not need any diploma or a degree to work as a delivery man. However, you just need to take the on-job training before starting this job. On average, the delivery man earns around 34,340$ per year. 


If you do not have a degree, it does not mean you cannot earn well. Some jobs help you earn money. However, finding a low-stress job that pays well without a degree can become stressful. You just need to identify your passion and make good decisions if you want to nail your professional career. Although there are a lot of low stress jobs, we have listed down the best ones for you. However, being happy at job also depends on your work environment and job nature. 

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