10 Best Paying Jobs In Real Estate Investment Trusts

Best Paying Jobs In Real Estate Investment Trusts

What are the best paying jobs in real estate investment trusts? Real estate investment trusts (REIT) are organizations that permit people to make investments in large-scale real estate. The REIT companies do not build properties for the purpose of reselling. These companies purchase the properties with the aim of operating them as a part of their portfolio. There are various job profiles that help you in learning about the property that is for sale, the economic factors, act as a mediator,, and tell the market rate of the property reason for the growth in the companies is the boom in the real estate industry. The count of people is escalating the REIT, hence a way towards job opportunities.

If you are hunting for a job in real estate, the best place to initiate the work is the REIT industry. There are numerous jobs that are available in this profile that are project developer, property manager, and real estate, investor. You just need the right skills, you can select this career. In this article, we will tell you about the working of the real estate investment trust working, and the best-paying jobs in the sector. So without wasting time, let’s start and read till the end to get complete knowledge.

Working of the Real Estate Investment Trusts

A real estate investment trust’s primary source of income is from the management and the ownership of the real estate. These companies invest in properties that generate the utmost income.  The properties may be commercial, that is hotels, resorts, malls, warehouses, and offices. 

In addition to this, REIT can have amalgamation with one or multiple sectors. These organizations purchase and hold retail and commercial properties, the companies allow other people to invest in the properties. There is unstoppable growth in this sector. 

Best-Paying Jobs in Real Estate Investment Trusts

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This industry requires investment opportunities for the people as this is an expanding sector and hence needs a lot of manpower to handle customers. These are the 5 best-paying jobs in real estate investment trusts.

#1 Real Estate Agent

You might be aware of the real estate agent and must have come in contact if you bought a house, office, or rented a flat. The job of the real estate agent is to help people in buying a house or in selling any property. 

It is hard to find direct clients and the desired amount, the agents assist you in looking for the purchaser that connects you with the customers. There are some agents that deal only in residential spaces and some for commercial properties that depend on the real estate agent.

In residential spaces also categorize property according to to location and size, whereas in commercial they segregate as shopping malls, hotels, office spaces, warehouses, and restaurants.

#2 Real Estate Broker

Real estate brokers work well at negotiating the price of the properties. You can earn an ample amount working on this profile. They are the bigger version of real estate agents. The brokers find the property and help in connecting the buyer and seller with each other and charge a commission from both the parties. 

There is a difference between the real estate broker and the agent and that is the broker is having a license and also cleared a qualification test. They have specialized knowledge. Some real estate brokers hire agents under them for working and give them a salary of a share of the profit if they fix a deal. 

#3 Real Estate Investors

Real estate investors buy a land or a property, add some values or re-build that property at a higher price. This is certainly a best-paying job in real estate investment trusts. The prime reason why everybody cannot be a real estate investor is that you need a lot of finances, for that you can build a group who purchase the land together and then sell that off and distribute the profit according to the share of the purchase. 

The work of the real estate investor is simple but it is time-consuming. You devote a lot of time while constructing a building and waiting for the seller. If you are a lucky soul then you may find a good customer at the time of construction only. To become a good real estate investor you need certain skills that are a complete research about the area before buying the property, risk-taker, keen learner, and being financially stable. 

#4 Acquisition

The work of an acquisition is to source investment in new projects and close the deal. To initiate working as an acquisition you must be aware that it requires a calculation so you must be good at numbers. 

A degree or an experience in the capital market, finance, marketing, and business is required. As a professional acquisition, you can earn easily $20000. This is the top most level salary at the beginning you might get only $80000 but the salary increases with the experience and working skills.

#5 Development

The work of the development is not a desk job. You are in charge of entirely new building construction and project management. Also, you have to be on-site most of the time as you have to deal with contractors, sub-contractors, and interior designers. 

What’s more, you have to deal with everything from starting till the project gets completed. Depending on the REIT, this is one of the best paying jobs of REIT as you can earn around a salary of six figures. This work requires physical strength but has a very bright future. If you get an option to work, then grab the opportunity without a second thought.

#6 Relations Consultant

Many people wait to get an opportunity to work as a relations consultant due to the best paying job of the real estate investment trustees. This is a desk job where you have to deal with the investor and convince them of the project. 

Before contacting them, you have to find an opportunity that you think can make money for you. The basic work is to make good relations with stockholders and dealers. You have to make investment reports and set up the teams for meetings and workshops.

#7 Real Estate Attorney Jobs

A real estate attorney helps in settling the disputed properties. The dispute may be regarding a transfer of property ownership, all are sorted with their help. A major role is played by attorneys in REIT. They are the mediator between the buyer and the seller who sorts all the clashes. 

An attorney makes sure that both parties follow the guidelines so that the chances of dispute decrease. The annual salary of an attorney is approximate $118000-$125000. So as per salary, this is one of the best paying jobs for real estate investment trustees.

#8 Analyst

The analyst assists the real estate and finance team in the acquisition, marketing, and financing of the property. The work of the analyst is crucial as they have to analyze the market. They also monitor the real estate market. They help the investor to take a wise decision after doing complete research. 

To become an analyst you require certain qualifications so plan earlier and do a course that can make you a real estate investment trustees analyst. This is one of the best-paying real estate investment trustees. In this work profile, you can earn up to $125000 per annum.

#9 Asset Management

Asset management looks after the operation and the financial portfolio of assets. The guidance to asset management is given by the vice-president or the president of the company. Under the guidelines of the real estate investment trustees, they work with the finance department, development, acquisitions, and accounting department. 

You have to work from the lower post but with experience, you can become vice-president of asset management. For that, you need 10 years of experience and a bachelor’s degree, and you can earn $250000 for a year. 

#10 Real Estate Property Appraiser

The person who comes to work as a real estate property appraiser should be well-trained and have complete knowledge about the locations and the property rates. The property can be residential or commercial. Considering the economic factors the person has to see the value of the property. 

To work as a real estate property appraiser, a licence is mandatory and one must have the required education or course. An appraiser earns approximately $60000 per year from a company and if you can work with more companies then you can earn a good amount or find a company that pays you higher. 

Bottom Line

The way the population and the nuclear families are escalating, the real estate industry can never go down, it will follow an upward trend. There will be people looking to buy houses and office spaces. So, there will be growth in the sector and the employees. 

Working in this industry will provide you with a lot of knowledge about the market and will also let you know the prices of properties. I have provided you with the 10 best-paying jobs in real estate investment trustees. Consider the requirements and salary and find the best one for you. 

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