Implementing Dynamic Keyword Insertion For Effective PPC Campaigns

Dynamic keyword insertion.

With the cost of ads rising, businesses are looking for ways to reduce their PPC campaign cost. One of the methods that is considered effective in doing so is dynamic keyword insertion. When well used, it can make ads stand out from the competition, making your PPC campaigns very effective. 

However, when wrongly used, dynamic keyword insertion can cause your site to receive the wrong traffic and, thus, poor conversion. This is why you need to know how to do it well. In this article, we will cover everything you need to know about dynamic keyword insertion.

What Is Dynamic Keyword Insertion?

Dynamic keyword insertion is a feature that enables advertisers to customize their ads to match a user’s search intent. The feature that uses Artificial intelligence and machine learning makes your ads more targeted, increasing your conversion. It is available on different ad platforms such as Google and Facebook.

How Dynamic Keyword Insertion Works

Let’s assume you are running an ad campaign on home massage services. You can use dynamic keyword insertion to show your ads to people searching for keywords such as natural healing massage or corporate massage services. You will program the ad so that the keyword will be shown to people exactly as they searched it.

To do that, you need to use the code {Keyword: natural healing} or  {Keyword: corporate massage}  in your PC ad campaign. When the users see the exact keyword they searched for, they are more likely to click on it as they feel it meets their search intent.

You can use dynamic ad service to change not only the keyword but also other features of your campaign, such as the image, CTA and even the landing page where visitors are sent to.  

Importance of Using Dynamic Keyword Insertion

So, what are the benefits of using the feature? Here are a number of them:

Make Your Ad More Relevant

When your ads are matched to the search query, searchers will feel that it is more relevant to them.

Better CTR

When people see the keyword they are searching for in your ad, they are likelier to click on it, improving CTR and conversion.

Save ad Cost

With dynamic keyword insertion, you can target several keywords with one ad. This can save the time and money you would have spent making other ads.

Use dynamic ads in PPC campaigns.

Enable Retargeting

If you are getting a lot of abandoned shopping carts, one of the ways you can use to resolve the issue is by retargeting customers. You will retarget them with the item they looked at and, therefore, build their trust.

How to Implement Dynamic Keyword Insertion

There are several steps to follow in creating dynamic ads. These are:

Choose Keywords for a Dynamic Keyword Group

As with other PPC campaigns, you should start by researching the keywords that people in your niche use to find your products or services. When doing so, focus on keywords that are very relevant and specific. Pay attention to longtail keywords as they convert better.

Determine Your Goal

You should decide what you want to achieve with your ad. The format you use to create the ad will differ depending on your goal. For instance, some of the options on Facebook are:

  • Drive sales
  • Lead generation
  • App download
  • Traffic
  • Conversion
  • Messages

Select Matching Assets

There are times when it will be hard to match the dynamic ads with an asset. For the best results, you can have different versions of images, headings, CTAs, videos, and landing pages. Pick different versions of each asset, but ensure each can work in various configurations. Create additional search terms in both singular and plural.

Post ads And Track Results

After creating your ads, you want to check that all your configurations make sense. If you are sure that they do, it’s time to launch your ad. Keep tracking them so see if they are meeting your goals. Check the quality score, as a low-quality score can increase your CTR.

How to use dynamic keyword insertion

If you are just starting on PPC campaigns, dynamic ads can appear complicated. Here is our guide on dynamic keyword insertion.

Use Keywords in the Same Group

Adding dynamic ads takes more than just collecting keywords and adding them to your paid campaign. If wrongly used, this can cause problems. For instance, on Facebook, you can add different versions of a keyword, text, CTA options, and link descriptions.

Now, you can imagine a situation where you are targeting the term “massage for pregnant women,” but the image of a pregnant woman appears on another dynamic ad with the keyword “scrotum massage.” This can create an awkward moment and reduce conversion and trust in your brand.

Therefore, you should ensure that all your ads make sense together, no matter the keyword, CTA, or image they display. Also, ensure that the grammar remains good despite of the words inserted.

Use Narrow Terms

The only reason you are using dynamic ads is because you want your ads to be highly relevant. That’s why you need to avoid broad terms. For instance, if you want to create an ad on the  “massage” keyword, dynamic ads won’t help as most searches will be covered under the broad term.

But if you want to create an ad on “massage for pregnant women,” dynamic keyword insertion can help. The reason is that long-tail keywords convert better than short phrases.

Only Use Similar Products In The Same Ad Group

As we noted earlier, the aim of using dynamic ads is to create highly targeted ads.  Therefore, you should ensure that each ad group targets similar products that are highly related. All products must be closely related. For instance, you can use one ad for the same product in different colors. But you should avoid using different products in a similar ad group.

A/B Test Your Ads

Dynamic keyword insertion allows you to create similar versions of the same ads. However, you still need to do A/B testing. In fact, you can test many options, such as text, images, CTA buttons, headlines, and link descriptions. When doing the testing, create one ad for similar products but change one of these elements. You can run the ads for two weeks to see which produces the best results.

Use dynamic keyword insertion in Facebook ads

Final Thoughts

Keyword insertions include the terms matching a user’s search query to deliver a more relevant ad. Therefore, it’s a great way of ensuring that you have highly relevant ads without spending hours creating different groups of ads for different search queries. You can use this guide to create dynamic ads that will deliver your desired results.

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