Finding Highly Converting Keywords: A Guide to Boost Your SEO Efforts

Find keyword with commercial intent

Keywords are an essential part of SEO. They help connect search engine users with the content, products, or services they are searching for. No matter your goal, you should find keywords that people in your niche are using to find your products and services.

 However, your site goal will determine the keywords you choose. If your goal is conversion and a high ROI, choose keywords that easily convert. Here is our guide to finding such keywords.

What are Highly Converting Keywords?

High-converting keywords are those that have the highest conversion on your web pages. They convert well because the search intent aligns well with the customer journey. In most cases, these keywords are in the lowest part of the sales funnel.

 Such keywords are also known as transactional or commercial keywords, as they indicate that the person using them has a high buying intent. The keyword targets people in the sales funnel who are:

  • Researching more information on a product
  • Looking for products to buy
  • Searching for your brand

However, conversion isn’t only about money. There are other aspects of conversion, such as:

  • Newsletter subscription
  • Getting social media following
  • Becoming a community leader
  • Getting loyal fans
  • Clicking on an affiliate link
  • Downloading an ebook
  • Enrolling in an email course
  • Scheduling an appointment
  • Taking an email course
  • Signing up for a free trial/demo

With these types of conversions, any keywords can serve the purpose. For the highest conversion, you should focus on matching the search query with the user intent.

How to Find High-Conversion Keywords

Here are our tips on finding highly converting keywords:

Check Your Analytics

Like with many other things in life, it’s always good to start from the unknown to the known. If you have keywords that are already converting well, you should dig deeper to see why and whether you can uncover more such keywords. So, get into your Google Analytics to find organic or paid keywords that are driving traffic to your site.

Begin by setting up your analytics account to track important KPIs. You should add your various conversions as goals in your Google Search Console. To do that, click on  New Custom Segment under the Advanced Segments. 

To see great keywords that are driving traffic to your site, go to Traffic>Source>Search>Organic. Click on Advanced Segments. You can check the performance of your site using the converso metrics you have chosen.

Perform Competitor Analysis

Another great way of uncovering highly converting keywords is by doing competitor analysis. You can copy your competitor’s URL into a keyword research tool to see what they are targeting. 

You can filter the keywords they are ranking for using Cost Per Click. If a keyword has a high CPC, it indicates that it has a high search intent since businesses are ready to invest a considerable amount in it.

Use Your Competitor’s Name

Another great hack would be to use the name of your competitor. But instead of copying the name as it is, add keywords such as:

  • X alternative
  • X competition 
  • X vs.

In this case, X represents your competitor’s brand name.

Consider the Search Intent

As we noted earlier, search intent is a great way of finding high-converting keywords with a high ROI. You should take note of a keyword search intent and see how you can create content that aligns with it. Again, this will depend on your conversion goal. For instance:

  • If your goal is for readers to sign up for an ebook, you can use informational keywords.
  • If you want the searchers to visit your site, you can use navigational keywords.
  • For searchers to click an affiliate link, use  a commercial investigation keyword
  •  Use transactional keywords if your goal is for users to purchase a product.

If you already have keywords on your site but are not getting a good conversion, you should review your search intent. You should then rewrite your content while targeting the search intent.

High conversion keywords bring the highest ROI.

Check the SERPs

You can review the SERPs to see the kind of content ranking on the top pages. Is it blogs, landing pages, videos, or other form of content? Some of the questions you should ask yourself are:

  • What type of content are the top-ranking pages creating?
  • How do they present the information?
  • Who do they target in their content?

By looking at the SERP results, you can see the type of content that your competitors are ranking for.

Consider the Customer Journey

What stage of a customer’s journey are they in when searching for your keyword? Is your content aligning with the journey a customer makes? For instance, assuming you have a copy that covers informational keywords, are you giving an offer that aligns with the intent? Is the offer also obvious, clear, and compelling for the bottom-of-the-funnel page?

Tips for Converting the Search Engine User

Now that you have found highly converting keywords, you need to optimize for them. But how do you convert the reader? Here are a few tips depending on their search intent.

Top of the Sales Funnel

To convert a reader who uses an informational keyword, ask yourself:

  • What is the next step they will take after reading this piece?
  • What can I do to make them take the next step?

For instance, right now, you are reading this piece on finding high-converting keywords. Your next step is most likely to search for such keywords. If I provided you with a link to a tool that helps find high-converting keywords, you may click on it. Other measures you can use to convert the top of the funnel are:

  • Advertise your products on the sidebar
  • Add CTA inside the content
  • Create an email course
  • Add a newsletter CTA


You can increase conversion for this group by:

  • Adding a video in the content that solves the reader’s problem
  • Quote an expert on the subject with great insights for the reader
  • Adding customer quotes from your readers on their problems
  • Including an inspirational customer story inside the text

Bottom of the Funnel

To convert this group:

  • Use a demo video in your content 
  • Use up-to-date product screenshots
  • Refresh messaging so that you only target the person on a page.
Bottom of the sales funnel keywords have highest conversion.

Final Thoughts

Using high-converting keywords will give you the highest return on investment. By using the measures in this article, it is possible to find them. Remember that these keywords are also highly competitive, so you may want to narrow them down to longtail keywords.

Benjamin is a writer with over ten years of experience in the content writing field. He holds a Bachelor's degree in  Journalism from Strathmore University. He writes on various niches such as product reviews, self-improvement, and making mone online. You can find him curled on his couch with a self-improvement book when he is not blogging.