The role of video marketing in business development

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The technological revolution of our era is directly related (correlated) with the rapid and dynamic development of business, which in turn increases market competition and necessitates marketing modification. Powerful marketing strategy and innovative views lead to delivering the right messages to the public and simplifying their choice, while consumers/customers have diverse options.

Technological advancement also reflected marketing and the emergence of new trends in this field, one of them is video marketing, characterized by outstanding efficiency.

About Video Marketing

Receiving any data from a video is easy and pleasant even when you are tired. People these days are lazy or too busy to read, so they need another source of information. Video marketing uses exactly videos to communicate with potential buyers. It increases curiosity about your brand and promotes your product/service. There are many types of video marketing: spot, explainer, product demonstration, company culture video, behind-the-scenes video, customer testimonial video, employee portrait video, web series, etc.

You may think that video is one-sided communication, but this opinion is a huge mistake. People give you feedback with comments, likes, and shares, so you always know what they think, need, or like/dislike.

Video marketing does not affect only the image of a company, partnerships, and sales. An organization uses it to boost statistics of website visitors, social media engagement, and even email registrations. Besides all this, you can educate your target audience within corporate social responsibility and increase brand awareness.

Strengths of Video Marketing

People love videos: Did you know that videos are a customers’ favorite content on the internet? In social media, this content has the highest engagement. In 2019, Limelight found out that users spent six hours and 48 minutes a week watching videos and predicted that in 2020 this number would increase by 100 minutes, so last year, the average time became seven hours and 48 minutes.

People believe: 90% of customers say video helps them make a buying decision. An article on Hubspot claims that people are more likely to open emails that contain a video.

High ROI: Animoto found out in its research (2018) 88% of video marketers are satisfied with the ROI of their video marketing efforts on social media.

Thought leaders recommend it: The research (2019) of Wyzowl showed that even until 2019 year 87% of Marketing Professionals were using videos. In the exploration published in 2019, Optinmonster noted that 93% of marketers say they found new customers thanks to video content. 

Successful Video Marketing Campaign Through YouTube

Successful video marketing does not exist without catchy and high-quality content. Videos that make people laugh, cry, feel nostalgic, or happy are worth watching. When an inspirational video is ready, you have to choose a platform.

The statistics confirm that YouTube is the most well-known platform for video sharing. In 2020, 88% of decision-makers used YouTube for marketing aims. Second place has Facebook, with 76%. Also, 66% of professionals used video marketing on LinkedIn. As most marketers, we recommend YouTube. When you enter this world, you need subscribers who regularly follow any new information from you.

There are a lot of ways to for making your YouTube marketing successful:

·        You can make a visually consistent channel with your company and use creative thumbnails, your brand font, and color, exquisite design elements;

·        You can invite people to your channel by asking for subscriptions in your videos;

·        Engage with viewers by responding to comments, Ask viewers what kind of content they want to watch or what topics they suggest;

·        Boosting your channel with a YouTube ad is also a smart decision because you have warranties that your video will reach more attention.

·        If you still ask yourself how to increase youtube subscribers, you should check for companies that sell 100% active subscribers.


If in the past a banner ad or a marketing article published in the press was enough to draw attention to the desired segment, today – in the face of changing consumer behavior – old forms of marketing reduce or prolong the likelihood of getting the desired result. Specifics of social media (YouTube, Tik-Tok, Facebook) increases the role of video day by day, so this kind of content is not just a part of the whole marketing strategy. Since you realize the power of video, you need a separate video marketing strategy, like the essential tool to achieve your goals. Never forget, “If a picture is worth thousands of words, a video is a library.” (Srinivas Narayanan, The director of ML/AI, Facebook).

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