Blogger Outreach Tools and Tips for Your Campaign

blogger outreach tools

You’ve been tasked with finding bloggers for your clients’ or your own next blogger campaign. What you thought was going to be an easy Google search for “DIY Blog” suddenly turned into an overwhelming sea of editorially curated blogger lists and reupholstered chairs. In fact, a recent report from Fashion & Beauty Monitor in partnership … Read more

Visit Our Website: On Call to Action Response

visit our website

Trying to figure out why people do something is typically easier than figuring out why they don’t do it.  Still, it doesn’t mean it can’t be accomplished – it will simply require a bit more work. “Visit our website for so and so” doesn’t seem to be enough? Website owners need to figure out why … Read more

Social Media Marketing For Musicians – Tips & Guide

Social Media Marketing For Musicians

There are a lot of options available in the area of social marketing for aspiring musicians. For one thing, music is second only to film in that music can actually be experienced by pretty much everyone everyone at all times. That may sound simple. In this day and age, when music has been steadily moving towards … Read more

Social Media Workflow Process Management

social media approval workflow

Social media management is not a one-person game. But even if you’re five, 10, or 20 in a team, it’s challenging to get everyone on the same page. Worse, more members don’t automatically mean everything will work out perfectly. Unwanted errors, missed deadlines or wrongly-timed posts will still happen. Fortunately, that’s where the power of … Read more

Business Giveaway Ideas to Promote Your Business

business giveaway ideas

Why would you care about business giveaway ideas as a business owner? Offering your existing or potential customers something free of charge or at a very low price should be a part of every marketing campaign. Especially if your business is product oriented rather than a service. Giving away freebies or small gifts during a … Read more

How To Reset WordPress Blog Traffic To Your Advantage

How To Reset WordPress Blog Traffic

Let’s face it. Traffic usually gets a bad rap. Bumper to bumper, slower than a slug, traffic. But put the word ‘Traffic’ in the context of your blog or website and the ears of every blog-crazed internet marketer will perk right up. Trying to increase WordPress blog traffic can be difficult, especially for the newbies. … Read more

New Website Launch Announcement Ideas in 2022

new website launch ideas

Are you currently looking for new website launch ideas that will help you make money? Well, you’re not alone. The thought of earning online and breaking free of the corporate shackles is very attractive to a lot of workers all over the world. Whether you’re browsing Facebook, going through your Twitter feed, or reading answers … Read more