How to Run an Ideation Workshop that Actually Leads to Innovation

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Innovation isn’t simple. Coming up with new ideas when you’ve already been doing something for a long time can feel daunting, especially if everyone on your team is well-entrenched in the processes you’ve set up and the brand/voice/tone/identity you’ve spent years establishing. That’s why the ideation workshop exists – it is a powerful tool to … Read more

How to Get Reviews on Amazon the Right Way

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Amazon reviews are the key to success on Amazon, but sellers must get Amazon reviews the right way or risk account suspension or closure. Since Amazon values reviews from shoppers, it does much of the work for you. However, there are ways you can get Amazon reviews faster, and maximize the positive reviews that drive … Read more

13 Best Email Design Tips & Eye-Catching Examples 2022

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Email design is about more than just making emails look pretty. For example, email design mistakes can result in low open rates, few clicks on call to action buttons, and emails landing in subscribers’ spam folders. The best email design, however, draws readers in, creates valuable experiences that delight, and entices recipients to click on … Read more

9 Social Media Mistakes That Are Destroying Your Engagement

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As fun and addicting as social media can be, using it to successfully market a brand is no picnic. With around four and a half billion worldwide users (and growing), effective strategies and trends seemingly come and go by the hour. Being that the gargantuan stream of information moves at an incredibly fast, non-stop pace, … Read more

Color Psychology: 6 Powerful Ways Color Can Influence Your Marketing Campaigns

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Color psychology involves studying how different shades and hues affect someone’s behavior or feelings. Color has a surprisingly strong influence on the human psyche and can dictate whether an advertising campaign is successful or mediocre. Here are six ways that using color could change the results of your marketing efforts: 1. Background Color Can Make … Read more

6 Best Small Business SEO Services for 2022

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Search engine optimization (SEO) services help build a business’s online presence to ensure the highest possible search rankings for specific keywords on a search engine like Google. We compared more than 40 small business SEO services, narrowing it down to the top six based on pricing, toolkits, specializations, and transparency, arriving at the best overall. … Read more

How to Promote your Business: Top 25 Tips from the Pros

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To promote your business means knowing how to get the word out, and it’s important that you take this task seriously by setting aside time to do business promotion every day. You can’t rely on other people to do it for you, no matter how great your product or service is. But business promotion can … Read more

8 Dos & Don’ts to Consider While Developing a Magento Store

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Magento development is not kooky cutter approaches that can make your store online a success legend. You have to learn many dos and don’ts while going to Magento designing and programming. Some general instructions are good enough to get going in Magento. In the modern high-tech and mobile era, nobody loves to go outside for … Read more