Social Media Best Practices: Get More Targeted Traffic & Save 20+ Hours Monthly

Social Media Best Practices: Get More Social Media Targeted Traffic & Save 20+ Hours Monthly

Do you spend too much time marketing and sharing your blog posts on social media, still with negligible results? Are you looking for a social media strategy that will bring you more targeted traffic and even save your time?

A lot of us spent nearly 2 hours daily (considering 30 minutes on each social platform, if you focus on 4 social media networks), in want of likes, shares, retweets, and traffic back to our sites. This is nearly equal to 14 hours per week. And, most of the time you get unrelated traffic to your site thereby increase bounce rates and lowering sales and ad CPC.

If you want to drive traffic and still save time in social media marketing, we have come up with a social media plan that saves you at least 50 hours a month – that is equal to roughly 8 working days.

The Difference Between Target Marketing and Mass Marketing Is That Target Marketing Generates Better Leads

While many will argue about why you have to breakdown audience when we can share with everyone, we will say separating your target audience from the unwanted crowd is a smart move. It’s not about serving everyone or getting in front of everyone, it’s about getting in front of the right people, who can give us traffic, sales, and leads, isn’t it? Keep reading to learn how to do this effectively.

Get The Right Content, in Front of the Right Audience – A Neil Patel Strategy

If you want to get more engagement from your social media platforms, you have to share the right content to the right audience. You cannot dump everything into one place and ask your audience to respond.

The right way to get more shares and more traffic is to create content that is ideal for the platform you are sharing. This way you not only save time but also use your time effectively. So, How do you find which social network is the best fit for your blog?

It Is Important To Know the Demographics of Social Media Users in Your Target Market

You can easily deduce about which social media platform your target audience hangs out on. This way you will make sure that everything you do on social media is heard by the right people. Research is useful only when you already know where your target audience is. In case you don’t know your readers’ demographic profile, follow these steps to find it easily.

  1. Go to Adwords display planner.
  2. Type in your important keywords or the general topics you are blogging about.
  3. Now you can get a result that shows the demographics of the audience that is related to that keyword.

So, in this task (that takes no more than 30 seconds), you can find out the complete demographic profile of your audience. Now you can research page the social media site that best fits your goals.

PRO TIP: Do not focus on more than 2-3 social media networks at a time. Instead, select the best 2-3 platforms where your audience is active and focus on giving time and value to them

What To Share on Which Social Media Platform For Targeted Traffic?

Source: eVenzia Technologies

Just like one size doesn’t fit all, one type of content is also not relevant for different social media platforms. Since each social media platform has its own audience, their choice and interests vary greatly too. The advice is to create different plans for different social media platforms.

What content works on social networks?

Now that you know what to share and where to share, you can easily craft effective social media updates and either post them or schedule them for later.

How To Find Content To Share?

If you are worried and are not knowing what content to share on social media, here are some easy steps to find what works and how to use them in your sharing.

Social Crawlytics is a free tool that analyzes any given URL and finds it’s social share count. You can enter your own blog URL and then it will scan your content to give you the total shares your site has garnered over the years. You also get the option to get the social share insights of your blog posts, top authors of your blog (in terms of social shares) and even sub-domain tracking.

Now go ahead and find the popular content of your competitors. Track their popular authors and see what they share on social media. Next, you can open each article to read and then share them to social networks of your choice. You can customize the article type, date range and even similar content from the same domain using the column on the left-hand side.

Is There Any Rule For Social Media Sharing Ratio?

In social media, there are some golden rules as to what content should be shared by what ratio. These rules don’t compel others to follow them. However, research has shown that following them yields good results.

While there are many rules out there that teach you what to share, the one that was proposed by TC McCann says that whenever you post 10 updates to social media, they should be divided in the 5:3:2 ratio based on your content, other people’s content and your personal updates. Which means, 5 status update (out of the 10) should be curated content about others in your industries: This can be used to share content that is relevant and shows your authority.

Sharing other people’s content can also help you to build meaningful relationships with them. 3 Status updates about posts from your blog, your product promotion, etc. This has to be your promotion.

What you want to promote in social media?

Any of your blog posts or case studies can be a perfect fit. This is to add variety and personality to your business. Do not ignore this aspect as it is necessary to build your brand to targeted traffic over time. If you are shy of posting your pictures, share behind the scenes of your work model. You can share your quick wins and personal motivating stories or quotes.

How To Save Time By Uploading Content That Already Got Huge Engagement?

Now that you have created your awesome social media content strategy, it would make no sense to use it once and then go through the whole process again to share content.

How To Use Users To Get Automated Shares?

There goes this small but true quote “Teamwork makes the dream work”. And this is even more relevant as far as social media marketing is considered. If you could get some helping hands to share your content to their audience’s then how beneficial would it be? Mutual sharing. It means you share other people’s content (of your choice) and they in return share your blog articles.

What Are The Benefits of Mutual Sharing?

You get ready-made content to share to your audience. When other people share your content, you tap into their follower zone thus getting additional readers, more followers, etc. Others share your content, and you save time. Sometimes, your content gets shared by influencers in your niche thus skyrocketing authority and page views. Helps build relationships with other fellow bloggers.

PRO TIP: Don’t share all the posts of others at one time or do not log in to above sites every now and then to share and earn points. Instead, login for 20-30 minutes and schedule as many updates as you can to your buffer account and then enjoy the free time.

Use Automation to Some Degrees:

No matter how much you do to save time, it will always be less in front of automation strategy. Automating blog posts to get shared wherever they are published is a great time saver when it comes to getting targeted traffic. This will also alert your followers on each social media platform that there is a new post on the blog.

You can also get your posts indexed faster because social networks like Twitter are always crawled by search engines (read Google). So, with this social media marketing strategy, you can save nearly 60-70% of your time spent in social media marketing for your blog.

With some automation and some smart strategies, you can now save time and use that in expanding your blog, researching about new posts, learning affiliate marketing or competitor research.

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