What Does A Good Link Look Like?

what does a good link look like?

There have been changes to links over time. Apparently, all links are blue and underlined. Quite awful, must say. There is a noticeable improvement over before. The buttons come in a wide variety of colors, have attractive click effects, and some even show a glimpse of the desired page. According to studies, blue underlined links remain more effective than other colors. The purpose of this article is to give you an overview of what does a good link look like, how to turn it into a “link bait” and how it works.

If you want people to click on your links, then you need to make them stand out. Here are some example on how to do that:

Nothing works better to attract a reader to click on a link than to make it appear to be one.  You can create what seems like a hyperlink by underlining your text and changing the color of your text. Although all of the content pages are different, this hyperlink essentially looks blue. They would be orange for the side option, gray for the navigation bar, and black for the side navigation. Remember not to insert links on your keywords.

A link that looks like an ad is a type of leading link. It’s also found as clickable because it lures people into clicking on the link by making it look like it leads to something interesting or useful. But when you will run ad link it would be gray in color or blue. But most importantly people are creating a link in blue. It looks like more significant than others.

Link text that is underlined, bold or italicized. If you check Amazon site you can visualise many linking criteria but in one color. But the link should be recognisable without having to point on them, equipped with an appropriate anchor text, no “here” or “click here”, and it is easily distinguishable from ads. Otherwise, Text that is blue when viewed on a white background will be appear sometimes.

We have complied four steps to build a good and effective link for a website. These include:

Page Strength

Page Strength, also known as Page Authority, is an essential link-building metric to consider. This statistic measures the strength of a single page rather than the overall strength of a domain. Page Authority is computed using a number from 1 to 100, with 100 being the highest score that a page may earn, similar to Moz’s Domain Authority. 

When considering linking to a site, it’s important to consider how many links lead away from it. Any link you can secure on a website with a high domain authority. Few connections pointing away from it can be more useful to you because fewer websites will be sharing the link’s equity.

Any website you consider attempting to link to must have some connection to the website you are trying to link back to in order for link building to be successful. Because websites with comparable content frequently link to one another, a good link is one that appears naturally. Majestic’s Topical Trust Flow is an excellent tool for looking at this.

Social Strength

Google’s Matt Cutts claims that social signals do not now affect ranks, although numerous case studies have demonstrated that they do affect SEO. Leading SEOs have long denied that social capital does have an impact on rankings. Although public views on the matter claim that this is merely a correlation and not a cause, it is nevertheless important to keep in mind.


In order to improve the quality of links built, you should follow these five important link building indicators. Additional metrics can certainly be monitored, but by adhering to those mentioned above, your link building activities are probably future-proof.

Undoubtedly, link building has grown more challenging to grasp, but it is also, in my opinion, plainly apparent that link building is no longer a method of deceiving search engines.

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