Worst Jobs For Introverts – Top 10 Worst Choices

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What are the worst jobs for introverts? Introversion has a whole lot to do with the energy and less about how quiet or loud a person is. There are many wrong stereotypes about introverts and their behavior. To put it simply an introvert is more focused on their own thoughts and feelings rather than external stimulations. And most importantly, the cause of a burnout is spending time around crowds while extroverts, on the other hand, get energized from hanging around people.

Given the nature of introversion, introverted people often find job hunting an impossible task. Even selecting the right job can be a hassle. And to be honest? In today’s day and age when everything is moving digital they don’t have to make themselves uncomfortable by trying to take on being a salesperson, for instance.

Becoming A Salesperson

This job being the first on the list makes sense to everyone who has seen the description and personal characteristics needed to land this job. Talking to people, meeting people, being around people, maintaining great communication, keeping in touch. Sounds like hell to introverts. It’s honestly better to do some back end job if your goal is to make it to the marketing industry.

Call Center Operator

Very similar to what we just described. While you are not meeting your clients in person, you do have to hang around people pretty much through your entire shift. Have you seen a call center that doesn’t look like complete chaos with at least dozens of people talking at once? For hours! Definitely not something an introvert would want to deal with.


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If you have been at the hospital at least once in your life you’d know nurses are on the front line at all times. They have to take care of the patients, the number of which only seems to grow. Especially in big hospitals. The shifts are also inhumanly long and tiring. A self-respecting introvert would never put themselves in that situation. If you are hell bent on being one though, or if that’s literally your major, then try to land a job at a relatively chill place. Like a privately owned clinic, for instance.

Flight Attendant

The horror of your job being having to walk in between the rows of people all day, asking them questions and fixing their problems. This can be hard even for non-introverts, especially those with social anxiety. And have we mentioned how introverts are more prone to anxiety? Yeah. Plus you have to look presentable and keep a smile on your face all the time. 

Wedding Planner

Or a funeral planner for all we know. Everything that demands “excellent communication skills and the ability to work under pressure”. Wedding planners have to make dozens of calls to many different people, keep everybody in check and make sure everything is as it should be till the very end of the after-party. Can you imagine doing all that without constantly talking to people and being around them? Exactly.

Reception Worker

Could be a job in a company or at a hotel or a restaurant. Doesn’t matter. It’s literally in the title: your job is to receive people. Just think about the hard time you have when you have to meet new people. Then multiply that by at least ten. That’s what you will have to be doing for the entirety of your working hours at the reception desk. Not hard to understand, you need to sit this one out.


Introverts would know. Most of them don’t even like having to talk to the HR on the phone. Well, again: human resources demands you to work with.. Humans. And that includes a bunch of people at the company, whether it’s staff or clients. You need to keep everything smooth and proper by communicating and making sure people are doing their job right. HR also doesn’t have the luxury of missing company events.

Retail Worker

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Here’s a thing. If you want to work in the retail industry, you can. You can absolutely work in the back in a supply chain for instance. However, if you are considering the position of a consultant or a manager, you should probably reconsider. While you can keep to yourself as a consultant, you still have to be around people all the time. 

As for the managers, they can’t even do that. Whether you want it or not you have to keep watch over the staff members, the store, client when needed and perhaps other managers too. And you also have to respond to suppliers and store owners. Managerial position in any industry is generally a bad job choice for an introverted person.


Similar to working in retail, being a server at a restaurant, bar or a cafe demands being around people the entire working day. And unlike consultants, servers can’t keep to themselves as their job is to attend to customers. Introverts know. Just communicating with people doesn’t cause burn out. It’s about energy. Simply being around crowds is enough. And food establishments are the places bursting with crowds at all times in pretty much any situation. Oh and on top of that, working hours can be pretty long as this is not your typical five to nine job.

Most servers don’t make that much from their fixed wages. It’s mostly the tips. And you kind of have to be that one always polite, pleasant server with a constant smile on their face to get decent tips. Very hard when all you want to do is go home and recharge.


Everything we said about servers applies to bartender jobs as well. You know the concept of a bartender being best friends with everybody? Not happening once your social battery runs out. Which happens rather quickly when you are an introvert.


With that said.. Don’t be dejected and feel like “at this point I can’t work anywhere”. Fortunately everything is moving towards digital and even if that didn’t happen (which is very unlikely) there are plenty of jobs that introverts can enjoy. We will go through them later so stay tuned!

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