SSC CGL Mock Test Guide And Tips

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The SSC CGL is one of the toughest exams in India. It has a total of 199 questions in which there are 3 sections of 100 marks each. The exam is conducted twice a year and the previous year’s paper can be accessed through the website. The exam is conducted by the Staff Selection Commission (SSC) of the Government of India. It was first introduced in the year 2000. SSC CGL Mock Test is a very good opportunity for those who are preparing for the civil service exam.

The main purpose of this exam is to test your knowledge of the subjects you have studied in class. The SSC CGL Mock Test will cover all the topics which are part of the SSC CGL Exam. It will also include questions from the previous year’s paper which will help you to prepare for the upcoming paper.

So, here we have a blog on the SSC CGL Mock Test and we will explain the details of the SSC CGL Mock Test.

What is SSC CGL?

It is one of the most prestigious examinations in the country. The SSC CGL is a national-level examination held by the Staff Selection Commission. It is conducted every year to recruit Group B and C officers to various ministries, departments, and organizations of the government of India. The examination is conducted in two stages – Group B and Group C. The first stage is the Group B examination and the second stage is the Group C examination.

A Combined Graduate Level Examination is conducted by the Staff Selection Commission every year for the recruitment of various posts. The selection process of the SSC consists of four tiers, the first being the CBT-1, the second being the Mains descriptive paper, and the third being the Skill Test. Candidates need to qualify for all four tiers in order to be selected for the job. With the help of the Testbook, aspiring candidates can prepare with confidence and accuracy. 

What is SSC CGL Mock Test?

As a matter of fact, SSC CGL Mock test is designed to prepare candidates for the real SSC CGL exam. In order to achieve this goal, the mock tests have been designed in such a way that they are based on the SSC CGL exam pattern. All the questions in the SSC CGL Mock tests are from the paper format of the actual SSC CGL exam. So, after taking SSC CGL Mock tests, candidates can easily get the score card. They can also attain their All India Ranks

You should attempt mock tests of SSC CGL to get a good understanding of the type of questions you’ll face in the real exam. The mock test series is the best way to learn about the types of questions and how to tackle the paper. This will give you an idea about how to approach the paper and what topics to study.

Why SSC CGL Mock Test is important?

The SSC CGL Mock tests are very helpful to all those candidates who are preparing for the SSC CGL. There are a number of reasons why the mock tests are helpful. One reason is that they provide you with practice and real-time experience in the actual SSC CGL exam format. Another reason is that the SSC CGL Mock tests contain all the relevant questions that appear in the actual SSC CGL exam. The mock tests also allow you to prepare in the actual SSC CGL exam environment. This means that you will learn the exam questions in a different way than you would if you just read the question paper. In addition, when you take SSC CGL Mock tests, you will have an opportunity to check how well you understand the concept, and you will be able to improve your technique.

How to prepare for SSC CGL Mock Test?

A mock test is a simulation of the real SSC CGL Exam. The Mock Test helps you to get an idea of the level of difficulty of the SSC CGL Exam. Candidates can also learn how to score well in the real SSC CGL Exam. To prepare for SSC CGL mock tests, you need to understand the different sections of the paper and the different types of questions. You should understand that the SSC CGL Paper has different sections and different types of questions. Every section has a different level of difficulty. In addition, different sections have different numbers of questions. Before you sit for SSC CGL Mock Test, it is important to know about the SSC CGL mock tests. You should know that SSC CGL Mock Tests are similar to the real SSC CGL Exam.

In order to prepare for the SSC CGL exam, we should first practice our SSC CGL mock tests. The more practice we do, the more confident we will be. It is always helpful to know that the SSC CGL exam is divided into 4 sections: General Awareness, General Intelligence, Reasoning Ability, and English Language. For the General awareness section, you will need to answer questions on the following topics: History, Science, Geography, Politics, Economics, Current Affairs, etc. General intelligence section includes things such as Numerical Aptitude, Logical Reasoning, General Principles, etc. Finally, for the reasoning ability section, General Arithmetic, English Grammar, etc. 

What are the subjects covered in SSC CGL Mock Test?

It is important to understand that the mock tests are designed to help candidates prepare for the real exam. You will need to study hard for the real exam. The mock tests are based on the exam pattern of the real exam. You will be required to solve various problems related to different sections of the paper. Each question will carry a weight of one mark. There will be one negative marking for incorrect answers. The questions will be framed with different kinds of questions and you will be required to select the right answer among the options provided.

The SSC CGL exam consists of four papers. Each paper is designed to cover a different section of the exam. These sections include General Intelligence, General English, Quantitative Aptitude, and Reasoning Ability. All four papers are designed in a similar manner, with the same question types and a similar time frame. The overall format is the same in all sections. For example, the first section (General Intelligence) is divided into two papers, which are General Intelligence Section A and General Intelligence Section B. The second section (General English) also consists of two papers, which are General English A and General English B. This means that you will have to face four papers in the SSC CGL mock test. The mock tests are used to familiarize candidates with the pattern of the SSC CGL exam.

What is the duration of the SSC CGL Mock Test?

This mock test has two sections: Section A & B. In section A, there are 35 questions. The time given to answer the questions is 3 hours. Section B contains 35 questions that are based on the SSC CGL exam pattern. The section covers various topics like General Awareness, Quantitative Ability, General Science, English, and General Hindi.

In section A, the questions asked are similar to those that you would expect to encounter in the real SSC CGL exam. Each question will ask you to give reasons and explanations for the choices you make. The difficulty level of the questions varies with the number of syllabus concepts required to answer them.

If you have been preparing for SSC CGL, then you must know the duration of the SSC CGL Mock Test. This is because the length of the test has a direct effect on the preparation period.

Is SSC CGL Mock Test a computer-based test?

SSC CGL Mock Test is an online test that helps candidates prepare for the real SSC CGL exam. There are two types of SSC CGL Mock Test available – one that is taken using a computer and another that is taken using a pencil and paper. The paper-based version is easy to follow, and it is a great idea to use it as a training tool before taking the computer-based version. The computer-based version allows you to make your choices and answer questions that are similar to the ones on the SSC CGL exam. Both versions are equally useful. The computer-based version helps you to learn the test questions that appear on the actual SSC CGL exam, while the paper-based version allows you to practice answering the questions that you may come across in the real test.


The SSC CGL Mock Test is an online test that is conducted to evaluate the preparedness of the candidates for the SSC CGL Exam. The purpose of the test is to assess the level of preparation of the candidates for the real SSC CGL Exam.

The best thing about this exam is that it is available in multiple languages. It is also a very simple exam, which means that you can easily pass it. The questions are mostly from the previous year’s syllabus, which means that you will have no trouble remembering the concepts you have learned.

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