New Product Development Process

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Bringing a new product to market is a long process that takes a lot of testing and brainstorming. New product development process is a difficult task because the odds are against the success of the new product. It is crucial to understand the various stages of new product development to properly conduct the relevant research … Read more

Mission Statement – Does It Help Achieve Goals?

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By Nino Gogitdze Any company’s goal is to establish itself in the local or international market and gain customer loyalty, which is impossible without paying close attention to its products and their perceived benefits. Buyers are more likely to call or visit companies they perceive to be successful. Companies introduce the values ​​and mission of … Read more

Competitive Strategy – How Does It Help?


By Nino Gogitdze What is a competitive strategy and how does it help companies? Unless you have a cash-bearing tree in your lawn, I’m sure you’ve looked for ways to bargain, or went an extra mile to buy something at a lower cost. While there are many characteristics that drive the purchasing decisions, the price … Read more

Accounting Cycle Steps – How Do They Work


By Nino Gogitdze Fiscal reports are fundamental to your business. Without them, you wouldn’t have the option to do things like cost management, secure advances, or sell your business. The accounting cycle is a multi-step process used to change the entirety of your organization’s crude financial data into budget summaries. So how do the accounting cycle … Read more

The Most Common Strategic Planning Mistakes

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Any organization needs a strategy to achieve its goals. It needs to be refined and adapted over time, considering external changes. A strategy is a combination of short-term and long-term plans that consider actions and methods to achieve specific goals. Changing an organization’s strategy is not easy, but minor mistakes in strategy development have controlled … Read more

Online Retail VS Offline Retail – Sales Tips

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These days, people who start a retail business are faced with two major options for selling their products: online retail VS offline retail. Most entrepreneurs choose to balance between the both for maximum advantages, but it helps to study them in detail from a marketing perspective. Although online stores are not a physical place, considering … Read more

Strong Brand Identity – Creating a successful Project


Strong brand identity has always been important to business since ancient times. In ancient Rome, people advertised a product through the dissemination of images. Still today, using digital media anywhere in the world, we can provide information to consumers and introduce the benefits of our brand. Properly managing the brand-building process is a key step … Read more

Social Media Marketing Advantages


Nowadays the development of digital channels in the world, unlike traditional marketing channels, has increased demand for various marketing directions. Social media marketing advantages is that with the help of it we can effectively and quickly position the brand in the market. The main goal is to choose the right audience. Marketers can justify no … Read more

Humor in Advertising – To Buy or Not To Buy?

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Any marketer uses marketing techniques and advertising to gain customer loyalty and drive sales. However, it is necessary to determine what should grab the customer’s attention and what type of advertising they like to watch. The marketer must choose the type of advertising that penetrates the consumer’s mind and pushes them to buy. Humor gains … Read more