What Is A Link Bait?

what is a link bite?

What is a link bait? A comment or post that links to an article on the same topic as a blog post, website, or forum. It can often be found in comments sections of blog posts and websites with content related to topical stories. This technique has been employed by both media outlets and individuals seeking attention online to drive traffic from various sources. In this post, we would like to share with you what is link baiting, how it works and more! So let’s go!

Nothing new here. Many people use it to generate traffic to their web pages. It is a term given to extremely enticing links intended for the reader and viewer to click on the link.  Either because the title does not tell you what you need to know or creates some level of curiosity. Even though many have used this technique over time, there is controversy with using this method of getting attention online.

Why does it work?

Link Bait is also known as “clickbait”. These clickbait links are written with one goal: to get people to click on them and potentially visit the page the link takes you to. Baiting has been used since the dawn of Internet history. This technique has been used by many different media outlets, such as magazines, news publications, television, and even movies. For example, in 1995, there was a movie titled “The Net”, a viral video at the time.

To write the best possible bait, you need to ensure that the title of your article matches the content it relates. To do this, you need to include relevant keywords and phrases from your article in the title of your link bait. Remember that you want to offer value and provide solutions for people reading your blog when writing your content.

How to find good ideas

You must first understand what is trending on the web to find good ideas. You want to find popular topic ideas that people are talking about, but you should also include topics that your readers are interested in learning more about. That way you can create good links only and link baiting will be more than justified.

Make your link bait a story

An excellent way to ensure that people click on your bait is to write it as if it was a story and not simply a blog post. People want to learn about the topic you are writing about. But they also want to learn more about the person who has written the article and linked it. Another way to make your link bait more compelling is by writing in a way that seems like you are telling a compelling story rather than just writing a blog post.

  • Make your link bait newsworthy

When presenting your link bait, you need to ensure it is newsworthy. In other words, you want to present what is happening in the world around you. People who read your link bait will be interested in what you have written about and are likelier to click on it.

  • Make your link bait visual

When writing your blog post, make sure that you include any photos and videos you can. Having visuals in your post will help increase engagement with your readers.

  • Make your link bait have a call to action

A great way to get people to click on your links is by including a call to action, such as “click here” or “read the full story”. You can also ask questions that interest them in the link bait title.

  • Make sure your link bait evokes emotion

When writing your blog post, try to make it enjoyable and have new points of view. Your readers will be more engaged in your article if you do this. For example, if your link bait contains stories about a specific subject and has some emotional connection to the topic, that can help get people to click on the link.

Write in a conversational tone

Never take things too seriously when writing your link bait. Make sure you inject humour into it to keep people interested and wanting to click. Follow the advice from other bloggers who post similar content and try to write in a similar tone if you can.

Include personal stories and experiences

The blog post’s personal stories and experience can make it more exciting and engaging. It is also an excellent way to get readers involved with what you have written about because it makes them feel like they have a connection with you.

Final Words

Link bait appears in many different forms, from a simple article with a popular title to an entire website based on a single topic. Whatever way you decide to go about it, make sure that you follow the advice presented above about what is link bait for your blog posts.

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