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The Best Pinterest Strategy For Bloggers

It has been nearly twelve years since Pinterest launched and became a runaway success. According to Statista, the image-saving site, which describes itself as “the world’s catalog of ideas,” reached 10 million monthly visitors faster than any site in history. That is why a Pinterest strategy has become practically essential for bloggers. The seemingly hyperbolic […]

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9 Common Small Business Financing Mistakes Owners Make

You have started a new business, one of the most rewarding activities of an entrepreneur. But with great rewards comes great risk, especially when it comes to having a sound financial plan as well as outlining the cost of everything. These have led many small and medium-sized businesses to make some common mistakes that can […]

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7 Best Content Marketing Analytics Tools To Boost Marketing Results In 2022

To drive better engagement and keep your content ahead of the curve, use these seven marketing tools. During the past few years, we learned that video is king. We learned that Instagram is overtaking just about everyone. Yet, the growth of platforms including Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat all stagnated. This year, many content marketers will […]

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7 Examples in Stories of Bad Customer Service That Hurt Your Bottom Line

We’ve all got our own bad habits—things like hitting the snooze alarm instead of waking up for that early-morning workout, procrastinating on projects, or drinking way too much coffee. But while those habits only affect ourselves, many entrepreneurs have bad business habits that make their customers nuts. Are you guilty of any of the following […]

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5 Amazon Research and Keyword Tools that are Suitable for New Amazon Sellers

One of the things that is a must-do for anyone who is launching a product on the Amazon marketplace is keyword research. Spending quality time assessing important keywords that buyers use to search for products in your niche can go a long way in boosting your revenues. When done correctly, keyword research has the ability […]

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29 Dental Marketing Ideas the Pros Use

Need more patients for your dental practice? We’ve compiled a list of the top 29 dental marketing ideas the pros use to drive more traffic to their practice. Use these dental marketing strategies to start acquiring more patients today! 1. Use an Online Scheduling Tool Maggie Aland, Fit Small Business Sometimes just the thought of […]

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13 Best Email Design Tips & Eye-Catching Examples 2022

Email design is about more than just making emails look pretty. For example, email design mistakes can result in low open rates, few clicks on call to action buttons, and emails landing in subscribers’ spam folders. The best email design, however, draws readers in, creates valuable experiences that delight, and entices recipients to click on […]

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Color Psychology: 6 Powerful Ways Color Can Influence Your Marketing Campaigns

Color psychology involves studying how different shades and hues affect someone’s behavior or feelings. Color has a surprisingly strong influence on the human psyche and can dictate whether an advertising campaign is successful or mediocre. Here are six ways that using color could change the results of your marketing efforts: 1. Background Color Can Make […]

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6 Best Small Business SEO Services for 2022

Search engine optimization (SEO) services help build a business’s online presence to ensure the highest possible search rankings for specific keywords on a search engine like Google. We compared more than 40 small business SEO services, narrowing it down to the top six based on pricing, toolkits, specializations, and transparency, arriving at the best overall. […]

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Podcasts: The Next Step for Digital Marketing

Podcasts are everywhere nowadays. You can listen to podcasts about conspiracy theories, news, Dolly Parton, gaming trends, how the brain works, and just about anything else. They are becoming increasingly popular as everyone from Shaquille O’Neal to Seth Meyers to Neil deGrasse Tyson seems to be starting their own podcasts. But it’s not only famous […]