Top Business Ideas for Stay at Home Moms: Embracing the Mompreneur Lifestyle and Overcoming Challenges

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What are the top business ideas for stay at home moms? Why are many mothers choosing a mompreneur lifestyle? Mothers often give up their corporate careers to focus on raising their children and pursue entrepreneurship.

We researched and came up with a list of 12 best business ideas from home perfect for a mompreneur. Most of these businesses you can do online and at your own pace, thus put in any hours you want.

Business Challenges Faced By Mompreneurs

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There is a huge disparity in venture capital funding between Mompreneurs and men who are starting out as entrepreneurs.

Most women rely on personal savings or credit cards as a source of funding a business. As a result, mompreneurs excel at bootstrapping and also at using existing resources at hand to get the job done.

Lack of mentors to offer guidance, inspiration, advice, and business hacks is a big impediment.

To achieve success as a mompreneur you have to learn to say NO more; it comes at a huge expense, for instance, spending less time sleeping, raising kids, socializing with friends, and skipping family events — because the mompreneur lifestyle requires complete focus as well as dedication.

Despite challenges, mompreneurs in America and Canada balance motherhood and entrepreneurship. Embrace the unknown and it may be a rewarding journey. To succeed, be an expert in your field.

Stay At Home Moms Business Start-Up Statistics

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According to small business trends statistics, roughly for every three businesses that are starting, one is started by a mompreneur. Therefore, having skills that translate well online can free you from the office cubicle and provides a chance to create a successful home-based business that can fulfill your family’s financial needs.

The Current Gig Economy Offers Unique Opportunities For Mompreneurs

A gig economy means an economy where companies rely on short-term contracts or freelance work instead of permanent staff. Since many businesses in the current gig economy offer the flexibility of working from home. It allows stay-at-home moms to be with children during the day.

Also, being able to attend school activities, kid’s dental appointments, and throw in a load of laundry — all while working at home is truly amazing.

In truth, you only need a high-speed internet connection, a phone, and guts to get the mompreneur lifestyle going. The possibilities are virtually endless (pun intended!).

The sky’s the limit to who you can become if you pursue a mompreneur lifestyle. Look around for everyday pain points you will find plenty of home-based business ideas open to generating lots of cash.

8 Steps To Examine Before Starting A Mompreneur Lifestyle Journey

Do a thorough research about the business you intend to start.

Make a plan of action on how you will achieve your goal.

Plan your finances and build up a cash reserve in advance.

Select a business structure. Decide how you will operate for instance, as a sole proprietor, partnership, corporation, or LLC? Starting as a sole proprietor enables you to keep your startup costs low.

Obtain a business license or permit, if necessary.

Establish a business location. To cut costs start operating from home until you’ve outgrown it

Here are the 12 best business ideas for stay-at-home moms who would like to switch from being an employee to enjoying the mompreneur lifestyle.

Blog Manager

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A blog manager oversees and handles a company’s blog activity, including content planning, creation, organizing, strategy, and managing the editorial calendar. They also handle the blog’s front end for readers. They are typically part of the marketing or promotion team.

How To Succeed As A Manager

This is a hot new business idea, and the demand for the best blog managers has never been higher. Readers are attracted to awesome blogs; therefore, they keep going back over and over again. To succeed as a blog manager, you need top-notch content creation skills — along with:

  • Ability to develop a content strategy and prioritize blog topics. Listen to the leaders, stay up to date with the latest industry trends and understand their pain points
  • Ability to read analytics, interpret audiences needs and keyword research
  • Capacity to write extremely well and above-average knowledge of blog posting software
  • Ability to lead brainstorming sessions and strict adherence to deadlines
  • Savvy social media know-how and capacity to create content that increases leads, sales, and consistent traffic

Due to the scarcity of highly skilled blog managers, many small firms are open to hiring freelancers to work remotely. Therefore this is a wonderful opportunity for a mompreneur to start a freelance blog management business and work right from home.

How To Become A Blog Manager?

If you have several years of experience with content planning and strategy on major platforms, for instance, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest. Then you have enough skills, and abilities under your belt to become a blog manager

How To Find Blog Manager Jobs?

The best way to find business opportunities for blog management is through networking, and word of mouth referrals.

Also, check out work from home jobs or business ideas:

  • Fiverr websites
  • Facebook blogging groups such as breaking the one percent
  • Attend blogging networking events where you can get to know folks in the field


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What Is A Copywriter?

Copywriting is the job of writing content for advertising or promotional purposes. For instance, texts on websites, emails, brochures, and advertisements. As a copywriter, you need to know how to write compelling and interesting copy (words that you use to communicate with readers).

A copywriter works hand in hand with the marketing or advertising team.

Types Of Copywriters

  • Agency Copywriter. Works with big advertising agencies
  • Corporate Copywriter. Work for a single company like a law firm or a big corporation.
  • Freelance Copywriter. A freelance copywriter dives in whenever someone needs copywriting done for a project. A freelance copywriter set up is perfect for a mompreneur lifestyle business.
  • Decide which one is best suited for your skills, situation and then specialize in it.

How Do You Become A Freelance Copywriter?

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to be a professional writer to be a copywriter. In essence, you need to know how to express yourself in a way that influences others to act in a certain way. A good copywriter can write a line that moves readers in a way that converts them into paying customers.

Where To Learn To Copywrite For Free

Start slowly, grow organically, network, attend industry events, and host events to promote your business. Over time, as more people become familiar with your mompreneur gig, you will get more business and referrals coming your way. Make sure you’re offering exceptional writing work.

In addition, continue brushing up on your writing skills to improve your writing ability, develop a freelance contract, create writing samples, and be proficient with graphic design software.

You need to be a Facebook group member to participate.

The best way to find freelance copywriting jobs is by networking. Networking with fellow writers and freelancers is a powerful way for getting your name out to the right people.


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In truth, this is a perfect mompreneur job because you can easily work from home, requiring only the internet and a computer to do the job.

As a coder, you can build websites for companies whose employees don’t have the time to learn and or don’t want to build a website from scratch. For those reasons, target small businesses that don’t have the budget for full-time IT staff as they usually outsource this kind of work.

Rapid Growth In IT Careers

For IT expert moms, online work-from-home jobs are perfect as companies are outsourcing IT jobs to save money. Online jobs have been increasing steadily, making it an ideal time for moms to start a home-based business while caring for their kids.

Is Coding A Viable Business?

No doubt learning to code can prove to be incredibly lucrative as many people see it as a complicated skill. Therefore, if you have experience or a degree in programming, then you’re all set to start searching for work-from-home mompreneur jobs right now.

How Can You Learn To Code For Free?

  • YouTube is a great way to learn the skills needed to code basic CSS and HTML
  • Learn to code for free at Codecademy
  • Check out 64 ways to code for free at skill crush.
  • Udacity has plenty of cheap courses, and some are even free.

Coding is not for everyone. However, if you enjoy this type of work, there are thousands of online jobs waiting for your expertise to take on. This is an easy and cost-effective way to become a small business owner if you have coding skills.

Email Marketing Business

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You have to be an expert at selling a product or service by engaging with clients through a company’s email list.

In essence, email marketing requires the skill of being able to tell a story, engage with your clients, win their trust, and help them solve a problem with your product or service.

Effective Email Marketing Is Key To Profitability

While many companies are exceptional at in-person sales, many are yet to master the art of email marketing. Therefore, they are looking for someone who has the skill to engage people via emails.

Knowing how to connect with others by email will prove highly successful for converting them into paying customers and loyal clients. Therefore, if you’re a stay-at-home mother with vast email marketing experience and have mastered storytelling, you will find a huge business opportunity here.

Email Marketing: Perfect Mompreneur Business

Hands down this is a perfect mompreneur lifestyle home-based business to go after. You can craft emails right from home in between household chores. Know your worth, have faith in yourself, and your skills to successfully do the job.

How To Get Started

Of course, start by offering your services for free to family and friends to test the market. Also, offer services at a discount to get clients to sample them.

Set up Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest accounts to promote your work, engage, and connect with followers —this will turn visitors into prospects, and establish credibility.

Poor Email Marketing Execution Affects Profit

Email marketing is an extremely valuable skill to so many companies since your strategies can dramatically increase their firm’s bottom line.

Since the email marketing business also involves copywriting. Start bundling your copywriting and email marketing gigs to increase service offerings and business revenue.

Professional Organizer

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Who Is A Professional Organizer?

How many people in your life are currently unorganized? According to NBC News, 84% of people say they feel unorganized.

That’s a huge market for professional organizers to offer their service. If you are exceptional at organizing things, keep things tidy, and would like to help others do the same, this could be your calling.

Get Organized

Establish a mompreneur lifestyle business that can help your clients, not only declutter but stay organized long-term. Sell your idea online or through word of mouth to people who want to organize their home at their own pace but aren’t sure where to start.

There is so much opportunity in this field of work since many people are currently overwhelmed with their clutter and desperately need help finding solutions that work for them.

As an expert organizer, you can certainly help with decluttering anyone’s home or workspace for a fee. A truly easy way to start a small business and it can be done while working full-time.

Work At Home Mom-Mompreneur – Photographer

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With the advancement in technology in this day and age, you don’t have to be a professional photographer to start an online photography business.

All you need is a good camera (even iPhones can work), a good background, a few lights, refined photo editing skills, and a love for capturing memories for others.

It’s Very Easy To Learn Photography Skills Online From:

Bloggers like Jeremy Cowart, Photofocus, Petapixel , just to name a few.

Matter of fact, your photography skills will continue to improve as you go along. Just keep going no matter how hard things are.

In the beginning, strive to build meaningful relationships because photography is 80% business and 20% photography. Volunteer to shoot a wedding or two for free, it might seem like a damn idea. However, it’s a smart strategy to start building up your portfolio when starting as well as cultivating long term relationships

How To Promote A Photography Business

The best way to market yourself as a mompreneur photographer is by creating an Instagram business account where you can showcase your photos online. In truth, to increase brand awareness, share your best work, and offer free lessons. Also, tag other photographers that may have the same aesthetic to create networking opportunities.

Remember, every Instagram follower is a potential customer, therefore showcase your absolute best work.

Here Are Some Platforms You Can Sell Photos:

  • Fotolia
  • Shutterstock
  • iStockPhoto

It’s key to specialize in your photography business in a particular area, for instance, weddings, sports, animals, et cetera — as specialization leads to efficiency and a decrease in errors.

Home Staging

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What Is Home Staging?

A home stager is someone who prepares a home that’s on the market to sell. The goal of a home stager is to strategically place furniture in a stale, generic house transforming it into an inviting and attractive home that buyers will love to buy.

Without a doubt, a home stager’s job is to make a home so appealing to multiple buyers so they won’t think twice about putting in an offer.

It’s key to know how to design rooms similar to Houzz magazine. A design that mesmerizes will impress and attract potential buyers giving them positive feelings toward the home.

In reality, the more a house evokes emotions in potential buyers, the more likely the house is to sell quickly.

Interior Design Skills

With incredible interior design skills, you can develop aesthetics that appeal to a broader audience and improve the chances of landing multiple offers on a home.

You’ll need up to the minute skills on how to compliment colors, work with small spaces, contemporary furniture placement styles, and other decors to enhance a space’s features.

Unquestionably, it’s an excellent mompreneur lifestyle work-from-home job since it doesn’t require a ton of time and huge upfront capital expenditure.

Cleaning Service Business

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Undeniably the easiest business for stay-at-home moms is where you clean homes or businesses for a daily or monthly fee. A residential cleaning business is easier to start because it doesn’t require huge capital investment for the cleaning equipment. Therefore it offers a low entry barrier for mompreneurs.

Create A Website To Build Credibility

By all means, set up a professional website where potential customers can see before and after shots of work you’ve done and add a spot where people can leave testimonials as social proof.

Initially start by asking businesses like coffee shops, banks, and other retail stores with heavy customer traffic in and out. Your goal should be to get a long-term cleaning service contract to ensure steady cash flow to fund future business growth.

Critical Success Factors For A Mompreneur Business

To be a successful mompreneur, make sure your staff is formally trained to maintain a consistent and uniform cleaning service all the time.

In addition, make sure that your customers experience excellent, consistent service as this will lure them into committing to future bookings. Besides, if they’re happy with your cleaning services, they’re more likely to send you referrals from family, friends, and business associates.

How To Effectively Promote Your Business

To boost business, rely on word-of-mouth and social media. Use storytelling to highlight what sets you apart. Stay active on key social platforms, like Facebook and Instagram, employing Livestream, paid ads, and Instagram ads to attract customers.

During special holidays, offer sales promotions like 20% off or pay full price now and get 50% on a future service to increase sales.

Start a YouTube channel where you can teach people DIY cleaning hacks to build trust and establish social proof. By regularly providing relevant content and being helpful, you will make people feel comfortable with you, leading to increased business and brand awareness.

Start A Childcare Service Business

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If you enjoy taking care of children or have small children of your own, this may be the perfect mompreneur lifestyle business idea to give a shot.

For the most part, you’ll be able to do what you love, stay home with your kids, and get paid money to take care of other clients’ kids.

Of course, you will be doing more physical labor and have much more responsibility than a traditional online job. But, taking care of small children and being a part of their development is incredibly rewarding.

Education And Certification Requirements

Do your research for required certifications, laws, and regulations in the state or province that you live in before you get your feet wet.

Once you start your childcare mompreneur business, work from home doing what you love and earn a good profit. Use your community to promote your business – ask happy parents for referrals, join networking groups, make business cards, and be mobile-friendly.

To streamline the business process, you can automate marketing and promotion systems. Use pre scheduled posts on Facebook, Pinterest, or Instagram to give your business exposure and not always to appear salesy.

Catering Business

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Are you a foodie and would love to join the mompreneur lifestyle. This would be a perfect side hustle for you.

Not having the overhead of a fully functional restaurant will truly take away a huge burden for an online home-based caterer

How To Start A Catering Business

Matter of fact, you will need to have your kitchen space inspected by regulators to ensure it meets the required cooking standards for licensing and certification. Research the marketplace and identify who else is offering catering in your area.

For efficiency’s sake, you have to niche down, like specializing in wedding catering, fast food catering, baking, etc. Ensure you get the pricing right to stay profitable and to use profits to fuel business growth.

The Most Critical Skills Required For Success Are:

  • Top cooking and food-handling skills
  • Excellent food serving abilities
  • Great food transportation and storage skills

An online catering business needs to have an online presence. Make sure to promote your services with beautiful pictures on Instagram, and have a website where people can look around, view your menu, and order your services.

How To Build An Initial Business Relationship

Establish a business partnership with other complementary businesses that have similar visions, goals, and authenticity. For example, wedding planners and event planners. Work out a plan for how you’re going to help grow each other’s businesses.

You can sign a strategic partnership contract, for example, with an event planner that each time they sign a contract, they should refer you for cleaning after their event. You can work out how much you will give each other say 10% for the referral upon cash receipt. Once you’ve built up a sizable customer base, then you can terminate it.

Start a YouTube channel where you offer content around teaching others to cook basic dishes and help them with their struggles. The more you help your people, the more those people turn into paying customers.

Small Business Marketing Or Advertising Consultant

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Traditional brick and mortar businesses are now expanding with an online presence — as they want to stay relevant, expand their reach beyond country borders to squeeze in every penny from customers. The internet has increased the demand for brilliant online marketers and advertising experts.

Every business wants to nail down the best way to reach and engage with potential audiences worldwide. Therefore, they want to employ the best advertising and marketing strategies to maximize their reach.

Seize The Opportunity

If you excel at online marketing or Facebook ads, now is your chance to shine. Many companies need people with these skills to reach more people. Facebook ads are highly effective and cost-effective for small businesses. For just $2.00 a day, you can create an ad to generate sales leads.

If you want to leave your corporate job and become a mompreneur, this business idea allows you to make money from home while spending more time with your family. You can work around your kids’ schedules and have flexible working hours.

Required Qualifications

No degree necessary. Just master Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Google to create effective ads. Online certifications take a few months to complete.

Having these certificates on your resume is not a be-all and end-all but will demonstrate that you’re the real deal.

Niche Down To Small Business Clients

Although Facebook ads are extremely affordable these days — the bad news is that only 62% of small businesses fail to use them successfully. Therefore, many small businesses are looking for someone who has enough Facebook ads experience to jump in and help to increase the bottom-line.

Over time once you’ve built a strong client list, you can even begin to create and build a team in your business. Admittedly, you can grow your business organically with online marketing (with you as a freelancer) to a fully-fledged mompreneur marketing agency.

Mompreneur Instagram Influencer

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Who Is An Instagram Influencer

An Instagram influencer is someone who has a huge following on Instagram; therefore, can connect with followers on a deeper level. In the last few years, influencer marketing has progressively increased in popularity.

Definitely, the deeper the connection between the influencer and followers, the higher the probability that they trust the influencer’s opinion, tips on products and services. A huge number of companies are paying attention and are allocating loads of marketing dollars towards it.

The growth of mompreneur lifestyle businesses like marketing agencies is so cheap to start because of low upfront capital costs. All you need is a computer, internet then you’re in business.

How To Influence Followers To Buy Products And Services

In the beginning nurture the relationship before you ask for the business. Most often, customers want to buy from people they know, like, and trust. With an effective Instagram content promotion strategy, you can build trust with your audience by sharing stories, emotions, and engaging on a personal level in a way that’s entertaining.

In essence, you must start your Instagram page with these foundational basics in mind to ensure success as an Instagram influencer.

How To Engage With Instagram Followers

On the whole, we all have a hobby that we love to spend most of our time doing. Therefore, the key to growing superfans is to share your interests and hobbies with them. For this reason, it will build a deeper and more engaging connection with your fans.

In reality, it takes time to build a huge following and become an Instagram influencer. However, this shouldn’t prevent you from starting an Instagram page and consistently sharing your content with others to get you to move towards your goal.

Make sure you use relevant hashtags to increase content exposure — so then lots of people are more likely to find you. The more followers you have, the greater your influence. So hurry and go build that following!

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Mompreneur Lifestyle Business In Summary

In the first place being a work-at-home mom gives you the freedom to spend plenty of quality time with your kids. It also offers more control over your income, and the opportunity to scale your small business in a way you never thought possible. Also, you have full control over your daily schedule and your income potential.

There are many more mompreneur or home-based businesses and side hustles out there to choose from. Be creative in your entrepreneurial business search and look for work-from-home businesses that will utilize your current skills to the fullest.

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