Tips and Strategies for WAEC Marketing Exams: Study Tips, Exam Questions, and Passing Tips

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WAEC refers to marketing strategies or tactics to promote WAEC exams or students. Study tips and strategies for marketing exams for WAEC students. You are about to embark on an exciting journey in your marketing career. As a marketing student, you may be curious about the content of the marketing exam.

If you’re good at business cases but need help with writing, or if you’re confident in analysis but need immediate aid with marketing research case study questions, here are tips to support and improve your child’s academic performance.

What Is WAEC Marketing?

WAEC is an online marketing strategy that utilizes the internet to promote businesses or products. It commonly occurs on websites and social media platforms.

WAEC aims to increase website traffic and sales through paid advertising. They oversee the SSCE in Nigeria, taken by candidates in over 1,000 centers and required for university admission.

The exam is held annually and consists of three main subjects: English, Math, and Integrated Science (Physics/Chemistry). Optional subjects like French, Government, and History can also be chosen by candidates.

To pass WAEC with a credit (D), students need to achieve a minimum aggregate score of 40% in each subject. After obtaining a credit, candidates can proceed to take the National Examination Council (NECO) at the JSS2 level.

The importance of WAEC

WAEC is an investment. As a marketer, show a return by setting up a measurable strategy. Writing a plan defines goals, identifies customers, and determines how to reach them.

A good plan details goals, budget allocation, and expected outcomes. WAEC promotes and advertises its offerings.

The main purpose is to raise awareness about WAEC and its activities. WAEC also informs stakeholders about any new developments through print media, radio, television, and online platforms like social media.

WAEC’s main role is to educate students about available courses and guide parents in preparing their children for successful exam performance. Its crucial objective is to generate interest in exams through various means like TV and print ads.

WAEC Exam Textbooks to Read

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WAEC gives students many books to study, which is meant to help them. But it has become a problem because the books are too many. We found the two most important textbooks for those who want to do well in their WAEC English and Math exams.

New Concept English Textbook (Latest Edition) and Aki – Ola Series for Mathematics are the top publications for WAEC English and Mathematics, according to our analysis (Latest edition).

What is the WAEC Exam Question Formation?

The West African Examinations Council has created a scheme to help candidates get top marks on exams. It also assists teachers in identifying and addressing students’ learning gaps effectively.

WAEC examination topics are usually divided into two halves. The theoretical and objective aspects. Please pay close attention as I describe the two parts beneath.

  • The theory section: You will be asked to complete a questionnaire with no options provided. This section requires you to provide complete answers to questions you will be asked.
  • The objective section: Unlike the methodology chapter, the target section consists of questions with alternatives.

What Types Of Questions can be Asked In WAEC Marketing Examination?

The WAEC exam is a question-and-answer-based test, which means you will have to know your topic very well. You will be expected to answer questions about the marketing concept and theories.

To prepare for the exam, use the WAEC syllabus as a guide. It contains all course topics and sub-topics. Expect different question types.

  • Multiple choice questions (MCQs): these are questions with four or more options, and you have to choose only one of them as the right answer.
  • Short answer questions: these are questions that require you to write or type an answer in a limited space or period.
  • Fill in the blanks: these are questions where there is a space under which you have to fill in some information, such as numbers or words that are missing from the question.

WAEC Passing Tips

WAEC is a vital subject in the G.C.E. /WASSCE exam, but it is challenging. It covers marketing management, consumer behavior, marketing research, and advertising and promotion. Here are tips to excel:

Understand the WAEC Examination Pattern

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The West African Examinations Council (WAEC) is a popular examining body in Nigeria. Students take the WAEC exams twice a year, in April and November. The current pattern of WAEC exams ensures sufficient preparation for students.

WAEC exam has English, math, and science papers. Must pass all 3 to get WASSCE certificate. Exam has 2 papers.

Paper 1 is an objective test that assesses candidates’ proficiency in English Language, Mathematics, and Integrated Science. It has a duration of 3 hours and 40 minutes.

Paper 2 is a subjective test that evaluates the skills of candidates in the following areas:

  • Art & Design: It assesses candidates’ ability to draw, sketch or design using appropriate materials such as pencils, charcoal, pastels, and markers.
  • Commerce: It assesses candidates’ knowledge in Accounting, Business Mathematics, and Economics and their ability to interpret data using graphs and tables.
  • Agriculture: It assesses candidates’ knowledge in Agricultural Science across all its  aspects and their ability to interpret data using graphs and tables.
  • Section: Understand the syllabus, study guide, and topics properly

If you’re struggling with the marketing syllabus in WAEC, get a study guide to help you pass. Choose the right one from many available online.

Not all guides are worth the money. But you can find a good study guide for WAEC Business Studies if you know where to look. Look for guides designed by experts who understand what examiners look for.

Make a Study Schedule

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Preparing for a national exam demands dedication, commitment, and a thoughtful study plan. Starting early is crucial for thorough coverage of material, reducing stress, and identifying weak areas. Study groups with peers can be helpful. Begin now for a successful and bright future.

Here are some tips on how to create an effective study schedule:

1. Start with a blank calendar or spreadsheet and divide it into weeks. If this is not possible because of other commitments, write down all dates in one column and then add columns for different subjects or topics.

2. Look at your school calendar for the next few weeks or months and mark important academic events (e.g., exams, quizzes, or papers). These will become part of your study plan.

3. Identify key concepts that need to be mastered before each exam by looking at sample questions from past exams and textbooks used in class. This should help you determine how much time each concept requires and how often it should be reviewed during the study period leading up to the exam date.

4. Create a list of all assignments due during that period; add these to your calendar so they can be included in your schedule when making plans.

5. Schedule time for each assignment on your calendar to know when you need to start working on it and when it needs to be finished.

6. Set reminders for yourself throughout the day, so you don’t forget about upcoming assignments or deadlines. This way, even if you’re busy with classwork or studying, you’ll still have time to get everything done before it’s due.

Go over your SSCE notes

The SSCE is a crucial exam in Nigeria, leading to WAEC and further education. Some students achieve good grades without studying, but that’s not a reason to follow suit.

Reading your notes helps you remember what you learned and prepares you for exams, as the topics are often repeated in different subjects.

Reading notes helps students organize thoughts and absorb information better than just hearing or verbal explanations. It’s crucial for subjects like Maths and Physics with numerous formulas to memorize.

Reading notes and writing notes aid in retention. Repeatedly reviewing content improves memory. Writing notes encourages comprehension before progressing.

Reading and Understanding Techniques

You must read the executive summary first because it has all of the key points laid out in one place. You may also want to read any other sections that interest you before going to the next step.

  • Every day, set aside time to read.
  • Make an effort to answer the mathematical issues in your textbooks and lessons.
  • Simulations should not be crammed into your notes or textbooks.
  • Between the lines, look over your notes and texts.
  • When continuing to the next page, be sure you realize the principles in that section.
  • During learning time, do not monitor your Phone or Instagram.
  • Ways to generate should be learned and understood.
  • When you’re researching, don’t lie down.
  • Learn in a quiet atmosphere with no interruptions.
  • Make a study schedule long in advance.
  • When studying, use memory aids to ensure you understand what you’ve read.
  • Make the ideal study atmosphere.
  • When studying, avoid reading loudly.
  • Reject all feelings of indolence.

Participate in a Group Study

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Group study is a great way to prepare for the WAEC exam and improve your chances of passing. It allows for sharing answers and learning from others, making your preparation easier and enhancing your understanding.

When you take part in a group study, you must follow rules that have been set by the teacher or facilitator of the group study sessions. The rules may include:

  • Each member must read the assigned material and come prepared with their own questions related to the reading material.
  • Members should be able to participate actively during discussions and not just sit there without saying anything.
  • You should be able to ask questions even when they are not related directly to what was discussed during class but could be used as a reference point for future discussions around similar topics or concepts.

Get and read suggested WAEC resources

The WAEC exam is popular and challenging in Nigeria. It is an elective subject for students. We have chosen the best WAEC materials to aid in preparation and success. Recommended books, notes, and other materials are listed below.

  • 1. Business Law by Maxwell Aruede, Kayode Ogundeji & Oladimeji Adewale (Published by Macmillan Education Limited)
  • 2. Principles of Marketing by Philip Kotler (Published by Pearson Education Limited)
  • 3. Principles of Accounting for Business Decisions by Kevin Koyejo (Published by Macmillan Education Limited)

Below are the recommended WAEC Materials:

  • WAEC Exam Sample Questions 2nd Edition – This is a popular book that contains 1,000 questions and answers on various topics in Marketing which will help you prepare better for your exam. You can download it online or buy a physical copy from Amazon or any bookstore.
  • WAEC Business Studies Question Bank – This book contains over 1,500 questions covering all topics in Business Studies, including Accounting, Economics, Management, etc. It will help you prepare better for your exam, so get one now!
  • WAEC Business Studies Past Papers – This book contains past papers from 2002-to 2018 (17 years). It covers all subjects, including Accounting, Economics, Management, etc. It is useful if you want to know what kind of questions were asked in previous years so buy one now.

Take a WAEC mock tests

Passing the mock WAEC test is necessary to achieve As in the WAEC assessment. It provides reassurance and alleviates anxiety regarding the main WAEC exams.

It is important to mention that it cannot be an official evaluation provided by your school. You can simply go over your previous responses to questions, answer questions from a specific year, and then check your answers in the answer section to see if they were correct. Many candidates view this as a pointless activity, but it actually proves to be effective. It will get you ready for the actual exam and increase your chances of passing the WAEC exam in one attempt.

Do not rely on exam cheating to get through

Many say few African students want to pass the WAEC exam honestly, believing it’s impossible. But that’s not true. I once had a student from Ghana ask me to help her cheat on her upcoming test. Instead, I scolded her and encouraged her to study hard.

“It’s hard to pass WAEC exams without cheating,” she said before hanging up. I realized this is why many students fail. Cheating is not a good idea because you can get caught and your results will be affected.

As a result, we advise you to avoid relying on Malpractice. Before the exam, depending on what you read. That is the only approach to ensure your achievement in the WAEC exams.

Beg God to help you remember what you’ve read

You need God’s guidance to pass the WAEC exam. Without His help, unexpected events can ruin your performance, making failure easy.

You may have heard of cases where high-scoring exam takers were denied their grades. Despite their preparation and faith, passing the WAEC exam requires divine assistance.

Eat healthy food and exercise

Eat right, exercise, and focus on a balanced diet with proteins, minerals, vitamins, and nutrients for better memory. Avoid junk food and stay hydrated by drinking water while studying.

Exercising 30 extra minutes daily enhances brain function. Physical activity yields positive effects on the body. Consider creating an evening fitness routine for better results.

Beware of being distracted by social media

When taking a marketing exam, avoid social media distractions. Using it during the WAEC exam can hinder concentration, affecting your scores negatively. Stay focused on your exams for better results.

To avoid social media distractions during exams, turn off your phone and computer beforehand.

To avoid distractions, keep your devices away from others and ensure no one can access them. Limit checking your phone to once every hour and your computer to once every two hours during exams.

Here are some suggestions for staying away from social media when studying:

  • While studying, avoid checking your phone.
  • Turn off Instagram, Facebook, and WhatsApp force alerts.
  • Keep away from social media groups throughout your exam sessions.
  • While you’re studying, don’t take any unnecessary calls.
  • Command yourself not to browse The internet or WhatsApp for a set amount of time, such as a couple of days or a week.
  • While you’re studying, turn off your cellphone.
  • To make crucial calls, get a torchlight phone.

How to correctly respond to WAEC essay and objective questions?

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Many students have been asking how they can correctly respond to the WAEC essay questions. This can be very difficult for some students because they are not familiar with the topic or do not have any experience writing about it.

To help you out, we have provided some tips on how you should go about answering essay and objective questions:

  • Read the question carefully and make sure you understand what it asks of you.
  • If you don’t understand what the question is asking of you, ask your teacher or parent for clarification before answering the question.
  • Take note of any time constraints given by your teacher or school’s examination guidelines so as not to exceed the time allocated for each question.
  • Use relevant examples from your own life or experiences to prove your point when answering an objective question; this will make your answer more convincing and interesting than if you just wrote down what was asked of you without any proof whatsoever.
  • Be as precise as possible when writing your response; do not use vague words like “good” or “bad” or make general statements like”

Additional Tips to Aid Your WAEC Preparation

The WAEC Examination is crucial for your future. Prepare well to ensure success. Here are tips to get ready for it.

Establish reasonable targets for yourself

If you would like to succeed in your WAEC exams, list all of the courses you’ll be taking and assign them the scores you desire. Then figure out how to get there.

Here’s a case in point: Agriculture = A1 Biology = A1 Chemistry = B2 Computer = B2 Economics = B3 English = B3 Geography = B2 Mathematics = A1 Physics = B2 Mathematics = A1 Physics = B2

Having a goal for yourself in advance will keep you motivated and even boost you if you feel depressed.

Learn how to ask questions correctly

Use open-ended questions to gain insights into someone’s thinking process. Closed-ended questions provide limited information, while open-ended questions encourage elaboration and deeper discussion.

When receiving an answer that seems incorrect, don’t immediately accept it. Instead, ask for clarification about their reasoning and give them time to reconsider. This will help ensure the answer is well thought out and there are no other factors at play.

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Join WAEC discussion groups

WAEC community is a place for teachers, parents, students, and other people interested in the West African Senior School Certificate Examination (WASSCE) to share their questions and answers about the WAEC.

Arrive early for your examination

To make sure you are ready for your WAEC examination, it is important to arrive early. Here are some tips to help you get there on time:

  • Arrive early: It is always best to arrive early at the examination center. This will give you time to relax and prepare yourself mentally for the WAEC examination. You can also use this time to familiarize yourself with where the center is located and how to get there. Remember, not all centers will be accessible by public transportation, so if you need a lift, make sure that you allow enough time for this too.
  • Bring two pens: One pen should be black and the other blue or red. Always bring two pens because if one breaks while writing, they may not allow another one until after the break.
  • Bring extra batteries: If your calculator or other electronic devices run out of power during an examination, they may not allow you to use another one until after the break. Make sure that you have extra batteries with you just in case.

Figure out what is best for you

To pass JAMB UTME, you need to find your own effective study method. Many students study late at night or early in the morning, but it’s important to understand what works best for your brain.

If you are a student like me who needs to study for months before the test, don’t make the mistake of following those who understand quickly and study only a few days before the exam. This is important to remember if you want to pass the WAEC exam.

Develop time management skills

Time constraints are crucial for exam applicants. Each WAEC topic paper has a set time limit, so it’s important to answer quickly. Start with the questions you know to save time. Each WAEC test topic is given at least 2 hours.

Face difficult problems, but don’t waste time on what you don’t understand. Finish the others first, then tackle the difficult ones. Finish questions 30 min before time limit for revisions and error-checking.

Clearly shade

You’ll get an OMR sheet to color in boxes with your WAEC exam info and survey responses. Use dark shades as weak shading won’t be counted, resulting in no credit.

To prevent result withholding or reduced marks due to technical errors, use strong and dark shading for all answers in your WAEC exam. Use pencils that produce darker hues, such as HBs, on the paper.

Goals and Objectives for WAEC Preparation 

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  • Many pupils are unsure why WAEC chose this exam for them. So, before we get started, let’s go through some of why WAEC created this WAEC Exam.
  • One of the most significant purposes of the WAEC Exam is to prepare s who Candidates will be continuing their study at an advanced rank.
  • Assist students in developing technical knowledge and putting them to use in their course of research at higher education institutions.
  • Students should be taught how to write their own exams.
  • Everyone should be tested on how much they have acquired from their SS1 through SS3 classroom sessions.
  • Students in improvement with a good outlook and strategy for dealing with academic concerns.

Prerequisites for WAEC Registration

  • You must be enrolled in a public or private senior high school.
  • Choose the subjects you wish to enroll in.
  • Have your application fee on hand.
  • Create a private email account and remember the passcode.
  • Identify when you were born.
  • Have your own telephone number.
  • Make sure your name is spelled correctly 
  • Understand your local government and home state.
  • Understand where you live.
  • Study yourself for the exam.

WAEC is a criterion for enrollment in Nigerian universities

Applicants must have a CREDIT GRADE in Core Curriculum to get admission to an institution. The core disciplines are likely related to your degree of studies, such as mathematics and the English language. Your WAEC main subjects will indicate the JAMB topics you will take.

Is it hard to pass WAEC?

Passing WAEC is not difficult. The panel only asks questions based on what you’ve learned in school. They provide a curriculum and many students ignore it, reading unnecessary books instead.

What is the WAEC Average Grade?

In 2023, the WAEC passing grade will be:

  • A1 (Excellent)
  • B2 (Very Good)
  • B3 (Good)
  • C4, C5, and C6 (Credit)
  • D7 and E8 (Pass)

How Can I Get WAEC Previous Questions?

WAEC’s previous questions are available online.

  • They’re also available in decent bookstores around you.
  • You might be able to get past inquiries from the school where you registered.
  • Browse the Google Playstore to see whether your school has a WAEC questions program.

What Causes Students to Fail the WAEC?

Most students fail the WAEC exam for the following reasons:

  • Responding to questions incorrectly.
  • Inefficient educational system
  • Unhealthy reading habits
  • Lack of early preparation and rigorous reading of guidelines Reliance on the exhibition
  • Idleness
  • Failure to attend lessons and sessions
  • Interruption from social media
  • Learning without a curriculum or previous questions
  • If you truly desire to pass WAEC, you must tackle this issue.

Bottom Lines

The WAEC exam is crucial for university admission and future career prospects. To succeed, plan, work hard, and approach the exam with the right attitude. Review lessons thoroughly, discuss all required topics, and aim for understanding, not just memorization.

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