Everything You Need To Know About Old YouTubers in 2024

Old YouTubers

YouTube, since its first day of launching, has changed the lives of millions of YouTubers. Where we know the famous name of Mr. Beat as one of the most famous YouTubers for now, we should also know the complete details of all those famous Old YouTubers as well.

In this short guide, I’ll share details of all the Old YouTubers, their history, their reason for being famous, and the money they make or have made over the long years. Take a look at these interesting details and find your purpose for being on this post!

Top 7 Famous Old YouTubers in The History of YouTube:

In the below details, you will learn about the top 7 famous YouTubers who were once the YouTube face by themselves.

They were known for providing excellent content, having millions of subscribers, and a fame that no one can deny. So, let’s take a break and start talking about all these YouTubers one by one.

1: Starting From Mr. Beast

In this era, who doesn’t know the name of the famous YouTuber Mr. Beast? With over 185 million YouTube Subscribers, Mr. Beast is the king of the YouTube community these days. His real name is Jimmy Donaldson.

He is an American YouTuber and an Entrepreneur. Donaldson started his first YouTube channel at the age of just 12 years old and started posting videos in early 2012.

Nowadays, Mr. Beast makes a lot of content and keeps his fans engaged all the time on YouTube and over his other Social Media channels or profiles.

2: Ever Heard About PewDiePie

If you have any interest in watching content on YouTube, you probably know about PewDiePie.

With over 110 million subscribers on his YouTube Channel, Felix Arvid started making YouTube content 7 years ago.

Old YouTubers

Nowadays, he is one of the most famous YouTubers out there. He is a great example for a lot of newbies that one could keep producing high-value content even over such a long duration of time. To keep his channel more popular, he never stopped creating new content.

In a single week, Felix uploaded two videos, which is itself a great achievement to get this bulk of content ideas. He is basically a gamer, and over all these years, this fame has come by playing several video games and creating relevant content for his fans.

So, he is considered one of the eldest famous YouTubers in YouTube history!

3. What About NigaHiga?

The second most famous name in the list of Original Old YouTubers is Niga Higa. His original name is Ryan Higa, and he is also a known YouTuber for creating funny content with his friends.

His channel has the record of getting the Status of most subscribers for over 667 days in a row. He should be in first place. But that fame is now taken by PewDiePie.

Old YouTubers

This guy started providing erratic content with his friends, and people liked their content to a great deal! He is still making content on YouTube, and now he has officially launched his own channel named HigaTV.

4: Tyler Oakley

Tyler Oakley is another known name in the history of YouTube who has made several efforts to keep his channel live.

Yes, this kid has been making YouTube videos for 7 years now. This kid started his YouTube Career by publishing Vlogs, which was a great start at that moment!

However, in this last video, he used the Title saying “See ya later.” It was the time in 2020 when he left YouTube, and since then, his fans have been waiting for him to return to the stage!

5: Know About Jenna Marbles

With a huge fame of over 10 million subscribers on YouTube, Jenna Marbles was famous because of her comedy videos.

She earned a huge fan base and is known as one of the old YouTube stars in the YouTube community.

Old YouTubers

She does have a record of gaining 2 billion views on her channel. But sad news was there when she made a decision to end her channel in February 2020.

Yet, there was no reason people could find out about this quitting. But she has a name as one of the old YouTubers in the town!

6: Casey Neistat’s YouTube Channel

Another famous name in the YouTube Legends book is the name of Casey. He used to make multiple YouTube videos over the years.

Old YouTubers

He basically started doing vlogs but has also done a variety of other videos for his fans.

With a rich fan following of over 12 million subscribers on YouTube, Casey left the channel and turned to making documentaries. The fans were proud of him.

7: Meet Rosanna Pansino

You might never hear of her. But Rosanna has been a famous YouTuber over the years. She has more than 13 million subscribers on YouTube. You won’t only know her for being a YouTuber.

Old YouTubers

But she is also a Singer, an author, and a star. An interesting fact about her is that she makes almost $6 million over the year, and she is a famous YouTuber.

She left YouTube even though she was making a lot of money through sponsorships. But there is no explanation for it!

So, these were the details of some well-known YouTubers over the years. There are more names for being famous in YouTube history. You can browse the internet and find more information about these old, famous content creators.

Final Thoughts:

Undoubtedly, YouTube has been a main source of income for many people over the years. That’s because YouTube is a platform that can change your life if you get famous or known for making content on it. Every year, one can make millions of dollars from this platform, and you have known people still leaving the platform. Lastly, I’ll be glad if this information will make a difference by any means. It’s been a great pleasure seeing you on my post. Keep visiting for the latest content!

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