Facebook Marketing For Insurance Agents

Facebook Marketing For Insurance Agents

Facebook continues to be one of the most dependable channels for marketing, despite the fact that TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram are hugely powerful actors in the social media field. Every month, 2.89 billion users constantly use this social network, and many of them fit important demographics for a range of insurance products. Facebook marketing for insurance agents can be a useful strategy for attracting new clients and increasing sales. ‌‌

How Facebook marketing for Insurance Agents Increase Your Reach?

Facebook has a large user base, and as an insurance agent, the framework can undoubtedly assist you in expanding your reach with highly efficient ads. The percentage of Facebook users who use the web to search and buy insurance is about 28% for millennials and 29% for baby boomers.

According to market research, adults between the ages of 18 and 44 make up the majority of Facebook users (71.9 percent). This market is made up of drivers, tenants, and homeowners who might be looking for better, more cost-effective insurance options from your company.

Men between the ages of 25 and 34 make up around 19% of Facebook users, although women click on advertising on the social media platform more frequently than men do. Facebook users typically click on 12 advertisements per month. When these users conduct online searches for possibilities, your agency’s Facebook Ads can come up as the top result if any of them are looking for affordable healthcare insurance.

Facebook Marketing Fundamentals

Not everyone who visits Facebook every day does so to view advertisements. Another common activity is watching videos without the sound while liking and sharing posts, chatting with friends in groups and on personal timelines.

People use the website to conduct research on and communicate with businesses. Facebook Ads allow you to increase this reach because your posts are visible to users who aren’t trying to follow you, even if you could already be utilizing Facebook to share material with your present clients. Although the advertisements are labeled as “sponsored,” they appear to be regular postings on a user’s timeline.

Various Campaign Types

It takes more than just writing a post and picking a target demographic to run effective Facebook ads for insurance agents. Based on your goals and ambitions, you can produce a variety of adverts.

Producing leads

The goal of a campaign is frequently to produce new leads. You can design Facebook lead advertising that is focused on people who are unfamiliar with you and provide a strong incentive for them to visit your website.

To pique their interest and prompt a click copy that effectively communicates what you do and entices readers to choose to know more should be included in your lead-generating advertisement. You can send users to a landing page where they can join up for further data when they view your advertisement.

Maintain contact with your generating ideas once you’ve acquired them. Segment your email list based on whatever ad someone selected to make you aware of how they found you and what they would be keen to know more about.

Raising sales

Selling additional insurance could be another objective for your Facebook advertisements. You want to generate conversions and produce sales, just like you want to convert untargeted internet surfers into potential leads. There’s a good chance that people are well aware of your well-known brand. By using Facebook Ads, you may provide more information about your goods and services to both potential and current clients.

Enhancing interactions with clients

Another of the best marketing strategies for developing customer relationships is social networking. If your goal is to attract more customers to your group, make adverts that highlight the benefits of signing up for it.

8 suggestions for insurance agents using Facebook advertisements:

Photo by Oberon Copeland @veryinformed.com

Using these guidelines and best practices, you may increase the effectiveness of your Facebook ads for insurance agents.  

1. Conduct some competitive research

See what kinds of advertisements your rivals are putting by scrolling through your own Facebook account. Search for sponsored posts if you don’t notice any advertisements in your news feed. Additionally, have a peek at the postings that receive the most interaction on the pages of other insurance agents. It will certainly vary from page to page, but competitive research can inspire you to come up with concepts for your own adverts.

2. Carefully choose your target market

Your adverts can be targeted in a variety of ways. Choose the finest bespoke features based on your objectives. Start by choosing your target according to location if you want to attract clients to your neighborhood. Start to focus on various hobbies, such as new parents or small company owners, to attract people you don’t know.

3. Make use of superior photos

People won’t click on an advertisement if the image is hazy. If they cannot determine what an advertisement is selling, they will also not click on it. The images you select will have an impact on some of your ads’ success. Select images that are pertinent to your insurance offerings.

4. Run a few tests

With Facebook Ads, you can choose your own cost, so start out modest and test a couple. Make a $5 ad for each of two comparable advertisements with somewhat different messages. Compare the outcomes to determine which is the most effective.

5. Add Instagram to the mix

Instagram is owned by Facebook, therefore you can manage your Instagram advertising using Facebook Ads Manager.  Facebook and Instagram are available as placement options. To test how they resonate with various audiences, try running some of your advertising on both platforms.

7. Take branding seriously

Unmistakable logos, fonts, and colors are probably used to brand your website and business cards. Not just your personal brand, the real estate branding is a real deal here. Your Facebook ads ought to incorporate these branding components. Maintain it in the same color family as your website and other printed products if you’re overlaying text over an image with color blocks.

8. Provide a call to action.

Your call to action should be crafted with the help of the goals you set for one of your Facebook ads. “Call us today and find out how we can help” can be the call to action if your objective is to get users to connect with you. Make a call to action encouraging individuals to subscribe to your email list and offer a link to your sign-up form in order to attract new leads.

9. Apply analytics.

Analytics are useful for comparing various marketplaces and messaging. Additionally, you can use them to maintain your Facebook Ads development. You may design and target advertising for a larger campaign by creating small test ads. However, you may also utilize them after your campaigns are over to gauge their success.

Final thoughts

If you’re prepared to launch Facebook marketing for insurance agents, begin by outlining your objectives. List the marketing activities you now carry out for your business, then consider how Facebook Ads might fit in. You can better define your objectives as a result.

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