Jobs For 12 Year Olds That Actually Pay

Jobs For 12 Year Olds That Actually Pay

There are many jobs available for 12 years old that actually pay. Jobs for kids who want to take on new responsibilities and are interested in gaining work experience as a teen.  Children should be engaged in part-time jobs after school hours so that they understand the concept of hard work and earning money.  Jobs at the age of 12 years help children learn valuable skills, instill work ethics, and understand the importance of responsibility and money.

However, it is mandatory in some states to supervise working children in their workplace since 12-year-olds cannot work legally. Children are paid an hourly wage at the age of 12, this wage may vary depending on the location and job nature. However, the availability of jobs depends on the seasons. For particular jobs, the maturity level of the children needs to be assessed. Some of these jobs may be casual and fun while the others may involve the welfare and safety of others. In this article, have listed down the best jobs for 12-year-olds that pay. 

Baby Sitting

person carrying baby while reading book
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The job of a babysitter is to supervise young children when their parents are away. Babysitting is one of the popular jobs available for 12-year-old.  They play with children, help them in doing their homework and feed them. Make sure that your children are mature enough to handle small children and have some prior experience in this job.

As a parent, you need to be comfortable with any gigs your child wants to do. Before sending your children for the job of a babysitter, you should meet with the family where your child will be babysitting and evaluate their home environment. However, it would be better if you offer to babysit classes for your children.  Babysitters ensure that children go to bed at their fixed time. This also helps them in learning efficient time management skills, since they are responsible for keeping children stick to their schedule. On average babysitters earn 30.04 dollars per hour. 

Paper round

Paper round is one of the common jobs for a 12-year-old. By doing paper rounds, children learn to stay active, earn money and work outdoors.  They are responsible for picking up newspapers from the distribution center and delivering them to their designated address. Paper round also delivers brochures, and flyers to people. The time for distributing flyers and brochures starts early in the morning. Children may also need to take weekend shifts. This helps them efficiently navigate an area.

Pet Sitter

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Children that love to take responsibility and love being around animals can take up the job of a pet sitter. This job can be done throughout the year since many pet owners go on vacations throughout the year. As a 12-year-old pet sitter, you need to ensure that the animals are taken care of in absence of their owners. Pet sitters not only feed and give water to animals but they also give attention to the animals and play with them.  Since you will be spending time with animals, you should not be sensitive or allergic to animals. This job will make enable you to sympathize with the pet owners. 

Yard Worker

Working as yard workers, children can help with lawn mowing and other yard work. This includes planting flowers, spreading mulch, and pulling weeds. In winters, yard workers can help in shoveling snow, raking leaves, and covering bushes.  However, make sure to know about the neighborhood your child is working for. Children should be given training related to operating machines safely if they are to work as lawn mowers and snowblowers.  

Dog Walker

white and brown short coated dog
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Being a dog walker requires you to take dogs for daily walks while their owners are gone on a vacation or are busy with business. This job is physically demanding and requires your children to work outside. As dog walkers, children need to walk the pet dogs to beaches, parks, or other dog walking places. However, the dogs need to dress up appropriately for walking such as a lead or a harness. On average dog walkers earn an hourly wage of $24.83. 

Fence Painter

Fence painters are responsible for giving a fresh coat of paint to a fence. People love having neat fences but do not have time to do so. Therefore, as a 12-year-old you can start this easy and interesting job and use a brush or roller to make their fences look great. Working as a fence painter requires hard work but it helps you to get some extra money. 

Car Washing

grayscale photo of black car
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As a 12-year-old car washer, you need to clean cars and motor vehicles. They use buckets, pressure hoses, and sponges to make the outside of the car clean and dirt free. Once the car is cleaned, car washers make wax or shine cars. Some car owners may want the car washers to clean the inside of the car. Vacuum cleaners and cleaning sprays are used to clear up the inside dirt and wipe the car windows. On an average car, washers earn 24.33 dollars per year. 

House Cleaner

A 12-year-old house cleaner washes down surfaces, vacuums floors, and performs basic cleaning activities. Cleaners may also clean the living area or kitchens by using vacuum cleaners or mops. As a parent check the family where your child will work as a house cleaner, before sending him for work. By house cleaning children develop the habit of close attention to detail. On average house cleaners can warn 27.14 dollars every week. 

Sports Coaching

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Sports coaches use their skills to teach how to play sports such as tennis, cricket, or football. As a 12-year-old sports coach, children will be required to supervise younger children while they are playing sports, lead warmup routines, explain sports rules, and assist in one on one coaching. They can also umpire sports games of younger children. At 12 years old, sports coaching can help you in gaining leadership skills while also getting experience in refereeing qualifications.  On average sports, coaches can earn an hourly salary of $25.81. 


If your 12-year-old loves taking pictures and has a good camera then this is the best job for you.  The best way for a teenager to excel in this field is by taking pictures and uploading them on shutter stock where these pictures can be bought by businesses for projects. For each downloaded picture, you can earn 20-25 % depending on the price of the picture. 


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If your child is good at his studies, he can help other children that are struggling in their studies. However, before making their 12-year-olds work as tutors, parents need to ensure that their kids are mature at handling younger kids and can develop a connection with them. While some kids naturally have the talent of becoming a teacher, others might need some coaching and need to be taught how to listen and be patient when dealing with other children. 

Working in a family business

If you have your own family business, you can engage your 12-year-old kids in your business. You can hire them on an hourly basis so they can assist you with your simple tasks. Kids can assist you in making photocopies, mailing letters, filing paper works, and answering phone calls. This helps in teaching them responsibility and time management. Another benefit of working in a family business is that it helps in determining your work schedule. Kids can work after school and on weekends for a few hours. However, working in the family business also means that the children won’t be allowed to perform risky tasks. 

Elderly Aid

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Senior citizens may require assistance, this is when kids come in handy. They can assist senior citizens in their day-to-day chores and can make good money for themselves. This aid includes grocery shopping, lighthouse walks, and taking care of them. Furthermore, some elder people enjoy the company of youngsters and love communicating with them. 

Candy Salesman

If your kids are interested in baking, this is a good opportunity for them to make some extra money. They can bake and sell candies to their friends. Since kids have sweet tooth, they won’t be able to resist candies. Furthermore, as a 12-year-old kid, you can also sell candies door to door. However, parents should assist them in doing so. 


woman in black pants and orange jacket standing beside wall with graffiti
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Working as an artist is the best job for a 12-year-old who loves being creative and working with paints, ceramics, and sculptures. They can sell their work and earn good money. However, it is the parent’s responsibility to ensure that they enjoy the process and do not get over burden. 


Finding and allowing a 12-year-old to do a job comes with its challenges but it can teach them valuable lessons. They learn to take responsibility at a young age and they develop communication and business skills that can help them in their professional career. They learn time management skills and learn how to earn money for spending as well as saving. However, it is the parent’s responsibility to give their kids the opportunity and freedom so that they can learn and take on new challenges. 

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