Top 10 high-paying jobs after English Honours

Whether you are still in the university or you have finished, you may be wondering what careers you can join after your coursework. Getting English honors will set you on a career in different careers in different sectors where writing and communication are important. 

By understanding the career options for English graduates, it’s possible to choose one that is best suited for you. So, which are the high-paying jobs that require English honors? Let’s find out in this article.

10 highest paying careers after English honors

After English honours, what can I do? If this is your question, consider one of these careers.

Brand Strategist

Average Annual salary:$120,948

As a brand strategist, you will be required to understand the products of a company, carry out market research and develop a strategy to reach customers. It is the role of the brand strategist to use a tone that resonates with the image of the company.

An English Hons degree will help you in this role as you will be using your storytelling skills to help organizations share their story with their target audience.

Grant writer

Average Annual salary:$85,437

Your English honors will come in handy in your career as a grant writer. Your role will be to create compelling documents to compel donors to give material support. You will also carry out  other responsibilities such as:

  • Gathering the necessary documents
  • Researching the sources of funding
  • Editing stakeholders submissions


Average salary:$82,646

 As a consultant, you will be working in a wide range of industries, such as technology, public relations, and others. Your role will be to give advice to an organization with the aim of helping it achieve its goals. You will analyze and provide options and recommendations to the decision-makers of the company to help prevent problems and improve performance.

When working as a consultant, your written and verbal English will come in handy when delivering recommendations to the company. You can also use these skills to teach and mentor the employees of the organization.

Technical writer

Average Annual Salary:$69,431

One of the career options after BA English Honours is to work as a Technical writer. The role of this writer is to create instructional materials, how-to guides, and other technical materials that make it easier for users to understand manuals. This job requires good English grammar language as well as analytical skills, as you will need to simplify technical jargon into relatable text.

Some universities have the option of specializing in technical writing to prepare students for the role. This can come in handy in enhancing your research skills, analytical skills, and the ability to structure information logically.

Public Relations Manager

Average annual salary:$65,888

As a public relations manager, your role will be to communicate the value proposition of the company to the world. You will also be required to protect the image of the company. You will, therefore, need to organize media coverage for the company while ensuring that all company communications are in line with the company’s image.

When you get the job after BA English, you will use your written English to create text that will give the company a positive image. It will also help you to translate complex information into simple language that the public can understand.


Average Annual Salary:$61950-$80560

The role of a copywriter is to write content that drives customer behavior and helps to promote the products or services of a company. In this job, you may be required to write sales copy, social media posts, website copy, and more. The goal is to convince the reader to take a buying action.

 To succeed in this role, you should consider the brand’s voice and the desires and needs of the target customer. Having English honors will help as you will be able to understand story structure, rhetoric, and character development and, therefore, create engaging content. With a good command of the English language, you can write killer short-form copies.


Average Annual Salary: $61,190

If you are a lover of books and you have an English honor, you should consider working as a Librarian. This role will require you to find, store, and organize books and other reading materials. You may also be required to assist your clients with their research materials. While you may require additional coursework and skills to work as a Librarian, your BA honors can still come in handy.


Average Annual Salary:$55,457

There are lots of materials that need editing, such as newspapers, magazines, and books. The role of an editor is to ensure that the articles written by writers, journalists, and other content creators are free of errors. The editor may also be responsible for choosing content that they think is worth publishing. This is a great career in English honors.

Social Media manager

Average annual; salary:$51,427

Many companies are now using social media platforms to market their products and attract new customers. With English honors, you will be able to craft compelling social media posts that leave a good image of the company. It can also help you to refine the voice and tone of the posts.


Average Annual Salary:$49,110

Having English honors and a minor in another language may also set you up for a career as an interpreter. However, the career will also require attention to detail and interpersonal skills. While an interpreter works with the spoken language, a translator works with the written words.


With a BSC English honors, there are lots of career options that you can take. Remember that your career path will also depend on your soft skills. For instance, if you are outspoken, you may want to consider a career as an interpreter. But if you are reserved, you should choose a career as a writer or editor.

All in all, with so many career options in English, you will never be short of options. If you are unsure of which career to go for with a BSc English honors, you should consider one of the above options.

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