Optimizing Pinterest Pins for Search Engine Visibility: Top Tips for Pinterest SEO

Optimize Pinterest pins for SEO,

Pinterest is an excellent place for businesses to showcase their products and drive site traffic. However, it’s also a search engine for visuals, as people use it to get inspired and find ideas. Again, when people search for an image on Google, Pinterest images are among the search results.  

75% of Pinterest users also visit the social media site to buy products. If you want your images to appear on the search results, you need to optimize pins for SEO. This article will guide you on optimizing your Pinterest pins for the search engine.

How Pinterest SEO Works

When Pinterest users type a keyword on the visual search engine, the site produces visuals it considers to be related to the search. Pinterest SEO aims to optimize your pins to improve their visibility on the search engine

As its the case on Google, using the right keyword on your pin will enable your pins to reach the right audience. On top of keywords, Pinterest SEO also considers several factors. These are:

  • Quality of pins. This depends on their popularity and engagement on the platform.
  • Domain quality. Considers the quality of your site depending on the popularity of the pins associated with it.
  • Pinner quality. This measures the overall quality and engagement of your Pinterest account.

Top 5 Best Pinterest SEO Tips

For the best SEO results, here are the top tips to follow:

Create a Business Account

A Pinterest business account has benefits as compared to a personal account. These include  Pinterest Analytics, which allows you to see the performance of your pins. It also gives you access to keyword research tools in the business hub. If you already have a personal account, you dont have to worry, as you can still convert it into a business account.

Add an Outstanding Bio

Like other social media accounts, your profiles and bios are essential on  Pinterest. After all, this will tell your followers what your page is about. This will also make your profile visible. Begin your Pinterest bio with a quick introduction to what your brand does. Use keywords that people are using in your industry in the bio.

You can add a unique quote in the second part of your Bio. The quote should be something that will help you to stand out and personalize your account. You should also include a call to action in the bio.

Add an outstanding bio on Pinterest.

Some users also use search boards, so they should be optimized for search engines. When you create a pin, add it to the relevant board. Ensure that the pin is closely related to the board, as that will improve its chances of ranking.

 Remember that the board name and description will appear in the search results, and therefore, you should optimize them using the best SEO practices. Use keywords that people are using in your niche in the name and description. Ensure that users can quickly tell what a board is about by looking at the search results.

Add Rich Pins

This organic pin retrieves content from your site and adds it to your pins. This can help improve your domain score. If you want to add content, you can use article-rich pins that automatically add headlines, titles, descriptions, and authors. 

Another option you can add is the product-rich pins that add the most up-to-date information on your product, such as pricing and availability on pins. If you create recipes, you can add recipe-rich pins with titles, cook time, ratings, diet preferences, and more.

Instead of just adding pins, you should get in the minds of Pinterest users to determine the content they need to create. You might realize that most users seek ideas, inspiration, and how-to content. Therefore, when creating Pinterest content, ensure it will give users value.

Use the Correct Formats for Pins

Currently, videos are among the hottest social media trends and should be part of your Pinterest strategy. Social media sites now prioritize them, enabling you to stand out in the scrolling sea. They are also shareable and captivating. 

However, images and videos should not exceed a format of 2:3, or they will be cut off from people’s feeds. Therefore, ensure that you share the right size and resolution of pins.

Wrapping up

If you think that Pinterest is just another visual aggregator, you must think again. It’s also a powerful search engine that can help your brand get discovered. It can also bring traffic to your website. By following these steps, you can optimize your Pinterest for search engines.

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