Understanding the YouTube Shorts Monetization Requirements in 2024

Youtube shorts have become very popular in 2024. Since the social media site wants to compete with TikTok and Facebook reels, it is now giving prominence to short videos. Besides, creators can easily attract millions of viewers with their short videos.

This often leads to several questions, such as:

  • What are the YouTube shorts monetization rules in 2024?
  • How can I monetize YouTube shorts without 1000 subscribers?
  • How do I apply for YouTube short funds?
  • What are the YouTube short monetization countries?

This article will provide detailed answers to these questions and more.

 Can YouTube Shorts be Monetized?

The outright answer is yes. As of 2024, YouTube has opened doors for creators to monetize their YouTube short videos. Therefore, if you have YouTube short videos receiving a lot of views, you can make money from them. However, the YouTube shorts monetization requirements are more stringent than those for longer videos.

It’s also important to note that YouTube has a  new short video monetization method. This combines YouTube ads for shorts and Super Thanks, which replaced the YouTube shorts monetization fund.

What are the YouTube Shorts monetization Rules?

The first step towards earning money with YouTube is to ensure you comply with the platform’s monetization rules. The guidelines cover areas such as:

  • Community Guidelines
  • Terms of service
  • Copyright guidelines on the use of videos and music
  • Reused content guidelines.

On top of the above, YouTube put several rules in place for creators. These are:

  • Watch page monetization module. This enables creators to profit from ads in their live videos, live streams, and premium YouTube content.
  • Commercial products module. This deals with monetizing extra fan funding features like  Super stickers and Super Thanks.
  • Shorts monetization models. This is what we will focus on in this article. It’s a method of making money from YouTube shorts. The revenue from the monetization of shorts is known as the creator pool. This is usually distributed to creators depending on their metrics.

What Are The YouTube Shorts Monetization Requirements In 2024?

Now that you understand the rules, what are the YouTube shorts monetization requirements in 2024? These are:

  • A minimum of 500 subscribers for YouTube short monetization.
  • A minimum of 3000 watch hours in the last 12 months or 3 million views for shorts in the last 90 days.
  • Have published three public videos in the last 90 days.

Remember that the threshold of 3000 hours doesn’t consider the short video views but only the long-form video views.

How to Grow Your YouTube video viewership

As you can see above, it can be hard to achieve these numbers if you are just starting on YouTube. Fortunately, it’s possible with a good YouTube content strategy. Here are tips that you can use to grow your viewership and even the number of subscribers. These are:

Implement Youtube cards

 YouTube cards are the internal links in blogging. Simply put, they encourage your viewers to watch your other videos related to what they are watching.

Create an interesting title.

 The title is the hook that attracts people to your videos. It provides them with the first impression of your videos. A good video title should tell what the video is about in one line. Give people a reason to click on the video without using clickbait. Here are tips on writing a YouTube title:

  • Keep the characters between 55 and 70
  • Use listicles or how to format as these draw the viewer’s interest
  • Use your main keywords in the title

Understand Youtube Seo

Nowadays, videos appear on Google search results. If your video ranks on the first page of Google, it will drive traffic to your site.  Basically, YouTube SEO strategies begin with YouTube keyword research

Do YouTube keyword research.

You need to find the words people use to find videos on your niche. You should then answer these queries in your videos. Include keywords in the YouTube title, description, and tags for YouTube SEO.

Use a good thumbnail.

Just like the title, a thumbnail goes a long way in encouraging people to watch your videos. If you use a crummy thumbnail that doesn’t match your titles, it will be hard for people to watch your videos. A good thumbnail should be catchy, informative, and relevant. You can use Canvas to make interesting thumbnails.

Engage with your audience.

As with other social media sites, the higher the engagement level on your videos, the easier it will be for you to get more traffic. In most cases, YouTube will recommend videos with a higher engagement rate. So, when viewers comment on your videos, take the time to respond to them.

Run giveaways

You can encourage people to subscribe to your channel in return for giveaways. Also, encourage them to like, comment, and share your videos. This will help increase your YouTube viewership and subscription in a short time.

 If you are uploading high-quality content, some viewers will stick around. Make sure that the giveaways align with the video’s overall theme so that you appear as authentic. Using the right music will also help you appear more authentic.

Allow embedding

One of the ways that people share videos is through embedding. You should make it easy for them to do that. Embedding means viewers can copy a short video code onto their website. To enable embedding, you should use YouTube Studio and click on Content. Click on edit on the video you want to allow embedding. Turn on the embedding button. 

When Will My YouTube Videos Be Monetized?

After you have met all the requirements, you will still need to apply to the YouTube partner program. After application, there is no definite period when YouTube will begin monetizing your videos. Generally, it takes 2 to 3 weeks for the monetization to start.

Have YouTube shorts monetized.

Final Thoughts

Creating YouTube videos takes a lot of time and effort. Knowing the social media site will reward you for your efforts can feel good. You can quickly start earning from your videos by understanding the YouTube monetization rules and requirements.  By following the above steps, monetizing your YouTube short videos is possible.

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