Temporary Out Of Stock On A Website

Although it’s a running joke in the SEO world, the true response to a temporary out of stock items on e-commerce websites is “it varies depending.” When it relates to SEO and customer engagement, there are numerous situational choices that each have trade-offs.

There are frequently adaptable built-in rules for dealing with temporarily out-of-stock products in many content management solutions. There may be instances where a setup has no logic at all. In these situations, you get to set the guidelines and work with your developers to put your ideas into practice. Let’s examine the various scenarios.

How does Google handle items that are out of stock?

Google is perfectly capable of handling out-of-stock items from online shops. A different question is whether Google will still list your products in the search results when they are out of stock. Google occasionally favors retailers who have the product in stock since it gives potential customers the best experience — after all, they aren’t shopping for retailers who don’t have any stock, do they?

Naturally, this is another it varies. Your product pages may or may not rank based on the query and competition if you have a high-quality product page with information that is pertinent to searchers.

Products that are temporarily out of stock: it depends

There are several factors to consider when deciding what to do with out-of-stock items on your WooCommerce or Shopify store. It may be necessary to make changes to your online store’s product pages for items that are out of stock, for instance. Will the item be back in stock soon? A permanent sellout, perhaps? Is it unclear if or when it will come back?

It’s becoming more difficult to import goods and maintain stock levels due to the present global stock concerns. Though hopefully soon, things could become worse before they get better. When you don’t know when a new shipment will arrive, do you really need to list all those products?

Control the user experience on your product pages

Your product pages are the main channel for promoting such products when customers wish to purchase them. You should always control the user’s expectations, regardless of whether your product is accessible, on backorder, or unavailable. Excellent if you can convince them to purchase by making the procedure as simple and quick as you can. However, even if your products are momentarily out of stock, you still need to make an effort to retain the customer. Convert them to recurring clients.

By indicating when an out-of-stock product will be back in stock, you can control expectations. Offer features like “email me when the product is back in stock” to keep potential customers informed.

Additionally, you can modify your internal search engine’s and filter settings to prevent them from presenting users with the opportunity to purchase out-of-stock items. These products should be listed lower on the results pages rather than higher. On category or listing pages, you can also aesthetically design or present out-of-stock items in a distinctive way. For instance, you may overlay a banner or gray out the image. This makes it quite apparent that while you often provide the product in your store, you’re just doing so at this time.

It’s also important to keep in mind that if most or all of the products are indefinitely out of stock, those categories, tags, and the like may require some love and attention.

What happens to the product after that?

The majority of decisions you make regarding how to handle product statuses can be resolved by considering what will happen to the product next. Is it permanently out of stock? Will it come back? Is the time uncertain? Even if your product doesn’t seem to be returning anytime soon, does the content still have value? You may take the proper action for Shopify SEO and e-commerce SEO by responding to these.

The item is out of stock, but a new version will be available soon

You must determine if a suitable substitute is available when the product is sold out and there is no opportunity of a return. It’s possible that the product’s producer released a slightly revised version with a new barcode.

The product is temporarily out of stock but will be available soon

A product that is momentarily unavailable should continue to function normally, but you should control the user experience. You want to keep people coming to your shop and purchasing your goods.

Naturally, it’s challenging to compete with retailers who actually have the goods in stock, but it’s still difficult. You want to let your consumer know when they may expect it if there are widespread stock shortages like the one we currently have. Give them a method to stay updated! Or display additional items that customers have purchased after looking for this particular item.

The importance of product-structured data

The importance of Schema organized data in the modern day has been repeatedly stressed. That might be even more crucial for e-commerce websites. You can speak effectively with search engines to explain your products in depth using product Schema, including different availability statuses.

Updating the structured data is crucial for maintaining stock availability. If you want to inform Google and other search engines about the state of a product, please use the numerous product Schema choices. By adding ItemAvailability, you have a variety of ways to indicate the availability of your product.


In order to prevent your SEO from suffering, we’ve gone into further detail on how to deal with out-of-stock products in this piece. However, a lot of the choices you have depend on your unique circumstances, your objectives, and the positioning of your product pages right now. Of course, the actual products also play a role. It’s irritating because there are multiple issues here that have no single remedy.

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