How Many Jobs Are Available In Finance Consumer Services?

How Many Jobs Are Available In Finance Consumer Services?

How Many Jobs Are Available In Finance Consumer Services? Finance consumer service is one of the fastest-growing fields. This field provides you with opportunities that help you build skills that are helpful in other industries as well. These financial services are a subset of wide financial services which are provided to customers every day.

Plenty of high paying jobs are available in the field. Since people are always needed in this field. This shows that a lot of opportunities are available for people who want to work in this field. Finance consumer services enable you to work as a credit analyst, financial consultant, or advisor. Many businesses manage their expenses by using finance consumer services. If you have experience in this field and know how financial institutions work, you can make a good career for yourself. We have listed down the best options for you:


An accountant maintains records of the financial transactions of a company and also provides feedback on the company’s operations. An accountant ensures that the book of accounts of the company is accurate and also makes the financial statements of the company. As a finance consumer, you can provide services as an accountant. It is one of the highest-paid professions in the world. Accountants are at the top of the hierarchy since they manage day to day accounting of the business. On average accountants earn an annual income of $52,471.

Personal Finance advisor

Personal finance advisors provide services to various businesses and individuals. The basic duty of a personal financial advisor is to help his clients in handling their taxes, investments, and other financial life aspects. Furthermore, they also advise their clients on both short-term and long-term investment opportunities. Personal finance advisor is one of the highest paying jobs, with an average pay of $74,895. 

Finance Manager

The overall financial health of an organization is monitored by the finance managers. They also supervise various operations of an organization these include checking whether the business is profitable or not, tracking cashflows of the business, managing business spending, and creating correct financial information. Work done by a financial auditor, financial controller, or financial analyst is similar to the work done by a financial manager. Financial managers earn an average annual salary of $74,659. One of the highest paying jobs in the field. 

Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

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The chief financial officer supervises all the operations of a company and takes part in major financial decisions of the company. The primary work of a CFO includes making cost-related decisions, overseeing analysts, and managing the financial terms. Reaching the position of CFO requires years of experience and hard work. However, once you reach this position you are able to make a good living for yourself. CFOs on average earn a salary of around $139,452. 

Compliance Analysts

A compliance analyst works by contributing to and maintaining the security design process. To ensure that the compliant system is well maintained. They ensure that the business follows rules so that they are ready for audits. Furthermore, they also check that the company complies with the standards set forward by governing agencies. On average compliance, analysts earn $77,456 per year. 

Bank Teller

Bank tellers work for credit unions and banks and help customers in managing their financial transactions. As a bank teller, you can earn an average salary of 36,120 dollars per year.

Private Equity Associate

Private equity associate locates possible investors by working in investment banking. This type of company executive assists with the investments. And also ensures that due diligence is carried out against the existing clients of the investment banks. They provide services from the start to the end through a contract process. On average private equity, associates earn a yearly wage of $97,432. 

Investment Banker

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Investment bankers manage the portfolios of the government organizations and companies that have made investments in various enterprises. They guide through the process of capital building and making an investment which helps the company in reaching its goals of making more money. Investment bankers on average earn an annual salary of $61,929. 

Hedge Fund Manager

The duties of a hedge fund manager are analogous to the duties of an investment banker. When employed at hedge funds, the primary goal of the hedge fund manager is monitoring the investment accounts. They also track liquidity just like investment and help investors in managing their investments. For the hedge fund manager, there’s always a high remuneration rate. The hedge fund manager is one of the highest-paid jobs as, on average, hedge fund managers earn 145,768 dollars every year.  

Compliance Officer

The compliance officer ensures that the organization complies with external regulatory standards as well as the internal regulations established by the company. It is the responsibility of the compliance officer to monitor the employer to make sure they follow the policies set by the company. It also allows you to move up in your career as you can get a promotion as a chief compliance officer. Compliance officers generally earn an annual salary of 121,698 dollars every year. 

Finance Software Engineer

A finance software engineer helps in creating, modifying, and maintaining the software applications of banks and financial industries. They also develop software by collaborating with a wide range of businesses. This software is for debit and credit card processing and financial education.   They can provide services to large companies as well as to smaller companies as well. As the highest-paid job, the annual salary of a financial software engineer is 106,345 dollars. 

Insurance Advisors

Insurance advisors ensure that the customer meets their long- and short-term insurance needs. They advise clients regarding their insurance needs.  Insurance can be done for home, business, and other investments. Insurance advisors earn an average salary of $67,263 per year. 

The Work Environment

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Finance costumer service is a booming industry that provides numerous well-paid jobs. These jobs not only provide various benefits such as competitive salary or flexible working hours, but it also provides good career opportunities. These jobs have a healthy company culture. Good growth opportunity is available in finance consumer services. The growth of average salary in finance consumer services will be at 7% over the next 5 years.

The growth is most expected in jobs such as credit analyst, manager information services, and financial analyst. High salary potential is one of the main reasons why people chose finance consumer service. It offers a lot of advancement opportunities within the company. Many people consider finance consumer services as a good career path since it boosts your career and enables your professional growth.

Having varied professional finance consumer service skills enable you to move from one company to another. Furthermore, the job outlook is positive since growth of 5% will happen between the year 2016 to the year 2026. This growth is impacted by various factors such as the aging population, economic globalization, and the increased demand for financial services. 

What Skills are needed for a job in finance consumer services?

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Strong communication and problem-solving skills are needed for a job in this industry. You should also have good stress handling ability and worth ethics if you want constant growth in this career. Jobs range from working as financial advisors to working in call centers.

However, you must research for different positions to find the most suitable job . You should also research what the employers are looking for in an employee. If you want to succeed you need to pay attention to each and every detail. Because finance consumer services involve dealing with numbers; therefore, you must pay attention to every detail so that you do not lose track of numbers.

It is essential to research possible career paths with an open mind. Furthermore, you need to have good communication skills since you have to interact with people having varying personalities. Opting for a career in finance consumer services also requires a people-oriented approach. This is because it ensures that you close deals successfully and maintain good relationships with individuals. 


Many people consider job search as an endless cycle of interviews, job applications, and networking events. However, if you want to stand out in the growing market of finance consumer services, you need to be as prepared as possible. If you plan on starting a career in finance consumer services, you should consider the support this career will provide to your professional growth. Various skills and abilities are required for different jobs. This means you should consider your job in the context of long-term aspirations and goals instead of thinking of it in a vacuum. Jobs in finance consumer services provide a boost to your professional growth and your personal growth. 

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